Pirate Evolution Game Online

We happened to stumble upon this online game called Pirate Evolution and find that it is kind of interesting as it requires a little bit of skill in steering your ship to avoid being attacked by other pirate’s ships. It took us about 5 days to reach this Level 9 and indeed it was an enjoyable adventure.

Here is a video of how we explore the sea and killing the skirmish as well as the monster Optopus. It really need to guide your ship to move around in order to be able to conquer it. Well, we did it after retrying again as we were destroyed. You will be able to heal your ship back at your depot.

Adventure at sea with Pirate Evolution

We hope that you too can have an enjoyable time playing like we did and mind you that it is kind of addictive as we have played it so often during our free time.

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating as you get killed quite easily by those pirate’s ships as they surrounded you and cornering you in a tight spot. You must always try to steer your ship at a distance from them so that you can fire your cannon at them while avoiding being hit by them. A little bit of practice and soon you will get a hang of it.

It has been a month since we had done with Level 9 and to our surprise, we are now at Level 30 and our ship is already Level 47.

We will upload the video another time to show you our latest stage of fighting with those pirates. Have fun!