Fermented raw garlic & raw honey

We are not sure if everyone knows about honey fermented garlic as we have been doing it over a year since we understand that it is kind of having medicinal effect for health. It is said to be giving excellent immunity booster and preventive measures against cough & sore throat. We know that the longer you allow it to ferment, the better it will be for health and it does have a unique taste.

You need to have raw garlic as well as raw honey to allow it to ferment. It is simple to do and if you like the taste of garlic in honey, then you can try it. One thing to note that the first few days of fermentation, you might see that your garlic may turn green in color which can be quite shocking at first. But it will be turned dark color after a few months of soaking in raw honey. You can do some research about fermented honey garlic to know more if you want to try. That’s what we did before experimenting with this.

Have fun fermenting garlic in honey.

Fermented raw garlic and raw honey for a few weeks
Fermented garlic after 9 months
Range of fermented garlic in months and year

We had done different timing for the honey garlic fermentation so that we will have endless supply for our consumption. Hope you will find out more and you too can have your own fermented garlic honey. Just remember that you need to have raw garlic and raw honey for it to work.