8 Oct Travel to Auckland New Zealand holidays

Nursery plantation
Know your apples
Huge lobsters
Huge lobsters

Today event was visiting nursery plantation while looking for nice food for BBQ on the hot plate as well as a little experience of tasting the teppan-yaki at the Japanese restaurant.

Cherry Blossom Tree

As you could viewed from the above photographs, it was just a little activities but yet enjoyable for everyone settling in for the home cooked meals together. It was rather fun and enjoyable to taste those food that included the live abalone and fresh salmon.

So that is all for today and we will update again for another day of adventure in Auckland, New Zealand. If you have been to Auckland, please do share some comments for your experience here. Thank you and do have a nice day ahead.

26 Sept in New Zealand vacation

House in Auckland, New Zealand

3rd day in New Zealand for vacation. Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand and now staying in a house with all the clothes in the background.

Delicious food and desserts
Cakes and desserts

Nothing felt better than having a good meals in New Zealand. There were quite a lot of selection could be made to fill up our stomach as you can see in those photographs. All we could say is that you will never miss your hometown food while in New Zealand as you could get similar stuff here.

Cakes and desserts that is mouthwatering
Huge Burger for lunch
Burger for lunch
Delicious Steak for lunch
Kiwi in Cans

As you could see from the photographs, we had ourselves a huge meals with burgers and steak that were quite delicious. It was indeed very filling to finish up the food. And you could also see there were lots of Kiwifruit in cans. These are not seen in Singapore though.

Cheap fruits
Display of shelf with stuffs
Best offer of fruits available
Delicious steak meal

Avocados and oranges were on sales and it was indeed very cheap as compare those we can get in Singapore. Since they have plantations in New Zealand, these prices will definitely be cheaper elsewhere as we need to import those fruits.

That will be all for today and will continue to write about New Zealand trip another day and showing you more nice photographs and scenery whenever possible so you can enjoy viewing them just like us being there with you.