Holidays in Thailand Bangkok

Taking a break from the hectic life of working and enjoy a week vacation in Thailand – Bangkok. Set off on a Sunday to Changi Airport Terminal 1 in the morning. We took our time as we had 3 hours ahead of our flight so we spent a while admiring what was there at the airport. Our flight was slightly delayed as the plane just landed in Singapore airport and it took about an hour for them to clear the passengers and cleaning up before we were allowed to go onboard.

Food onboard Thai Airways

We boarded Thai Airways for our flight to Thailand. It had been awhile since we took Thai Airways but to our surprise that the food provided onboard for seafood and muslim meals weren’t nice. In the past, we had better meals than this. Guess it is no longer true for present time. Both of our flight from Singapore to Thailand and Thailand back to Singapore were similar and it tasted horrible. The appearance looked good but not for the taste though.

Finally we had arrived in Bangkok and checked into our hotel. Here were snapshot of the Queen size bed including the shower and wash basin. This place is where I stay for all my years of travelling in Bangkok. It is pleasant and nice including the services provided by the hotel staffs.

Went to Terminal 21 to enjoy a simple meal of Pad Thai with 2 different types of noodle servings. Frankly, it was much better than those we had tasted in Singapore in comparison.

Here was one of the tallest Christmas Tree we saw while walking passed the roadside.

Whenever we are in Thailand, there is one thing we surely help ourselves will be the Mango Sticky Rice. It is our favorite food that will never be missed when travelling to Thailand.

We took a trip to CentralWorld as well as to visit the Erawan Shrine for prayers.

We arrived at the Erawan Shrine and made our prayers.

Next favorite place to eat would be the MK Steamboat meal.

Had a nice dinner at MK steamboat. It is still as nice as the last time we came to Bangkok. Recommended to try at least once if you are in Thailand.

Had ice-cream in the New Chinatown area.

Had fun at Children’s Discovery Museum. Took quite a lot of photographs but only showing some in this blog though.

Went to MiXT Chatuchak where we had our lunch.

Comparing the Pad Thai from MiXT Chatuchak with Terminal 21, I still preferred the one in Terminal 21 as it tasted better.

Another huge Christmas celebration display.

Had our meals at the Central World.

Will have to stop here as I am going for lunch. Will update more soon. Hope you can also enjoy yourself if travelling to Thailand.

Ang Mo Kio hawker center

My experience with AMK food center

My uncle recently brought my parents to check out the Wii set at one of the stores in AMK and he recommended some food stores there. So we went to check it out!

This hawker centre is located directly opposite the Kbox Plaza. Kbox Plaza is at 4190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6. Its this big black building with Suki Sushi (Which rocks!) and long john silvers on the first floor.

Anyway, opposite it is this hawker centre that is said to be hiding great food!

oyster omelette
Oyster Omelette

The oyster omelette tasted like the one from Maxwell Centre. Its not bad, the oysters are big. But the chilli was too limey! So it turned out pretty sour!

But its not bad. Worth a try if you like oyster omelettes!

curry beehoon
Curry Beehoon

curry beehoon
Curry Beehoon

The curry beehoon had quite a long queue so we expected it to be quite nice.

But our verdict was that it was average!

The curry was ok, in fact I can’t really remember the taste now. But they are quite generous with their ingredients I guess. So yea, quite ok. But I don’t think it would really tempt me to eat it again.

We also ate the famous carrot cake there! But I can’t find the picture anywhere!!

Anyway, so famous this carrot cake was that it SOLD OUT 5 minutes after we ordered at night.

And the carrot cake was good!! Nice but then not the best I’ve eaten definitely!

So once again to conclude…


No need to go down specially to have a meal here cause the food is pretty ordinary. And you can get these dishes pretty much everywhere. Maybe just give the carrot cake and omelette a try. The beehoon is … just average i guess. (:

Oh ya, if your inside AMK Hub, you might want to consider buying this..


Its really cute looking! The taste is ordinary but then it looks really cute right! You can buy one for your girlfriend or parents or something!

Its from the Bread for life store, its a pushcart store I think found in the basement level or something. Just look out for it!