2 Oct in Auckland New Zealand Adventure

It was a lucky day when I saw double rainbow
Indeed it was lucky

Another good day of outing and got a surprise when we caught in seeing double rainbow after a downpour. That was indeed a lucky day for us.

Hamburger for lunch
Another burger
More burger
Steak for lunch
More steak
Porterhouse potato
Lamb shank for lunch

When in New Zealand, all we could think of would simply be tasting all the nice and yet delicious food around the area of Auckland. It was indeed pretty delicious and the steak was really juicy since it was much fresher than those being imported. You will know what I mean if you had been to New Zealand to taste those steaks.

These were only some of the photographs taken today as we were mostly involved with other activities when driving around in New Zealand. Once again, if you had been to New Zealand, please do share your experience and comments with us as well as our readers here.

27 Sept in New Zealand vacation

Orchid Plant in AUckland New Zealand House
Outdoor experience

Today was a day of relaxation and short outing to buy stuff for lunch and dinner. Decided to have our meals in the house so we cooked steaks to enjoy indoor.

Steak in home cooking
Sauce for noodles
Noodles using the sauce
Marinade steak using Beef Bulgogi
Car wash for the day

Since today would be a lazy day, did some home cooked food as well as touring around this neighborhood. At the same time, giving a good wash for the car that would be used for travelling during this vacation.

Plants in the house
More plants in the house
Another plot of plants
Cherry Blosoom starting to flower
Pot of flower plant
Garden of plants
Cherry Blossom Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree starting to flowers
Flowering plant
More flowering plants in the garden
Shopping in the neighborhood
Around the neighborhood
Nice and beautiful landscape
Beautiful scenery

These were some of the snapshot photographs of the area around the neighborhood where we were staying during our vacation in Auckland, New Zealand. It was indeed very pleasant and quiet neighborhood and the people over in New Zealand were very polite and nice towards us.

The environment in New Zealand was indeed pretty good as we were there just right in Spring and the air was cooling since the temperature was about 15 degrees or so. Nightfall was rather cold as it dropped to around 3 degrees or so.

That would be all to talk about this day and we will continue again the next time with more photographs in New Zealand.

26 Sept in New Zealand vacation

House in Auckland, New Zealand

3rd day in New Zealand for vacation. Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand and now staying in a house with all the clothes in the background.

Delicious food and desserts
Cakes and desserts

Nothing felt better than having a good meals in New Zealand. There were quite a lot of selection could be made to fill up our stomach as you can see in those photographs. All we could say is that you will never miss your hometown food while in New Zealand as you could get similar stuff here.

Cakes and desserts that is mouthwatering
Huge Burger for lunch
Burger for lunch
Delicious Steak for lunch
Kiwi in Cans

As you could see from the photographs, we had ourselves a huge meals with burgers and steak that were quite delicious. It was indeed very filling to finish up the food. And you could also see there were lots of Kiwifruit in cans. These are not seen in Singapore though.

Cheap fruits
Display of shelf with stuffs
Best offer of fruits available
Delicious steak meal

Avocados and oranges were on sales and it was indeed very cheap as compare those we can get in Singapore. Since they have plantations in New Zealand, these prices will definitely be cheaper elsewhere as we need to import those fruits.

That will be all for today and will continue to write about New Zealand trip another day and showing you more nice photographs and scenery whenever possible so you can enjoy viewing them just like us being there with you.