Scenery from airplane to USA

We were onboard the airplane to USA and captured some of the moments during this time. Hope you like the view of these photographs taken while we were inside the aircraft.

That’s all for the viewing from the aircraft. Hope you have enjoyed seeing them as we love it while snapping away onboard the airplane. If you had been traveling on aircraft and had some nice experiences, please do share with us in the comments.

Side Note:

As of today 15 June 2020, the infection from COVID-19 pandemic has increased to 7,984,432 cases while the number of death rates also increased at 435,177 cases worldwide. From reading these news around the world, we are sad to say that different countries are using their own methods of measures to react accordingly but unfortunately it may not be the correct solution. We sincerely hope that each individual country will be taking this matter at the highest alert in order to cope with the increase of infections & deaths. Please do not be complacent as the virus will not be disappearing any sooner. You need to implement a stricter measures as to avoid any further spreading and keeping the people safer against COVID-19.

Fortunately in Singapore, we are happy with the measures taken by the Government as to control the situation of preventing further spreading in the community. As the Government is easing on the restrictions for some businesses and schools, we should all be still vigilant and take all necessary precautions like wearing masks & doing social distancing from others in public in order to avoid getting the infection. Every person in Singapore should be alert and do what is right for yourself as well as others. We know that it will be best if one can stay at home so as to eliminate the possibility of transmission while others who cannot then must take the initiative of wearing masks & social distancing. This will be the most current cure of eliminating the transmission. Of course we still need to pay attention to wash our hands with soap frequently before touching our eyes, nose or mouth since this will be the entry point of the virus. All people should be doing the right thing together as we will emerge much more stronger than ever.

We also read about the unhappiness of some people regarding the measures taken by Singapore Government. It is understandable of such anger but one should be thinking that there is no foolproof of measures that can satisfy everyone or work correctly until it is carried out. Of course the most ideal case will be each implementation works to our desires. Unfortunately, it may not be the case everything when measures are taken since we will not know if it is correct until it has been tested. We sincerely appreciate what the Singapore Government is trying to do with much thoughts about it before each implementation. We believe that it is easy to point fingers & putting blame when it does not work out. But we need to think that measures are needed to carry out according to the situation that seems fit at that moment but if it does not work out then we need to move on for other methods. Our Government needs to improvise accordingly after each implementation and discharge those when not working. It is just a trial & error kind of situation since no one knows what is best to work on such crisis until it has been tested.

Be united as one people in Singapore and we will conquer over this crisis!

We do believe we all will learn the lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic and emerge much more stronger as we face the future after COVID-19. The most basic thing about this crisis is that every single human being should be doing their parts of keeping themselves safe by wearing masks & social distancing while in public. Not forgetting to wash hands with soap frequently as it helps to prevent getting the infection when one touches the eyes, nose or mouth. It is the job of every person to help eliminating this spread of virus irregardless of what news you may be getting from the Internet. Best current cure to stay at home, wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands with soap in order to keep this virus at bay. People’s action will result in helping to reduce the amount of transmission. Please do your parts to help eliminate further human to human transmission.

Lastly, we hope people will continue to follow these guideline as to help yourself to avoid any sort of infection with COVID-19. Be blessed with good health and do take care of yourself & loved ones.

  1. Wearing masks whenever you are in public as a preventive measures.
  2. Washing hands with soap frequently as to eliminate the virus staying on your hands.
  3. Do social distancing from others as it helps to prevent the spread of infection without close contact.
  4. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth before you wash your hands with soap as it will be the source of entry for the virus to get you infected.
  5. If you need to sneeze, please use a tissue or otherwise bend your elbow and sneeze in between there.
  6. Should you have fever, cough and shortness of breathe, please do consult a doctor. Remember to wear mask when doing so.
  7. In order for more effective contact tracing, please do download the TraceTogether app for those who are staying in Singapore. This will actually eliminate those unknown sources as well as allow you to be informed should you be exposed to someone having the infection.

There is FAKED TraceTogether app being circulating and this will be prone to hacking of your handphone, please be aware and do not download it. It should be from the Google Play/ Apple App store and the app is developed by Government Technology Agency. Get it from the official website:



Kindly take note of the official site for downloading it and not from unknown sites that can be hacked since it is not the real app from the Government site.

QR code for contact tracing app in Singapore

New Zealand vacation on 25 Sept 2019

Auckland New Zealand

Arrived in New Zealand, Auckland and just at the right timing when both the orange tree as well as the lemon tree had fruits. The temperature was around 15 degrees and fortunately, it was not that windy otherwise we would be freezing.

Food on board New Zealand airline
Food onboard New Zealand airline
Australia airport

Taken photographs onboard the New Zealand airline. Stopover at the Australia airport to transit to New Zealand.

Australia Airport
Australia Airport
Australia airport
Onboard New Zealand airline
Arrival in New Zealand, Auckland

Well, after more than 10 hours flight from Singapore, we managed to arrive at Auckland, New Zealand. Now we finally settled in the house and happy to see that the garden had both orange & lemon tree bearing fruits. So our trip here would be drinking more fruit juices. 😉

Be safe against Wuhan virus

As of today 29 January 2020, it has been announced by the China’s National Health Commission that the death toll due to coronavirus in China had already risen to 132 and found 1,459 new cases. This means the confirmed cases at the end of 28 January 2020 had risen to 5,974 people having the coronavirus.

Since the starting of this virus, the place in Wuhan is now practically can be described as the ghost town since the residents are advice to stay in their homes while cars being banned on the roads. The basic food items in Wuhan like milk and eggs now become scarce.

With the rising of this virus and there is much fear of it spreading, most airlines are reducing the flights to China. It seems like this flu-like virus has already been spreading throughout a number of countries but none of the confirmed deaths been announced outside China. But there has been confirmation that this virus is transmitted person to person in countries like Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan.

This type of virus known as coronavirus will cause pneumonia which is similar to other repiratory infections that can be spread person to person from coughs or sneezes droplets.

It is said that scientists in Australia have managed to replicated this deadly coronavirus in order to find a solution against this deadly epidemic that caused more than 100 deaths. At Doherry Institute in Melbourne, they had managed to grow the novel coronavirus from a patient sample in the cell culture outside China. This will allow them to validate and verify whatever tests conducted with comparison of the sensitivities and specificities of this virus in the laboratory.

In view of the current outbreak of coronavirus in China that afflict thousands of people which will likely to last for a few months. No one will be able to predict how long it will last since it started in December 2019. The basic precaution will be quarantines and isolation measures while hand washing and wearing masks can help to reduce the amount of infected people. This virus seems to be like Sars. While Sars is controllable, we are hopefully that this can be also but we won’t know until a few weeks later depending on the outcome.

Be safe and try not to expose yourself in crowded areas. Practice good personal hygiene like washing your hands frequently and wear mask if you have flu or cough. It will help to eliminate any sort of spreading and hopefully it will just die off in time to come. Everyone helps to contribute their parts and we will survive this ordeal.