Dazzling Cafe in Taipei

It was a new day of experience as we ventured to Dazzling Cafe in Taipei to test out the food. It was quite an adventure as this was our first time in Taiwan to visit this restaurant as it was recommended in reviews.

Dazzling Cafe menu

That’s all the photographs at the Dazzling Cafe. Hope you have enjoyed viewing them. Should you been to this place in Taipei, please do share your comments with us as we love to hear them. Till the next article, we hope you will take care as the COVID-19 pandemic is still very dangerous!

Tofu Restaurant in Japan

If you ever been to Japan, it will be great when you have a chance to visit the Tofu Restaurant in Japan. It was one of the best restaurant I had been to in Japan. You will definitely be enjoying yourself with some nice dishes here.

Menu for your meals

That’s all the photos taken during our visit to the Tofu restaurant. Indeed we had a great time while enjoying the meals. You should drop by if you are going to Japan.

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Food lovers

My experience with Food Lovers

I finally found out the block which sells that really good Hokkien Mee.

It can be found at Blk 925, Yishun Interchange.

This is the picture of the Hokkien Mee…

Hokkien Mee
Hokkien Mee

It comes highly recommended from me because they use a mixture of thick and thin white transparant noodle (chor beehoon) instead of just the usual thick ones you see in Beef Noodle and they also use less of the yellow noodles (which are rumoured to give you massive migraines and taste yucky in general). The skill of the chef seems to have been perfected over the years and he is able to produce quality dish after quality dish of Hokkien Mee.

The only lacking quality is that of the chilli. It is not sambal balachan which is what really gives you the kick out of a Hokkien Mee. Very few stores actually have Hokkien Mee that comes with great chilli. But what this dish lacks in chilli flavour, it makes it up fully by the flavourful taste of the Hokkien Mee.

It is such that you can eat the noodles by itself and still taste the wonderful flavours.

Anyway, we went there again recently to try the Hokkien Mee and it still proved to be as wonderful. Another store you might wish to try is the Chicken Rice, it is a store usually frequented by many people and there’s usually quite a queue for it.

We have found out, however, that you should not eat the frog legs from there!

My dad waited for about 10 to 15 minutes for it and he said alot of people ordered from the store. So obviously we expected that it would be of pretty good quality. And when the wait was over, we were greeted with this…

frog leg
Frog Legs With Spring Onion

This dish costs $8.50 by the way. And yes, this dish was taken BEFORE my dad ate any of it. Were we simply unlucky to have gotten the pot of frog legs with very little frog legs? Or is this an indication of all the bowls of frog legs?

We don’t know, and we don’t really wish to try again to find out.

I mean you wait long enough, you pay pretty good money for it, and you see a disppointing dish staring you in the face that in no way screams, “EAT ME EAT ME!!” So putting aside the waiting time and the money, lets talk about the taste.

It was extremely salty! I think they added too much soy sauce which resulted in the really saltiness of the dish. I mean to cook a dish of frog legs, you have to handle the sauces really well because the frog leg by itself tastes somewhat like chicken. So its like eating salty chicken drumstick or something. Which really kind of sucks.

The only way to salvage the dish was via eating every piece of frog leg with spring onion. The spring onion taste practically covers up every other taste and if its so, I don’t have to pay you to make this dish, I could chop spring onion and get frog legs myself.

So all in all, don’t eat it. Its not worth the wait and its definitely not worth the money.

Anyway, we went to Blk 928, which by the way, houses one of the more famous laksa in Yishun. Hence, if you are in the area, you can pop on down to try it. It is, however, an extremely small store so the space is pretty limited and you may have to wait awhile to get seats.

We went there AFTER eating that disgusting frog legs so we decided to settle for dessert.

durian ice kachang
Durian Ice Kachang

It was really quite good. I think its $2.50, I’m not really sure, could be cheaper, totally forgotten. But the durian was very thick, like they really peeled the flesh from the durian and grinded it and poured it over the ice kachang.

I’m a major freak fan of durian and I haven’t had it in such a long time. So the minute I placed a scoop of the durian ice kachang in my mouth, my tastebuds literally came alive!!

If you reallyyyyy love durian, you can try their durian ice kachang. Have to admit that they didn’t give an exorbitant amount of durian but it’s ok for the price that your paying. The ice was also well coated with the various flavourings so you don’t eat plain ice which is what often happens in most kopitiams (coffee shops).

At the bottom, you have the usual atapchi (that white transparant fruit thingy), chin chow and red bean. It usually comes with corn but my family hates corn, so no corn for us!

But if you want ice kachang with like enormous amounts of durian poured over it, I think you can try the store Ice Monster. Its found in Plaza Singapura’s basement, #B2-53. Frankly, I haven’t tried it before but I saw it on television and they said the durian was made from D24 durians imported from Malaysia and fresh golden mangoes.

Also, the bowl of ice kachang shown on tv showed a really gy-normous amount of durian being poured over the ice, like literally half the bowl was covered with mango and the other half with durian.

So you can try the all mango or all durian one or even the half mango half durian. Prices are from $5.50 and above if I’m not wrong.

Thats all the foodyy foodyy stuff I have for you! Tata! (: