Trip to UK London

Here are some photographs for the trip to London. It was pretty enjoyable trip since we got to try some nice meals and sightseeing along the way. As compared with Singapore, this place is really huge and we couldn’t cover all the places in London since most of the travelling time was quite long. Anyway, we managed to cover for places we wanted to go and so it was very pleasant indeed.

That’s all for our article today. We will write more and show more photographs another day. Hope you have enjoyed viewing these photographs and do share your comments if you had been to London before. We love to hear from you.

Side note:

Our country is having election on 10 July 2020 and we sincerely hope that the people of Singapore will vote wisely as who they want to guide us into the future. We must endorse a good & strong Government to help the people of Singapore into the journey of prosperity and harmony. Being the older generation, we had enjoyed very much for what our Government have been doing all these years since Independent. Now we wish that our younger generations will have the good eyesight of making the right choice and giving a strong mandate for the Government to continue working for the people of Singapore.

We do understand that some may be influenced by emotions but that should not be the decision one should be making. We have to think seriously as how the candidates we are voting to have future plans and guiding us towards a new & better future. This is not a rosy sit for those who are willing to devote themselves to serve the people of Singapore. It is a tough job as they have to do a lot of planning in advance and with good strategy as how our country can develop. But at times we may witness some projects that might fail as no one can guarantee the success. Nevertheless if the project had gone through some stringent checks and still fail then one should learn from it to advance further without making the same mistake. We have to understand that Government are still humans like us and comes to venture, it goes either way of winning or losing.

We need to vote for a Government who are willing to lead us with plans and solutions to help the people of Singapore. Listen closely to what they talk about and what they are willing to commit for the people of Singapore. One should not get too emotional about ‘dirt’ or rumor that is unfounded. Even if one had made mistake in the past, it does not mean they cannot do the right thing. It is about now and how it can help the people of Singapore to move ahead into the future. Vote with a clear mind as we certainly need a good & strong Government to guide the people of Singapore.

Situation of COVID-19 is still dangerous as we still have some unknown sources among the community. We need to have a much better solution to do contact tracing and fortunately our Government has recommended a device which utilize bluetooth connection to do the contact tracing. This is indeed a very good initiative taken by our Government to distribute this device to everyone in Singapore. As we do understand that the current TraceTogether app are having limited subscribers due to some issues of iPhone’s connectivity as well as older generations may not be carrying smartphone. So coming up with the device is indeed a good initiative by our Government as to help with better contact tracing in Singapore.

Please do continue to be a little Kiasu & Kiasi like wearing masks & do social distancing when in public. Also do remember to wash your hands with soap frequently especially before touching your eyes, nose and mouth since it will be the entry point for the virus into your body. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting this infection.

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.

Experiment with OSIM Well-being 3D scan

It was a fun day at Changi Airport and we did a test with OSIM well-being 3D scan just for fun. It was quite interesting as you just need to be standing on the device where it would rotate round to do the complete scan of your body’s feature. It would then output on the system where it captured your details of weight, body mass, etc. If you ever been to the Changi Airport, you may want to give it a try and find out a little more about your health conditions.

Well, that’s all for today’s topic and we will update another day of fun. We hope you have enjoyed this and please do share with us your comments if you had tried it before.

Side note:

Every day when we read about the world news for COVID-19, it saddens our hearts as many people have suffered and died because of this deadly virus. It is also sad to know some people are still not convinced of its danger and continue to disregard the safety measures thus putting all of us in grave situation. No matter what you maybe thinking or hearing, the best advice for everyone is to try staying at home if possible otherwise take the necessary precautions like wearing masks and doing social distancing while in public. In addition, please kindly do wash your hands with soap frequently especially when you need to touch your eyes, nose and mouth as we understand that it is the entry point for the virus into your body. Please help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting this deadly infection. Spread the words to as many people as you can via Internet, social media, emails, etc without any physical contact.

Be bonded as a community of people and carry out the right mindset to prevent any further spreading of this virus. It is more of a human war against this virus and we are the only person who can contain it without endangering others just with isolation. Keep in mind that you will be doing a good deed by keeping yourself & loved ones to be safe from this COVID-19. Every action will result a reaction so if one can safely maintain a good habit of doing the right thing, then we all can be safer in return. So, please try to be more civic minded in the matter as it involves every person in this world. Your caring for this matter will be greatly rewarded with good health and free from COVID-19.

