Day 3 visit in Hong Kong

One of the best view from tall building as you could see very nice and yet unique bird-eye sighting of almost everything. We could see the high hill in the background while all those buildings just far below with clear blue sea for the ships and boats in sight.

From Hotel to Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Take the Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited, bus 1A to Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier for a short ride into Wan Chai. This way gets the best view.

  • Walk About 3 mins , 140 m to Tak Shing Street
  • Take Bus 1A Star Ferry
  • About 7 mins (4 stops) to Destination
  • Alight at Star Ferry stop
  • Walk about 1 min , 55 m to Star Ferry Pier, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

We will have our breakfast at Capitol Café.

  • From Wan Chai Ferry Pier walk about 3 min , 240 m to Wan Chai Ferry Pier; Convention Avenue
  • Take Bus 8P Island Resort
  • Travel Time is about 4 min (2 stops)
  • Alight at Stewart Road
  • Walk about 3 min , 170 m to destination Chrisly Café, Kwong Sang Hong Building Block B-d, 6 Heard St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Breakfast Set which consists of macaroni with ham, eggs, toast and milk tea. Need to specify a change to scrambled eggs.

  • Scrambled eggs with black truffle
  • Black truffle and cheese toast 校长多士
  • Scrambled eggs on toast à la carte
  • Toasted French Bun (Condensed milk bun) 奶油豬仔包 (nǎi yóu zhū zǐ bāo)
  • Hot Milk tea

After breakfast, we will take a short walk to the Blue House Clusters and House of Stories (Close on Wednesdays)

  • Walk about 9 mins, 650 m from Capitol Cafe via Wan Chai Rd to Destination.
  • Head southeast on Heard St toward Wan Chai Rd
  • Turn right onto Wan Chai Rd
  • Turn left to stay on Wan Chai Rd
  • Turn right onto Queen’s Rd E
  • Turn left onto Stone Nullah Ln
  • Destination will be on the left.

After exploring the the Blue House Clusters and House of Stories, we will have tea at Kam Fung 金鳳茶餐廳

  • Walk about 4 mins, 290 m from the Blue House Clusters and House of Stories, via Tai Yuen St to destination.
  • Walk Heading north on Stone Nullah Ln toward King Sing St
  • Turn left onto Queen’s Rd E
  • Turn right onto Tai Yuen St
  • Turn left onto Cross St
  • Turn left onto Spring Garden Ln
  • Destination will be on the right.

Lunch will be at Lan Fong Yuen 蘭芳園 (Central MTR)
to eat the award winning pork chop bun, french toast, chicken chop instant noodles and milk tea.

Chicken Steak Instant Noodles with Green Onion Sauce 蔥油雞扒撈丁includes a drink. The chicken is moist and tender attached to a nice piece of salty crispy skin.
Condensed Milk Butter Bun

1 pork chop bun, 1 pan fried chicken instant noodles 蔥油雞扒撈丁 (cōng yóu jī bā lāo dīng) and 1 iced milk tea (凍奶茶 dòng nǎi chá) or Milk tea (絲襪奶茶 sī wà nǎi chá) = HK$75.00

Just another day had passed while we were enjoying ourselves with food and shopping in Hong Kong. If you had been to Hong Kong, please do share with us your comments for your experience. Do have a great day ahead.

Random photos in Auckland vacation Part 3

Here are more photographs taken while in Auckland, New Zealand vacation trip. It was really a beautiful place to visit with such nice scenery and wonderful weather plus cooling temperature. We simply love it here.

Double rainbow

Here we end today update for the random photos taken in Auckland, New Zealand. As you can view from the photographs, the background scenery is simply wonderful and the air we took could be felt so clean and fresh. It was really a lovely place to visit for holidays.

Not forgetting that you can easily find yourself indulge with all those delicious food that are available in New Zealand. It is quite similar as what you can get from Singapore so you will not really miss the food while having your vacation in New Zealand.

Please drop in your comments if you had been to New Zealand and share with us your thoughts.

11 Oct in Auckland for sightseeing and experience

Cherry Blossom Tree

Another lovely day in Auckland, New Zealand for vacation. The best sort of reward we got while on holidays in Auckland would simply be the temperature was superb! We were having hot spell in Singapore plus a little hazy at that period so being in Auckland was the best decision at that moment. While we were here in New Zealand, we got to go for some great sightseeing while breathing in those fresh air as well as negative ions at the waterfall. And also not forgetting all those nice and delicious food we all could help ourselves with during this period. Isn’t that great?

