Growing up in life

I am here to share my journey in life as I have gone through different stages from birth to my present. Everyone will encounter a different lifestyle but there will be similarity among us when we journey in life. Some of it might be good while others might be bad. But no matter what individual of us is going through, we should keep a positive outlook.

No matter good or bad, we should keep ourselves happy since we still need to go through life each day so why not be happy instead of sadness. Be alert and prepare yourself as you are growing up and find yourself in many different situations. We all should love one another and spread the love in every corner of this earth. Learn to go GREEN and save the world from climate change and do not destroy this world as we can learn to live in harmony together.

It is always a life journey that started when you came into this heavenly earth welcomed by your parents and relatives. It was a joy for parents to receive a gift of love being born and showering with gifts and presents from friends and families. I grew up in a family of warmth and loving but soon realized the reality of life when I am adult as things are very much different as I am no longer dependent on my parents. Unlike those years in school where I had no worries except getting good performance in  the examinations. Now I am faced with working life and a totally different kind of challenges with friends and colleagues.

I am always ready to face all sorts of  challenges in life but happy that I am always supported by my parents during the ups and downs. Soon I will be forming my own family with a husband and entering a new path into the future. Whatever lies ahead, I will be brave to accept the challenge as I move forward in life.

I will try to keep myself busy and not  forgetting to write in my blog as I had neglected for quite a long period of time as you may have seen from the topics I had written some years ago. It will be back to my blog and hoping to interests you as my readers online. Do come back often as when I have things to write about so that you can enjoy with me.


Visiting Harry Potter in London trip

My trip to London where we drop by to see behind the scenes for the making of Harry Potter movie. It was really exciting adventure as we go into the studio and viewing some of those unseen stuffs. It was a great experience and you should drop by when you are in London, you will never regret it. It is simply very very interesting and lots of things you can get to see!