Temple visiting in Taipei vacation

We decided to visit temple today as we were curious as whether or not there would be some difference in countries from Singapore. Here we shown some photographs so you would have some form of ideas how it was as compared with local country.

Thousand Arms Kuanyin

That’s all for our sightseeing in Taipei at the temple. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed viewing them and if you had been to Taiwan and visiting Temple, please kindly do share with us your comments as we love to hear them.

Side Note:

In Singapore, we are now in Phase 1 of the COVID-19 situation after the end of Circuit Breaker and it is kind of important kind of trial we all are going through in life since it will become a new norm in future. What it means? Well, we are most likely unable to go through life as we used to be without worrying about viruses since now COVID-19 can just simply infect us through human to human contact. Lifestyle needs to be changed and our approach in daily routine need to be much more cautions as not to further spread this disease since some of us can be asymptomatic without knowing of this infection.

How can we tackle this problem?

Stick to the simple rule of isolation whenever possible otherwise wearing masks & do social distancing from one another will be the current cure of prevention. If we can get 100% cooperation from each other then we will no longer fear against it as this can avoid from getting human to human transmission. As long as we do our parts to have it under control then things will definitely get better slowly in phases. Please do not rush as being hastily will result seeing 2nd wave of COVID-19 attack since we all know that it is still lingering on among us. Careful planning as we take each step in our daily life so we do not create another wave of attack by COVID-19.

Unity is strength against COVID-19.

We need to be one people as to fight against COVID-19 and help one another to prevent further spreading as far as possible with our actions. Knowing what are the right steps and precautions to take, we must be totally agreeable to carry out this task. Then we will be able to witness further drop of infections worldwide. Every action you take will result in the reaction of it. So, when you do your part in prevention, you will be see a drop of cases but it requires 100% of people worldwide to do it then we will be able to have drastic reduction as a result. If not then we will still see the continuation of this virus spreading from one human to another. Now is the time we should disregard of race, language or religion and help one another to overcome this crisis together as one people. Through this trial of battle against COVID-19, we hope everyone will start to realize that we are all just humans and able to live together harmoniously as a community like those days in the past where we lived in Kampong. We really missed those good old days where everyone lived happily together.

We like to thank those health care people who sacrifice themselves to be in the front lines as to help people who are infected with the virus while they battle against it. Without their selfless effort, we might be in great danger from the COVID-19. Let us all give them our support and praises to keep going with this fight! Thumbs up!

Once again, we really hope to get 100% people support in abiding these guidelines as it can help prevent further spreading and help to save lives especially for those elderly and preexisting health conditions who are most critical when expose to this deadly virus.

  1. Wearing masks whenever you are in public as a preventive measures.
  2. Washing hands with soap frequently as to eliminate the virus staying on your hands.
  3. Do social distancing from others as it helps to prevent the spread of infection without close contact.
  4. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth before you wash your hands with soap as it will be the source of entry for the virus to get you infected.
  5. If you need to sneeze, please use a tissue or otherwise bend your elbow and sneeze in between there.
  6. Should you have fever, cough and shortness of breathe, please do consult a doctor. Remember to wear mask when doing so.
  7. In order for more effective contact tracing, please do download the TraceTogether app for those who are staying in Singapore. This will actually eliminate those unknown sources as well as allow you to be informed should you be exposed to someone having the infection.
QR code to download contact tracing apps in Singapore (Not for iPhone use)

Circuit Breaker Extension in Singapore

We had heard about the latest update by PM Lee yesterday about the COVID-19 situation and the Circuit Breaker’s extension till 1st June 2020.

As what I personally view that the amount of unknown sources are still quite high which means there are difficulties to prevent further spreading if we do not take serious action. It will not just be the Government’s action plan to work alone but cooperation from everyone of us to put an end for COVID-19. It is our fight against this deadly virus to ensure the safety of our families and loved ones as well as people around us.

As there are still many unknown sources who maybe infected, I sincerely hope that everyone will take the initiative of downloading the TraceTogether app to reduce the chances of having exposure without knowing about it. Remember to turn on the Bluetooth function in order for this to work. Let us cooperate with one another to keep everyone safe. You are doing it not only for yourself but also for your family, friends and loved ones as well as people around you. Help yourself in order to help others when comes to contact tracing with the TraceTogether app.

As I had mentioned before some times ago, the effectiveness of isolation will be successful when each and everyone of us doing it at the SAME time. As far as the information given, we will know whether or not if we are infected within the guideline given by WHO. Therefore, 1 month will be sufficient to tell if anyone is infected. But there is also a chance where some people do not show any signs or symptoms even though they are infected. So that is also one of the reasons why we need to install the TraceTogether app just in case you are in contact with people that are not showing any symptoms. This means the cooperation among everyone of us to have this app installed for contact tracing purpose.

I sincerely hope that everyone will take it more serious about COVID-19 as not allowing it to continue spreading month after month. We the people should take responsibilities and help one another as to end this pandemic. No one else to blame for this happening except ourselves if we do not heed all the warnings. So we are the people to decide how long this pandemic will carry on therefore I sincerely urge everyone to do their parts for contact tracing as well as isolation for 1 month together at the same time.

Precautions we can take like washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before touching your face and as often as possible. Wear masks when going out in public to do the essentials and back home immediately. Avoid gathering with people when in public and reduce the amount of conversation to avoid spreading.

Hope to hear good news when the Circuit Breaker ends in 1st June 2020 as we all can get back to our normal routine. Just need to suck it up for 1 month to end this COVID-19. It is better than allowing it to spread month after month and harming our loved ones around us.

Be safe and take good care of yourself!

QR Code for better contact tracing in Singapore

Stand Up For Singapore

After reading the article about Wuhan’s method of handling the case for the COVID-19 outbreak stating that the Chinese Communist Party declaring war which is people’s war against the epidemic will be what we should be doing in order to put an end to this deadly virus.

The people will be the only way to put an end of COVID-19 and not just what the Government alone can help. If some people do not listen or abide to the rules then it will still be spreading from human to human. It will depend on we as human beings to take it seriously how we want it to end with all the proper measures in place.

Simply put it as we must stand together and tackle this crisis with all necessary precautions to prevent further spreading. As long as each and everyone of us stand UNITED and do our parts, I am pretty sure that it can be over sooner. Spread the words to everyone as how one should be doing the right thing to avoid human to human’s spreading. Simple things like washing hands with soap for 20 seconds, quarantine yourself if not feeling well, wear masks, keep your distance, etc. All these precautions can help to prevent further spreading. If you have the symptoms of COVID-19, wear your mask and visit a doctor to confirm. Every little bit of things we do with precautions can help to prevent the spreading.

It is time for all Singaporeans to stand up for Singapore as a nation to combat this COVID-19 and put an end to it. We can do it together collectively. It is like a test in life where we can show the world we can cooperate with one another to fight against this deadly virus and helping our loved ones to be safe.

QR Code for contact tracing in Singapore

Time to download TraceTogether apps for more accurate contact tracing as to eliminate the unknown sources when expose to COVID-19. Be informed and end this deadly virus together.