Lamb shank

Bone marrow was an adventure with a straw to suck it up. We all had our fun of eating a delicious meal after a bit of sightseeing and shopping. We didn’t take much photographs today as we were too engrossed in our activity.

Once again it comes to an end of today and we do hope that you can share your comments if you ever been to Auckland, New Zealand. It is a great experience and we hope you too had enjoyed your trip as well.

10 Oct Auckland experience of sightseeing and food

White + Wong’s in Auckland, New Zealand

It was another fine weather day where we were out for shopping and sightseeing. Came to this place called White + Wong’s in Auckland, New Zealand to have our meals but one look and there were many people actually queuing up to enter the restaurant. Wow! Such a big crowd and it would take us at least an hour or more to wait for our turn. Guess we opt-out and went to another place to dine instead.

Water above the ceiling
Westfield in Auckland, New Zealand
Christmas Tree
Farmers Store
Parking Machine
Bus route
Central Auckland Route Map
Recycle Bins
Conditions on Parking Machine
Auckland Bus
Future sport car
Bare body car
Food Menu
Lamb shank
Bus in Auckland
Future sport car
letter box post
Standard phone booth
Car view

We had a pretty good walking around for sightseeing as well as filled our stomach with some pretty delicious meals as you could view in the photographs above.

Once again, it was an end of the day outing and exploration around Auckland, New Zealand vacation. Till we write about another day, we hope you too can share your comments about New Zealand if you had been to Auckland. Thank you and do have a pleasant day ahead!

9 Oct in Auckland New Zealand for more adventure

We loved plants so it was a day to visit the plantation and viewed some different types of plants in Auckland, New Zealand. So far we had never seen these types of plants in Singapore and guess that it would only be viable to grow in New Zealand due to its temperature and environment here.

Well, we loved to taste food in New Zealand though they had almost the same types of food available here. At least we could taste the different in style of cooking.

Huge home grown lemon
Full bloom Cherry Blossom Tree

Seemed like we no longer needed to go to Japan just to view the Cherry Blossom as we could have it here with our own home-grown Cherry Blossom Tree in Auckland, New Zealand. There were lots of Cherry Blossom Tree could be seen along the road of houses in New Zealand. It was a pretty a beautiful scenery here watching them in full bloom at this time of the year in October. It was just a fantastic view of those Cherry Blossom Tree along the pathway of houses in New Zealand.

Again, we come to an end of today’s adventure in Auckland, New Zealand. And if you had been to New Zealand, please share with our readers with your comments. Thank you and do have a beautiful day ahead.

Holidays in Thailand Bangkok

Taking a break from the hectic life of working and enjoy a week vacation in Thailand – Bangkok. Set off on a Sunday to Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the morning. We took our time as we had 3 hours ahead of our flight so we spent a while admiring what was there at the airport. Our flight was slightly delayed as the plane just landed in Singapore airport and it took about an hour for them to clear the passengers and cleaning up before we were allowed to go onboard.

Food onboard Thai Airways

We boarded Thai Airways for our flight to Thailand. It had been awhile since we took Thai Airways but to our surprise that the food provided onboard for seafood and muslim meals weren’t nice. In the past, we had better meals than this. Guess it is no longer true for present time. Both of our flight from Singapore to Thailand and Thailand back to Singapore were similar and it tasted horrible. The appearance looked good but not for the taste though.

Finally we had arrived in Bangkok and checked into our hotel. Here were snapshot of the Queen size bed including the shower and wash basin. This place is where I stay for all my years of travelling in Bangkok. It is pleasant and nice including the services provided by the hotel staffs.

Went to Terminal 21 to enjoy a simple meal of Pad Thai with 2 different types of noodle servings. Frankly, it was much better than those we had tasted in Singapore in comparison.

Here was one of the tallest Christmas Tree we saw while walking passed the roadside.

Whenever we are in Thailand, there is one thing we surely help ourselves will be the Mango Sticky Rice. It is our favorite food that will never be missed when travelling to Thailand.

We took a trip to CentralWorld as well as to visit the Erawan Shrine for prayers.

We arrived at the Erawan Shrine and made our prayers.

Next favorite place to eat would be the MK Steamboat meal.

Had a nice dinner at MK steamboat. It is still as nice as the last time we came to Bangkok. Recommended to try at least once if you are in Thailand.

Had ice-cream in the New Chinatown area.

Had fun at Children’s Discovery Museum. Took quite a lot of photographs but only showing some in this blog though.

Went to MiXT Chatuchak where we had our lunch.

