Day 4 in Hong Kong holidays

Breakfast will be at Star Café for their signature tomato beef noodles.

From Hotel to the Star Café:

  • Walk about 5 min (450 m) via Nathan Rd and Kimberley Rd
  • Head south on Nathan Rd toward Hillwood Rd
  • Turn left onto Kimberley Rd
  • Turn right onto Carnarvon Rd

Destination will be 46m away on the right.

To order:

  • Beef Macaroni in Tomato Soup (蕃茄牛肉通粉)

Instant Noodles with Luncheon Meat in Tomato Soup (蕃茄餐肉出前一丁麵)

After breakfast, we shall visit the Hong Kong Science Museum District.  Free entry on Wednesdays.  Opens at 10.00 AM.

From Star Café to the Hong Kong Science Museum District:

  • Walk about 9 min (650 m) via Granville Rd
  • Head south on Carnarvon Rd toward Kimberley St
  • Turn left onto Granville Rd
  • Turn left onto Science Museum Rd

Destination will be 23 m away on the left.

It is time to reward ourselves to a Michelin-Starred Street Eats at Fat Boy.

From Rise Shopping Arcade to Fat Boy:

  • Walk about 1 min (140 m) via Hau Fook St
  • Head south on Granville Circuit
  • Turn right toward Hau Fook St
  • Turn left toward Hau Fook St
  • Turn right onto Hau Fook St

Destination will be 48 m away on the left.

After our little treat, it is time for lunch at Sun Kee Cheese Noodles.

From Fat Boy to Sun Kee Cheese Noodles:

  • Walk about 3 min (230 m) via Carnarvon Rd
  • Head west on Hau Fook St toward Carnarvon Rd
  • Turn right onto Carnarvon Rd
  • Turn left onto Kimberley Rd

Destination will be 30 m away on the left.

It is time to reward ourselves to yet another Michelin-Starred Street Eats at Mammy Pancake.  Famous for the original pancake.

From Sun Kee Cheese Noodles to Mammy Pancake:

  • Walk about 4 min (350 m) via Carnarvon Rd
  • Head east on Kimberley Rd toward Carnarvon Rd
  • Turn right onto Carnarvon Rd
  • Turn right to stay on Carnarvon Rd
    • Destination will be 58 m away on the right.

We will have ice cream at yet another Michelin-Starred Street Eats at Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee

From Mammy Pancake to Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee:

  • Walk about 1 min (170 m) via Hanoi Rd
  • Head northeast on Carnarvon Rd toward Hanoi Rd
  • Turn right onto Hanoi Rd
  • Turn left onto Mody Rd
    • Destination will be 3 m away on the right.

After all the eating it is time to work off the calories by taking a stroll to the Garden of Stars.

From Owl’s Choux.Gelato.Coffee to Garden of Stars:

  • Walk about 5 min (450 m) via Chatham Rd S
  • Head east on Mody Rd toward Chatham Rd S
  • Turn right onto Chatham Rd S
  • Turn left onto Salisbury Rd

That ended our day’s activities which was pretty much of fun and entertaining. We will talk more about the next day affair. If you had been to Hong Kong and wish to share, please kindly write your comments and we will be happy to read it. Thank you and do have a great day ahead.

Random photographs in New Zealand Part 1

Today I will be displaying random photographs taken during our trip to Auckland, New Zealand. I decided to put up as I find it pretty interesting and entertaining from my side of view. I sincerely hope you too can admire them and enjoy viewing through them here.

Pretty flowers
Delicious lemons
More flowers
Bird of Paradise
Group photo
Street food store
More street food store
Green tea ice-cream with strawberry
Washing car

Well, there are still many more photographs taken and we will put it up again another day. I do hope you will enjoy viewing those photographs and if you had been to Auckland, New Zealand then you may want to share your comments of your visit. We find this place has a nice and cooling temperature while the weather is fine most days since we seldom encounter any rain.

So till we are back again to show more photographs of our trip, we hope you have a great day ahead.

