Visit Fengjia Night Market in Taipei

While vacationing in Taiwan, we decided to drop by Fengjia Night Market and took several photographs at this place. It was quite a nice and delightful adventure while exploring this nice scenery place.

That’s all the nice night adventure we had at the night market. If you had been to Taipei and visiting Fengjia Night Market, please do share your comments with us as we love to hear them.

Dazzling Cafe in Taipei

It was a new day of experience as we ventured to Dazzling Cafe in Taipei to test out the food. It was quite an adventure as this was our first time in Taiwan to visit this restaurant as it was recommended in reviews.

Dazzling Cafe menu

That’s all the photographs at the Dazzling Cafe. Hope you have enjoyed viewing them. Should you been to this place in Taipei, please do share your comments with us as we love to hear them. Till the next article, we hope you will take care as the COVID-19 pandemic is still very dangerous!

Food You Get In Korea

Andong Chicken
Andong Chicken dish
Food from Dakgalbi (Ehwa)

Today’s article would be all about food. We all loved eating and when it comes to food, it will be our best entertainment for our stomach. Hope you will also enjoy viewing those photos and if you had been there, guess you would have enjoyed just as much as us.

Korean Bingsu
Myeongdong Gyoza
Myeongdong Gyoza
Pork Soup with Rice (Seomyeon)
Street Food
Tsokchon Chicken
Two Two Chicken (Myeongdong)
Two Two Chicken (Myeongdong)

That’s all for food! Hope it will gives you an idea of what to expect when you are in Korea. Of course there are many more other food stuff as we couldn’t possibly try. If you had been to Korea and found some nice food places, please do share it with us in the comments section. We love to hear from you talking about food which makes us mouth watering.

Btw, with the current COVID-19 cases happening worldwide, guess we won’t be traveling for the time being. Hope everyone is cooperative about quarantine yourself for 1 month at the same time as others in order to fight with this pandemic. We need to do it for ourselves, families and loved ones so we can be safe from the deadly virus.

Download the TraceTogether app for all Singaporeans so we can eliminate all unknown sources as to identify the source we are exposed while in public places. Help yourself as well as your loved ones to be safe.

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