Delicious chicken wings & thigh

Chicken wings using oven bake

Since we are now under Phase 2 of the COVID-19, it is good to do some of the home cooking and experimenting with my skill. Surprisingly, we found that this particular recipe to do the seasoning seemed to prove great. It was slight crispy and quite tasty in a way.

More chicken wings
Chicken thighs with egg mayo, bacon and mash potato

Well, it was indeed a very nice and pleasant meals that could be cooked at home since it would be better to do so due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Side note:

In Singapore, we are now going through Phase 2 of the COVID-19 restriction and more businesses and schools are opening up. We need to bear in mind that COVID-19 is still very dangerous especially we understand that there are still cases of unknown sources who are in the community. As a preventive measure, we must always guard ourselves with wearing masks & social distancing while in public. As the saying goes: Prevention is better than safe. And also better safe than sorry since we do not really know who are the people that are asymptomatic and will be able to spread this virus. It will definitely be helpful if everyone can cooperate among ourselves to equip with the contact tracing app so that we can totally eliminate those unknown sources and keep everyone safe. It maybe a difficult task since everyone’s mind is different in thoughts and mostly those who are resisting will not abide to simple rules of prevention.

We sincerely hope that all Singaporeans will do their parts and can be a little Kiasu in this situation so everyone can be safe against the COVID-19. Remember that simple task like wearing masks & do social distancing from others in public can be an effective preventive cure against infection. Also by washing your hands with soap frequently especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth will help to avoid infection. These are little things we all can actually do and it will help to avoid spreading among our community. A little effort by each and everyone will go a long way!

Reading about the world news as countries relaxing on restrictions had ended up rising of COVID-19 infection since people tend to be complacent about the matter and not knowing how dangerous it can be in terms of infection spreading. Seriously speaking, we must continue the basic preventive measures no matter what sort of restrictions that are easing off and this will eventually help a lot of us to eliminate or reduce infection. We must never stop doing the basic precaution until getting the vaccine cure to prevent any sort of spreading.

Let us cooperate 100% to fight against this deadly virus!

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.

Orchid Live Seafood Meal

Read from the Food King’s recommendation of Orchid Live Seafood regarding their Lobster Porridge signature dish and was looking forward to get our stomach ready to enjoy. Came to branch at 1 Bah Soon Pah Rd in the afternoon and ordered the Saver Menu.

Saver Menu at Orchid Live Seafood

As listed, it came with the Lobster Porridge, Steven Chicken, Live Patin Fish, Mixed Vegetable, Topshell Crispy Toufu and the Red Bean Ice Cream. First dish that came was the mixed vegetable.

Mixed Vegetable dish

This dish was just normal taste like any other zhi cha store you can find in neighbourhood’s coffee shops. Nothing out of the ordinary sort of dish. Next came was the Steven chicken within a minute or so.

Steven Chicken

From the outlook, it was kind of crispy with some seasame seeds sprinkled on top. This dish was pretty tasty as compared with other places we had eaten before. This dish deserved a 4 out 5 stars since it suited our taste. Next dish that came was the Lobster Porridge.

Lobster Porridge

It came rather fast after the Steven Chicken. Each of us was served with a small bowl of porridge. Since this was the main star’s attraction of Orchid Live Seafood, we had high hopes that it would be as what others had described. After taking our first taste, the expression of our faces were filled with disappointment. It was rather bland and not as what others had reviewed online as well as the Food King. Well, I guessed it would be like the saying goes: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. So as for tasting food concern, it might not be like the same for everyone. But since it was a celebration for my mum’s birthday, the disappointment was rather hard to take. Next dish that came was the Topshell Crispy Toufu.

Topshell Crispy Toufu

As for this dish, it was just as normal as what you could get from hawker’s center. Nothing special about this dish though. The final dish was the Live Patin Fish.

Live Patin Fish

Regarding this final dish Live Patin Fish, the meat was not sweet and soft as we would normally tasted for fresh fish. Therefore our rating would just be 2 out of 5 for it.

Other than the Steven Chicken, our overall rating for this entire meal would just be 2 out of 5 as we had looked forward having this celebration. If I have to make a choice, I will not be coming back again since not able to get what we imagined the taste would be like.