More random photos of Auckland New Zealand Part 4

As we took plenty of photographs in Auckland, New Zealand – we loved to share with others to see those beautiful scenery and nice fresh air you could get while spending time there. Please do enjoy yourself viewing these pictures as I uploaded them here.

Other than beautiful scenery, we too enjoyed the desserts and food while we were there vacationing. If you had been to Auckland, I believed you too would love the scenery and the fresh air.

Once again we reached the end of today’s update on the random pictures. As you can see that you too can enjoy these nice scenery plus fresh air while vacationing in Auckland, New Zealand. It will likely be a place where anyone can feel the nice cool temperature and view the nice background scenery when you travel in Auckland. So, if you had been there before, please do share with others in the comment’s section. Thank you and do have a great day ahead!

Random photographs in New Zealand vacation Part 2

Once again I had more of the pictures taken in New Zealand which I find quite interesting and nice. I will put it up in this blog and do hope that you will also enjoy viewing them.

Visiting the street stalls in Auckland, New Zealand
Fresh salmons using blowtorch to char grill
Creme brulee blowtorch
Creme brulee
Beach in Auckland, New Zealand
Honey bees stall
Honey bees stall
Hanua Waterfall area
Beautiful waterfall scenery in the background
Hunua Range Regional Park

Once again we like to end here and continue another day to show more of the nice scenery in Auckland, New Zealand vacation trip. It was a lovely day to be at the Hunua Waterfall to actually breathing in all the natural negative ions which is said to be good for health.

If you are going to Auckland, New Zealand then I do hope you actually can drop over to this place and view the beautiful waterfall and also not forgetting to take deep breath for those negative ions. It was really refreshing for us during our trip there.

As for anyone else who had been to Auckland, please do share with us your comments as we love to hear them.