Trip to New Zealand on 24 Sept 2019

After months later of booking this trip, it finally came and we were all ready to set off and visit New Zealand to enjoy fresh air as well as cooling temperature since Singapore started to have some sort of hays as well as pretty hot in temperature.

Morning breakfast

Had our morning breakfast before preparing ourselves for the long journey ahead. It was roughly more than 10 hours to reach New Zealand as we were to transit at Australia.

Proceed to fast check in counter
Early check in luggage area
At Changi Airport
Scene at Changi Airport

Took some photographs at Changi Airport. At that time, it was having some sorts of lighting display. Pretty nice lighting effects.

Lighting at Changi Airport
More shot for lighting at Changi Airport
Different lighting effect at Changi Airport
More photo at Changi Airport
More action shot at Changi Airport
Another different shot at Changi Airport
More photo at Changi Airport
Photo at Changi Airport
Lighting at Changi Airport
Different photo at Changi Airport
Food onboard SIA
Food onboard SIA

After strolling around the airport and taking some photographs with those wonderful lighting effects, it was time to board the airplane. We had our dinner onboard that took us all the way to Australia where we were in transit the next day on 25th September 2019.

We will again publish our trip for 25th September 2019 on another day in this site. Hope you will enjoy viewing photographs of our trips and if you had been to New Zealand, we are sure that you will enjoy those fresh air and cooling temperature that is sort of fantastic. Don’t you agree?