Together we end COVID-19

It is time we all start to take precautions and end this pandemic once and for all. It requires everyone to take part in isolating oneself for a month without having much contact with others so to enable this deadly virus to die off itself.

If necessary to go out, then take extra care as not to come in contact with anyone that has flu-like symptoms. Remember not to rub your face with your hands while you are in public places in order to minimize the risk of being infected as you might have touched the fluid of the infection. Always try to wash your hands before and after meals. When you are in public places where you might contact with the virus on your hands, try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap as it helps to get rid of this virus.

We all have to practice good personal hygiene at all times especially in crisis like the COVID-19 situation. As long as everyone play their parts in prevention, it will be soon over and everyone can get back to their normal routine in life. Help yourself as well as helping others to prevent further spreading of this virus together.

Please share this information for those you know of and spread the news of how you can help to prevent further spreading. If you are staying in Singapore, you can download the TraceTogether app which helps to do the contact tracing via Bluetooth as we normally do not know who we are actually in contact with while travelling in public places.

Stay healthy!