PM Lee Hsien Loong on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore on 3 April 2020

PM Lee Hsien Loong on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore on 3 April 2020

As we watched this speech made by PM Lee Hsien Loong on the COVID-19 situation in Singapore on 3 April 2020, we do understand the seriousness of this deadly virus which is spreading like wildfire. We believe it is time for us to stand up together as a Nation to do our parts as to eliminate this deadly virus. We need to be UNITED about this matter before it gets out of hands and this virus can ONLY be eliminated if we as a part of this Nation to do whatever is necessary.

The best solution will be everyone to stay isolated for 1 month as this will allow the COVID-19 to die off itself without any human contact. However it may not be possible since we still need to buy essentials like food so remember to keep your safe distance from one another and wear masks whenever necessary. When you are in public places, try not to touch your face and remember to wash your hands with soap as often as possible when you need to rub your face. Proper personal hygiene is very IMPORTANT as it helps to eliminate the possibility of getting the infection.

Remember that you are doing all the safety measures will be for yourself and your loved ones. Just quarantine yourself for 1 month and things will be better thereafter when everyone do their parts.

Also what we can help the Government in contact tracing will be downloading this TraceTogether app as it will enable better tracing of those who are around us while we are exposed in public places. As we do know that we will not be able to identify people we are with during the period of doing your shopping in public. This app will help to identify them via TraceTogther app using Bluetooth which will download the contact numbers. This information of your phone numbers will be encrypted in order to safeguard it. It will only be requested for you to send if you are in contact with someone who is infected by the virus. It will only be your phone numbers which is encrypted and send for decryption whenever is needed.

Download TraceTogether app with QR code

View the video for more information about this app below.

Time to be UNITED as a Nation to put an end to this virus together.

Together we end COVID-19

It is time we all start to take precautions and end this pandemic once and for all. It requires everyone to take part in isolating oneself for a month without having much contact with others so to enable this deadly virus to die off itself.

If necessary to go out, then take extra care as not to come in contact with anyone that has flu-like symptoms. Remember not to rub your face with your hands while you are in public places in order to minimize the risk of being infected as you might have touched the fluid of the infection. Always try to wash your hands before and after meals. When you are in public places where you might contact with the virus on your hands, try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap as it helps to get rid of this virus.

We all have to practice good personal hygiene at all times especially in crisis like the COVID-19 situation. As long as everyone play their parts in prevention, it will be soon over and everyone can get back to their normal routine in life. Help yourself as well as helping others to prevent further spreading of this virus together.

Please share this information for those you know of and spread the news of how you can help to prevent further spreading. If you are staying in Singapore, you can download the TraceTogether app which helps to do the contact tracing via Bluetooth as we normally do not know who we are actually in contact with while travelling in public places.

Stay healthy!

Contact Tracing Mobile App By Singapore Government

With the wide spread of COVID-19 worldwide, we are indeed happy to see that Singapore Government has taken a further step to help with TraceTogether mobile app is the world’s first contact tracing app in order to enhance contact tracing efforts as to control the outbreak. As we learned that this TraceTogether app was developed by the Government Technology Agency which can easily downloadable by anyone using Singapore mobile number with Bluetooth function.

You will be required to give permission during the setup and also need to enable the Bluetooth function so that it will be able to detect other parties in close proximity which is 2 metres apart or up to 5 metres for at least 30 minutes. This information will be recorded and stored locally within the users’ phones for 21 days of the incubation period of the coronavirus. This will be a much better solution than relying on the memory of interviewees as it can be difficult to recall all contacts during a period of 14 days as well as those other strangers in the street that they do not have their information. As such, this app will be able to facilitate the process of contact tracing in a much better and faster way. At least it will also give us awareness of whether or not we had come in contact with those infected with COVID-19 without guessing if yes or no. This will actually help you to take all necessary action in advance to monitor your health regards to any sign of flu-like symptoms. As what we like to have this type of early detection to reduce much risk of spreading the virus and in return protecting our families and loved ones.

It is rest assured that no personal detail like names will be collected including user’s phone contact list or address book. As such, the app will only address who you are in contact with that maybe exposed to the virus. It will store the logs in the local users’ phone which will be encrypted. It means that logs do not contain user’s phone number but just a set of cryptographically generated temporary IDs. Therefore the logs will leave the owner’s phone only when the owner uses the app to send the information to the authorities as to help to facilitate contact tracing. Other safeguards which will be the app will only be active during the outbreaks and will cease when contact tracing ends. Then the app will prompt the users to deactivate the functionality.

This TraceTogether app can be downloaded via Google Play Store and the Apple App Store from your mobile phone. Just need to turn on your Bluetooth to be in operation without the need of Wifi or mobile data.

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