Funniest conversation ever heard

My experience with Funniest conversation ever

Dad: MOMMY MOMMY! I have now learnt how to direct my qi to my nether regions so that I can fart it all out.

Mom: So that means you can fart on command now right? Prove that you can control your qi by farting now.

Dad: No! It just means I can fart out my qi.

Mom: No, it means you can control WHEN you can fart. And you should collect all your qi till commercial time and go to a corner and fart.

Dad: Why should I go to a corner and fart? I like to fart on my bed.

Mom: Its OUR bed. And I don’t like you farting on it.

Dad: But I like it.

…some time later…

Dad: MOMMY MOMMY! I have qi now, you want me to fart before or after the commercial?

Mom: -.-”’

HAHAHA. I have the funniest parents who talk about when is the right time to fart. HAHA. The topic is kind of gross but when my mummy told me, I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. HILARIOUS. HAHAHA.

I think my dad watched too many Chinese fighting shows that he thinks he can direct his qi and everything. HAHAH. Cute cute daddy huh?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…