Visit Osaka Sea Aquarium in Japan

It was a nice day to go and visit Osaka Sea Aquarium. It was so beautiful as you could view from all the photos that we would put in here. We definitely like to recommend you to visit if you happen to be visiting Japan for vacation.

Penguin on ice

We had too many photos to be shown here. We hope you would be happy to view what we had uploaded here. Anyway, if you had been to Sea Aquarium in Osaka, please share your comments with us.

Before we end our talk, we like to stress that the COVID-19 is a serious matter that every human being should be paying attention as to safeguard your personal health as well as those around you. You can help to prevent further spreading with doing things like washing your hands with soap frequently as to prevent the virus staying on your hands. By keeping safe distance between you and others help in a way to prevent spreading. If everyone tries to isolate themselves for 1 month, we do believe this coronavirus will be eliminated. It is time for everyone to co-operate as to put an end to this deadly virus.

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Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji

Finally got our wishes to visit Mount Fuji in Japan. It would be an adventure to go and hiking around while spending our time to enjoy nice scenery.

These were most of the photographs we took during this trip to visit Mount Fuji. It had been one of our must do list in this lifetime. If you too had been to Mount Fuji, you can drop us your comments and experiences.

Before we end here, we like to remind everyone to be safe during this COVID-19 period. Try to isolate yourself for a month and if everyone does it then can say that it will put an end to this deadly coronavirus. When it is not possible to isolate as you need to be in public places, then do your part as to keep your distance from one another. Also please do wear masks if you are feeling unwell so as not to affect others.

Practice good personal hygiene with frequent washing of hands before & after meals as well as when using the toilets. Try as far as possible not to wipe your face with your hands while you are in public places as to avoid transmitting the virus on yourself.

For all Singaporeans, you can download the TraceTogether apps so that it helps with the contact tracing as you never know who you are with while walking in public places. Lastly, take care and do be safe during this period.

Monkey Mountain in Japan

Just simply another lovely day to go up to Monkey Mountain for a nice visit. We had viewed very beautiful scenery and the surrounding was simply amazing. We hope you too would have a chance to visit and enjoy the peaceful time while walking around this place.

As we walked up the mountain, we were amazing with such beautiful scenery. The air was pretty fresh and indeed this was one of the most amazing adventure we could get from this vacation. We would show more photos so that you too could enjoy seeing what we had seen.

Baby with mother monkey

As you could see that those monkeys were well behaved and we had no problems to take some of these nice shots. Life was carefree for these monkeys as you could see that they were allowed to roam around.

As you could see, it was quite a bit of hiking up to the mountain but then it was quite refreshing though.

That is all the photos we wanted to show you and hope you too will have a chance to visit the Monkey Mountain and enjoy the scenery that can be viewed at that place.

As many of you are aware of the current COVID-19 situation that is spreading worldwide. We like to give my comment about this. We all should be UNITED and take all necessary action to isolate ourselves as to allow the coronavirus to be eliminated. Just avoid any sort of close contact if you need to be in public places but best will be staying at home whenever necessary. For all essential personals, please be extra careful while you are working as to avoid as much as you can.

Remember the simple method of keeping away from the COVID-19 will be washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and as often as you can like when having meals or visiting the toilets. Try to avoid touching your face with your hands unless you just wash it. If not feeling well, then you should wear mask if need to contact doctor. Isolation will help to prevent further spreading of this deadly COVID-19.

Lastly, you can help contact tracing with downloading of the TraceTogether app for all Singaporeans. This will help to trace whoever you are near while in public places as you will never know the persons around you. This will enable the trace for those unknown people around you at that point of time.

Please take care and stay healthy!