Comparing the Pad Thai from MiXT Chatuchak with Terminal 21, I still preferred the one in Terminal 21 as it tasted better.

Another huge Christmas celebration display.

Had our meals at the Central World.

Will have to stop here as I am going for lunch. Will update more soon. Hope you can also enjoy yourself if travelling to Thailand.

Greenwich Village

Today we will spend a day taken at a leisurely pace to enjoy the beautiful views and wander around a museum.

Breakfast options:

  • Food purchased the night before
  • Macdonalds
  • Sushi from Wasabi
  • Doorstep

From Hotel to Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR Station:

  • Total travel time is about 1 hour 2 mins.
  • From Hotel walk about 3 mins, 0.2 miles to Hammersmith Broadway
  • Take the District Upminster to Cannon Street Underground Station
  • Total travel time is about 27 mins (14 stops)
  • 11th Stop: Temple, 12th Stop: Blackfriars, 13th Stop: Mansion House
  • Alight at Cannon Street Underground Station and walk 4 mins to Bank Station DLR
  • Take the DLR Lewisham to Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich DLR Station
  • Total travel time is about 18 mins (10 stops)
  • 7th Stop: Crossharbour, 8th Stop: Mudchute DLR Station, 9th Stop: Island Gardens

We will visit the following:

  1. Cutty Sark
  2. Greenwich Market
  3. Greenwich Park (2 hours)
  4. Royal Observatory (2 hours 30 mins)
  5. National Maritime Museum, Free (2 hours )
  6. The Queen’s House
  7. The Painted Hall
  8. The Trafalgar

Stop 1 – Cutty Sark
Continue on with the river behind us, heading up Greenwich Church Street. From here turn left onto Turnpin Lane, boasting many fine houses dating back to the early 1800’s, into Greenwich Market

Stop 2 – Greenwich Market
Exit the market onto Nelson Road and turn left along King William Walk. Enter Greenwich Park and walk up the hill.

Stop 3 – Greenwich Park
Continue up the hill toward The Royal Observatory

Stop 4 – The Royal Observatory

  • Stand at the centre of world time and space, on the prime meridian of the globe. The Meridian line crosses the Observatory courtyard (entrance fee) and it also crosses Greenwich Park. We can see the line up close for free by going through the small gate to the right of the clock and the examples of British Weights and Measures on the wall next to the Observatory.
  • Trivia: To help people synchronize their clocks to Greenwich Mean Time, the Astronomer Royal in 1833, John Pond, had the time ball installed on top of the observatory. The ball drops daily at 1:00pm all year-round – so get our mobile phones and our watches ready!

Stop 5 – National Maritime Museum

Leave the Observatory and head back down the hill. Follow the marked paths and signs toward the National Maritime Museum

  • One of the highlights is the actual jacket that Nelson wore during the Battle of Trafalgar (allow for 2 hours).

Walk along the marked path towards The Queen’s House

Stop 6 – The Queen’s House

From here walk towards the river and turn right onto Romney Road. Then make a left onto Park Row and walk all the way down to The Painted Hall
Stop 7 – The Painted Hall

We can take part in their guided tours of the space or download their self-guided tour

Stop 8 – The Trafalgar
We could also have a look around the Old Royal Naval College ( Don’t miss the famous Painted Hall and Chapel (allow for 60 mins).

If you haven’t already had a spot of lunch, then we recommend walking into the historic town centre. Greenwich ( is a World Heritage Site that dates back hundreds of years, and there are plenty of old pubs in Greenwich.

When you’ve got some energy back, take a stroll up the hill in Greenwich Park (, for some fantastic views of the London skyline. Then check out the Royal Observatory ( The museum covers everything from time-keeping to astronomy, and there is a large planetarium on site with several shows a day (allow for 3 hours in total).

After dinner, slowly walk back to hotel to rest and recharge for next day activities.

National Maritime Museum (Free)

Opening Hours:  10:00am to 5:00pm (Mon-Sun); Last entry 30 mins before closing

Visiting hours are subject to change

Address:  Romney Road, Greenwich SE10 9NF

Tel:  Work 0208 312 6565

Ticket cost:  Adults free entry

Time required:  A typical visit to National Maritime Museum lasts 1½-2 hours (approx)

Web: (

Buses:  129, 177, 180, 188, 199, 386

London bus fares (http://www.londondrum/transport/bus-fares-ticket-prices.php)

Trains:  Cutty Sark ( DLR

The closest train station to National Maritime Museum is Cutty Sark (

London underground fares (http://www.londondrum/transport/train-fares-ticket-prices.php)

Some of the photographs taken in London.