4 Oct Vacation in Auckland New Zealand trip

Today we set off to visit Fort Victoria and Takarunga / Mt Victoria Track. It would be lots of walking experience to admire beautiful scenery while visiting the places in New Zealand. Quite an adventure for us since this would be a journey of entertainment with beautiful views.

Hiking up the mountain
Nice scenery from the top down
Scrolling down slope
Sight viewing down at the beach
Flock of birds at the beach below
More birds around the slope
Strawberry farm
House of Michael King?
Fort Victoria
Taking a break after long walking
Yummy food
More pie
Maori / Maukatia Bay Tk at Muriwai Beach
No dogs allowed this area
View of the beach on the slope
Beautiful rocks on slope of mountain
More walking on the slope to mountain top
View from the top of mountain
Climbing up the stairs
Bird landing
Muriwai Whenua tuku iho
Strawberry farm
Strawberry ice-cream dessert
Real Fruit Ice-creams & Smoothies
Takarunga / Mt Victoria Track
Top of the world on mushroom head
Japanese food

As you can view from the photographs above, we had a long walking experience and indeed the best that we could ever hope for. It was a very good form of walking for a healthy lifestyle. The air was indeed refreshing and of course not forgetting the nice meals we had at the Japanese restaurant in Auckland New Zealand.

Plenty of exercising our feet as well as breathing in all those fresh air with negative ions at the mountain top. It was a great feeling of joys.

Well, that ends today’s adventure and if you have any comments or been to New Zealand, please share with us and our audience. Thank you and do have a nice day!

30 Sept vacation in Auckland New Zealand

Another beautiful and yet cooling day for outing and sightseeing in New Zealand. We practically loved the scenery as we could breath in the fresh air of the country side as we drove along the highway. It was really a very pleasant drive as we viewed the greenery along the way.

Mountain at the far end from this view
Nice greenery view at the far end
Houses at the lower area of the mountain
Sheeps could be seen eating the grasses ahead
Beauty of the country side
Herd of cows enjoying their meals
Future home

After an hour plus of driving, we reached the future home in New Zealand. It was rather a big area where this place was built. Imagine the amount of space it had allocated for this place. Definitely about 4 times the size of HDB flat for 5 rooms.

Bathroom view
Built in closet
Room to access built in closet
Another built in closet
Another bathroom
Another bathroom
Another built in closet
Huge garage for 2 cars or 3 smaller cars
Garage cabinets
Kitchen and dining area
Kitchen area with island
Hidden kitchen area behind
Sitting area for leisure
Huge outside space

After viewing this huge single floor house, we proceed to have our lunch. Nothing beats having a delicious lunch to fill our stomach while on vacation.

More dishes
Plot for future house
Guess who?
Sock slider design

Guess the sock slider was a good design for those who are having hard time with wearing them. Simply put on the slider and put your foot in, that’s it. Isn’t that kind of innovative?

It was a fun day outing for sightseeing and feasting. Let us write again another day for our trip in Auckland, New Zealand. Hope everyone reading our blog will have a nice time viewing those photographs. If you have been to New Zealand, do share your experience here with us as well as all our readers.

Lastly, hope everyone will take care of themselves during this period where Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. Practice good personal hygiene like washing your hands with soap often and when coughing or having flu, please just be kind to wear a mask to protect thyself as well as others. Be safe and have a healthy lifestyle.

29 Sept in Auckland New Zealand

Another day of outing
Beautiful greenery view of the country side
More scenery view
Farm ranch
Horses and sheep

Another fine day to be out in the country side as we journeyed our way on the road. Just a quick snapshot from my handphone as we traveled along the road. From afar, we could see some horses as well as sheep helping themselves with the grasses.

Thai Street Food
Country side street food stalls
Hunua Falls
Walking in Hunua Falls
Two ways to walk up in Hunua Falls – Shorter or longer way
Lookout for Hunua Falls or just walking the loop
Trail up to the lookout view for Hunua Falls
Top view of the Hunua Falls
Closer view of the Hunua Falls
Hunua Falls

After shopping at the country side street food stalls, we proceed to the Hunua Falls. We followed the trail up to the hill top to get a bird eye’s view of the Waterfall. And after which, we came down to walk the loop and ended up closer to the waterfall. It was one of the best scenery one could ever enjoy to see up close. It was a really fantastic view and breathing in the fresh negative ions in the air. That was really breath taking indeed.

