Secrets Behind Feng Shui Concept

Discover the real secrets behind Feng Shui concept and how you can tap onto this to gain wealth, health and good fortune. The terms Feng means Wind and Shui means Water, so if you can tap onto this concept then you will gain the benefits of what it can provide you. Can it be as simple as that? Well, there is alot more to it but if you manage to utilize the basic requirements of application then you will know what you can gain with it.

Now you know the terms of Feng Shui, what does it really means? The concept is directing the Wind (Qi energy) to flow into your home and allowing it to settle down in your wealth corner where there is Water (Shui). So, this simply means you must design your house in such a way that the Wind (Feng – Qi energy) to come through your main door and smoothly flow all the way to the place where you have water in the wealth corner. Understanding this, you will need to plot your house plan under the Flying Stars to get the right direction of your wealth corner. This means you will require to know when the house is built for which period. Like now, we are in Period 8 (from 2004 – 2023) and using the Flying Stars Chart to plot the 9 grids. With this chart, you will need to superimpose your compass reading onto the floor plan.

Then you will know each sector is represented by which Stars. There are a total of 9 Stars in the Flying Stars. Here are the Stars representing each sector in 2019.
1. Authority Star 1 – West
2. illness Star 2 – North-East
3. Quarrelsome Star 3 – South
4. Relationship Star 4 – North
5. 5 Yellow Star – South-West
6. Wealth Star 6 – East
7. Violent Star 7 – South-East
8. Lucky Star 8 – Centre
9. Future Star 9 – North-West

You will need to know your personal Kua Number to know which sector is suitable for your bedroom. With your Kua Number, you will also know your 4 best directions as well as the 4 bad directions. Do memorize these directions as it will be helpful to you when comes to facing the right direction for certain purposes. Then you will also need to learn about Bazi (4 pillars) that practically tell your whole life story. Analyzing Bazi will reveal from birth till death and how you can use this info to alter your life at certain points as to avert the bad luck and changing it to good luck. It requires indepth studies to learn more about how you can use it for your benefits. Learn this 3 basic things will actually help you with your life. Interested? Hop over to Simple Feng Shui Concept where you will have insights of how you can tap into it for your advantage.

Are you feeling that your life seems to be going in the opposite direction? Things do not seem to be doing well for you as you are facing obstacles that are hard to overcome. It is time you discover about Feng Shui the art of placement that can actually helps you to change your destiny. With the knowledge of Feng Shui, you will know your own personal Kua Number that will help you to understand the importance of 4 Good Directions you should always be facing as well as the 4 Bad Directions to avoid at all costs. That’s one of the most important part which many people have neglected as it does make a great difference in your daily life.

You will also learn about Bazi that will lead you to know the Ten years cycle of your Luck. Knowing what elements that can affect you as well as helping you with your fortune, career, love and relationship. It plays an important part of your life as it reveals what path you should be taking as well as to avoid. Also you will learn about Flying Stars to understand the simple concept of bringing the positive qi into your house and settling down in the wealth corner. Basically, it is knowing what you can do with certain arrangement of furniture, colors, etc will help you with a better living. You can also analyze your own Bone Weight to know yourself better.4D Luck with Bazi and knowing your 10 years’ luck cycle with Feng Shui concept.

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