Random photographs in New Zealand Part 1

Today I will be displaying random photographs taken during our trip to Auckland, New Zealand. I decided to put up as I find it pretty interesting and entertaining from my side of view. I sincerely hope you too can admire them and enjoy viewing through them here.

Pretty flowers
Delicious lemons
More flowers
Bird of Paradise
Group photo
Street food store
More street food store
Green tea ice-cream with strawberry
Washing car

Well, there are still many more photographs taken and we will put it up again another day. I do hope you will enjoy viewing those photographs and if you had been to Auckland, New Zealand then you may want to share your comments of your visit. We find this place has a nice and cooling temperature while the weather is fine most days since we seldom encounter any rain.

So till we are back again to show more photographs of our trip, we hope you have a great day ahead.

9 Oct in Auckland New Zealand for more adventure

We loved plants so it was a day to visit the plantation and viewed some different types of plants in Auckland, New Zealand. So far we had never seen these types of plants in Singapore and guess that it would only be viable to grow in New Zealand due to its temperature and environment here.

Well, we loved to taste food in New Zealand though they had almost the same types of food available here. At least we could taste the different in style of cooking.

Huge home grown lemon
Full bloom Cherry Blossom Tree

Seemed like we no longer needed to go to Japan just to view the Cherry Blossom as we could have it here with our own home-grown Cherry Blossom Tree in Auckland, New Zealand. There were lots of Cherry Blossom Tree could be seen along the road of houses in New Zealand. It was a pretty a beautiful scenery here watching them in full bloom at this time of the year in October. It was just a fantastic view of those Cherry Blossom Tree along the pathway of houses in New Zealand.

Again, we come to an end of today’s adventure in Auckland, New Zealand. And if you had been to New Zealand, please share with our readers with your comments. Thank you and do have a beautiful day ahead.

New Zealand vacation on 25 Sept 2019

Auckland New Zealand

Arrived in New Zealand, Auckland and just at the right timing when both the orange tree as well as the lemon tree had fruits. The temperature was around 15 degrees and fortunately, it was not that windy otherwise we would be freezing.

Food on board New Zealand airline
Food onboard New Zealand airline
Australia airport

Taken photographs onboard the New Zealand airline. Stopover at the Australia airport to transit to New Zealand.

Australia Airport
Australia Airport
Australia airport
Onboard New Zealand airline
Arrival in New Zealand, Auckland

Well, after more than 10 hours flight from Singapore, we managed to arrive at Auckland, New Zealand. Now we finally settled in the house and happy to see that the garden had both orange & lemon tree bearing fruits. So our trip here would be drinking more fruit juices. 😉