Clear blue sky view
Viewing houses along the way

Walking around this neighborhood and viewing some of the houses around this area. It was part of the area in Hamilton New Zealand. This would be a new neighborhood as it would be starting to build new houses in this area.

Those photographs above were taken from my handphone and we will show more photographs taken from the camera below. Hope you will enjoy viewing them and if you have been to New Zealand, do share your views as we love the environment and the cool temperature.

Bird eye view of Hunua Falls
Hunua Falls in background
Clean your shoes before hiking the trails
Signboard at Hunua Falls
Best part of cow’s meat
Delicious food
Cherry Blossom Tree
Another cherry blossom tree

Well, that is all the photographs to be shown today. As we had taken lots of photographs but it would be too many to put up so I do hope you will enjoy seeing those I had included in this page. So, if you have any comments to share, I would welcome them. Tell us about New Zealand that you had visited and whether or not you had enjoyed it like we did.

28 Sept in New Zealand

Trip to Saturday Market shopping
Food at store

Saturday morning shopping at the market and did some fun in sightseeing around Auckland, New Zealand. People here were pretty nice and well-mannered.

Truck Store
More truck store
Bee store
Bee store
Rows of stores

Took a stroll at this marketplace where they were selling stuffs like vegetable, honey bee, fishes and many other things. Since it was pretty cooling, we took our time to stroll down at each store to view what they were selling.

More stores on the road
Just us to pose
Cheap fruits?
More fruits
Minimart in the area
Shopping area
Wall graphic
Car wash?
Nice cakes
Cheap oyster?
Smoked salmons

Today was just a lazy day of doing some sightseeing and shopping. Did our own kind of smoked salmons. Surprisingly, it tasted pretty nice. Guess the salmon here was much fresher since they have their own supply of fishes without needing to import.

Once again this end the day and we will continue again another day to show you more photographs from Auckland, New Zealand.

Pool of London

Breakfast options:

  • Food purchased the night before
  • Macdonalds
  • Sushi from Wasabi
  • Doorstep

From Hotel to Monument Station:

  • Total travel time is about 37 mins.
  • From Hotel walk about 3 mins, 0.2 miles to Hammersmith Broadway
  • Take the District Barking to Monument Station
  • Total travel time is about 30 mins (15 stops)
  • 12th Stop: Blackfriars, 13th Stop: Mansion House, 14th Stop: Cannon Street Underground Station

Alight at Monument Station

We may take RV1 single decker bus for this route.

The best seat for this single decker is on the right-hand side, at the front of the highest level seats.

Pool of London
Circular Walk
Leisure walker: 2 hours
Power walker: 45 minutes

START: Monument Underground: Northern, District and Circle Lines

Monument → London Bridge → Southwark Catherdral → Borough Market → Clink Prison → Golden Hinde → London Bridge Experance → Hay’s Galleria → Britain at War → London Dungeon → H.M.S. Belfast → City Hall → Shad Thames → Design Museum→ Butler Wharf → Tower Bridge → St Katherin’s Dock → Tower of London → Monument (Great Fire of London)

FINISH: Monument Underground: Northern, District and Circle Lines

Stop 1 – Monument, London Bridge, Southwark Catherdral

Our Pool of London STARTS at Monument Underground Station. Exit the station at the Cannon Street EXIT and turn sharp left. Walk down the west (right hand) side of KING WILLIAM STREET EC4 onto LONDON BRIDGE. Continue over the right-hand side of LONDON BRIDGE to Glaziers Hall. Take the narrow flight of steps behind Glaziers Hall down onto MONTAGUE CLOSE SE1 (Thames Path) and turn right at the bottom. Follow Montague Close around to the left, walking behind Southwark Cathedral.

Stop 2 – Borough Market, Clink Prison

  • We may have our lunch at Borough Market and pack extra for when we are in Museum of London.

