Singapore scenery and food delight

Adelphi Building

Today we will be showing photographs of some places in Singapore and also a bunch of food delights that you may have tried before. Hope you will enjoy viewing them here.

Merlion in Singapore
Butter prawns
Chinatown Point
Fish and fries
CK Tang Singapore
OG Singapore
Lucky Chinatown
The Majestic in Singapore
OG Center in Singapore
People’s Park Complex in Singapore
Noodle’s delight
Pork Buns
Chicken and prawns
More desserts delight
Deer meat
Crispy prawns
Chicken delight
Ikea Singapore
Crab’s delight
Crab’s delight
Drunken prawns
Singapore Duck Tour bus service
Fried rice
Mushroom Delight
Crispy pork chop
Christmas log cake
Mac and cheese
Half chicken with fries
Steak with fries
Steak with fries
Drunk prawn
Fried rice
Sweet & Sour pork
Cold tea
Seafood combo
Slice fish vegetable
Venison dish
Shark fin soup
Fried walnuts
White pepper crabs
Yam pudding
Yang Chow fried rice

Now that is the end of today’s delight for food and some scenery from Singapore. Hope you have enjoyed viewing them and if anyone been to Singapore, please kindly share your comments here.