In Singapore, we are grateful that our Government is going to supply us with the contact tracing device which will help to reduce the amount of unknown sources. As we all know that these unknown sources of people will be the most dangerous since we can be in contact with them without being aware of it. So, with this device, it does help to reduce the workload of contact tracing and eliminate the unknown sources as much as possible. These unknown sources can be those who are asymptomatic and are carriers therefore with this device, we will be able to narrow down our contacts while in public.

Thumbs Up!

We sincerely hope that every country will take good initiative to do what is right for the people and prevent this spreading. Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones!

Fried noodle with side dish

Fried noodle with prawns and shabu shabu

This was the first time we tried out using this noodle to fry with shabu shabu and prawns. To our surprise, it did turned out to be kind of perfect in taste. Not much work was needed to accomplish this dish though.


This was made for breakfast. It was a real quick pan fried and turned out to be like this. Again, this was an easy task and at least it helped to fill our stomach before lunch. Since COVID-19 is still very much alive, it was better for us to cook at home with self-quarantine. Better safe than sorry, right?

Wantons before cooking
Wanton with noodle after cooking

Well, this was a special dish for us since it was the first time we made this noodle from flour. Yes, it was our first attempt to make this noodle and it wasn’t that bad for the first try. Glad that we had this chance to experiment with new food dishes. If you too have a chance of doing your own cooking or making nice noodles, please share with us your comments as we love to hear from you.

Side note:

Everyone knows about COVID-19 and it can be considered as a very dangerous virus since it can infect human to human via contact. We also understand that Government had put in place some kind of preventive measures as to eliminate any possibility of transmission but then not every contingency plan will work 100% effectiveness. It is sad to hear people blamed for action that does not work well and if works well, you will not hear people praising it. In this world, we believe that there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed for plan to work well but at least we have to give it a try to our best of knowledge that it was the best way. So we sincerely hope people will understand that Government’s decision to carry out certain plans which might work well for some and others may not. It is the same as when we made certain decisions ourselves, some times it didn’t turn out well. Let face it, we are all humans and humans do make mistakes. Main thing is that we must learn from our mistakes and do much better the next time.

For those who like to blame for mistakes, it is time to ask yourself what you would do in the first place? It has to be before the thing happens and what was your idea of handling it? Most people could easily make suggestions after it had happened but not before. So if one is really that good, he/she should had made the suggestion before it happened but not afterwards. From where we see things, it is okay to make mistakes and learn from it to move on. No one is perfect!

As of today 25 June 2020, we read that there are already 9,535,219 cases of infection worldwide and death rates are already 485,187 people. Looking back a few days ago, it doesn’t seem to be stopping at all since not all countries have made the same contingency plan to tackle with COVID-19. Sadly to learn that some simply ignore such warning of its danger and continue as if there is no real issue for the spread. We sincerely do hope everyone be alert and understand that COVID-19 is still very much alive and it is still spreading like wildfire in some countries. Only people can help to reduce or eliminate further threat if they want to like self-isolation, stay at home and when needed to be in public, take precaution of wearing masks and social distancing. Also making sure to wash hands with soap frequently especially before touching eyes, nose and mouth since it is the entry point for the virus. Please do your parts and take care of yourself in order to help others to avoid getting this infection.

100% cooperation from people will see the light of reduction in spreading!

No matter what you may have heard or seen, the most basic safety precaution in this situation requires you to be isolated as far as possible. If not then please wear masks and do social distancing as well as washing hands with soap frequently since this is the current preventive cure against COVID-19. Nothing else will work for us until the vaccine cure is made available. Till then we have to abide with this basic rules of keeping everyone to be safe. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting the infection.

Let us put an end to the transmission together!

It is time that the whole world to put our minds as one and cooperate together as one people and doing the simple right thing – isolation. Also wearing masks and social distancing in public. Not forgetting to wash hands with soap frequently especially before touching eyes, nose and mouth. This will be the simplest guideline anyone should be following till vaccine cure is made available.

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.