Turn right onto WINCHESTER WALK SE1 then left through Jubilee Market into Borough Market. After walking around the markets exit left back onto Winchester Walk. At the end turn right into STONEY STREET SE1 then left into CLINK STREET SE1 for the Clink Prison Museum.

Stop 3 – Golden Hinde

Re-trace your steps back along Clink Street into PICKFORD’S WHARF SE1. Passing the 12th century ruins of Winchester Palace walk up to the Golden Hinde.

Stop 4 – London Bridge Experience, Hay’s Galleria, Britain at War, London Dungeon, H.M.S. Belfast, City Hall

Walk around the front of the Golden Hinde onto CATHEDRAL STREET SE1, and then turning sharp left back into MONTAGUE CLOSE SE1. Follow the road under LONDON BRIDGE to the London Bridge Experience.

From the London Bridge Experience continue under LONDON BRIDGE into TOOLEY STREET SE1. Turn left down the narrow passage way just before Saint Clave House, turning right at the end onto the Thames Path (The Queen’s Walk). Walk along the riverside path to Hay’s Galleria.

For the Britain at War and London Dungeon attractions walk through Hay’s Galleria back onto Tooley Street, turn right and cross the road. Walk back through Hay’s Galleria to re-join the walk.

Continue along the riverside path pass Hay’s Galleria to H.M.S. Belfast.

Continue along the riverside path from H.M.S. Belfast to City Hall.

Continue along the riverside path from City Hall to Tower Bridge.

Stop 5 – Shad Thames, Design Museum, Butler Wharf

Walk under Tower Bridge and along the narrow SHAD THAMES SE1 road to the Design Museum.

From the Design Museum walk back to Tower Bridge along the riverside path, in front of Butler’s Wharf restaurants and shops, to the passage way at the end that leads back through to SHAD THAMES SE1. Turn right and continue back to TOWER BRIDGE.

Walk up the west (left hand) flight of steps onto TOWER BRIDGE and walk across to the first flight of steps on the other side. Walk down the steps on to ST KATHERINE’S WAY E1. St Katharine’s Way.

Stop 6 – Tower Bridge, St Katherin’s Dock, Tower of London, Monument (Great Fire of London)

After walking round St Katherine’s dock take the footpath leading to the front of the Tower Thistle Hotel and continue back to TOWER BRIDGE. Walk under Tower Bridge along the cobbled road to the Tower of London and Traitors Gate. Continue along the river front path past, Three Quays, Sugar Quays, Customs House and Old Billingsgate Market to LONDON BRIDGE.

Walk under the first part of LONDON BRIDGE, turn right and take the steps up onto LONDON BRIDGE. Turn right at the top of the steps on to KING WILLIAM STREET EC4. Continue a short distance and turn right into MONUMENT STREET EC4for the Monument column.
To Bank Of England Museum

Take Bus 133 Bishopsgate from Monument (Stop Q)
2 stops
Alight Bank Station Threadneedle St (Stop C)

  • Bank Of England Museum
  • Museum Of London
  • Roman Fort Ruins, just a wall

Museum Of London

Find the entrance
The museum’s entrance is located on a pedestrian high walk which can be reached by stairs, escalators or lifts from Aldersgate Street; London Wall or St Martin’s-le-Grand.
Free WiFi
Connect your mobile or tablet in the museum free of charge

Opening Times:
Museum is open 10:00am to 6:00pm daily (last admission 5:30pm)

After dinner, slowly walk back to hotel to rest and recharge for next day activities.

Museum of London
Address: 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7001 9844
Website :
Public transport:
Tube: St Pauls / Barbican / Moorgate. Barbican/Moorgate: Follow signs to the Museum along the High Walk.
Barbican (5 minutes walk) St Paul’s (5 minutes walk)
4, 8, 25, 56, 100, 172, 242, 521

The Bank of England Museum [FREE] – This museum details the history of the Bank of England, beginning back in 1694. Some of the oldest bank notes in existence are on display here, as well as forgeries from over the centuries, historical artefacts, and a genuine solid gold bar – which you can even try to pick up yourself!