Jewel Of Singapore

Went to the Jewel of Singapore at Changi Airport Terminal 1 and surprisingly there were a huge turnout. Here are some photographs taken onsite. Enjoy these views as we had at the place!

Ball of Orchid Flower – Symbol of Singapore
Marvel At The World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall
Marvel At The World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall
Marvel At The World's Tallest Indoor Waterfall
Marvel At The World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall
Shiseido Forest Valley West Trail
Shiseido Forest Valley West Trail
Crystal Clouds
South Gateway Garden – Iconic Changi Airport Control Tower
Jewel’s North Gateway Garden
Shimmer Like Stars To Create A Mesmerising Kaleidoscope
Shiseido Forest Valley – Walking trail
Panoramic View Of Jewel
Beautiful display of flowers


My experience with Choutofu

Its either choutofu or lovergal (my mom). So ever wondered what is CHOUTOFU? For people who have eaten it before, you probably know. But, I somehow chanced upon the picture that I took of the smelly tofu (Chou tofu) before. So I’ll just post it here!


There are alot of names for it. I looked on Wiki. People call it stinky tofu, smelly tofu, blah blah blah. Basically, its stinky and smelly! The one that I ate and I like to eat, is the deep fried one.

In Singapore, you can only purchase it from one measly location (correct me if i’m wrong)…

GEYLANG Near city plaza. There isn’t an exact address so the best bet is to follow your nose. HAHA.

Hopefully you wouldn’t smell garbage and think its the tofu.

Because theres only 1 stall in Singapore, I simply can’t compare it to any other tofu stalls but my friend says the one in Singapore is better than the one in China.

I think its mainly because the Singapore one is more catered to our taste compared to the China one. So try it! It really is delicious!! I swear it’ll be the newloveofyourlife. (:

Oh, and a very random photo that I found!


TWIN YOLKS!! I’m serious, my mummy cracked it into a bowl and it was STUCK TOGETHER! one egg, 2 yolks. (if only all eggs came like that) HAHA.

And lastly, introducing what must be THE CUTEST BUNNY ON EARTH!

I’ll start from the more blurr pictures then to the clearer ones so you can SLOWLY FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BUNNY!

rabbit 1

rabbit 2

rabbit 3


rabbit 4


rabbit 5

rabbit 6

After this, I’m sure you will..

rabbit 7


Told you it was the cutest bunny on Earth!

Ok, thats the end of my entry! (: