Visiting Longshan Temple in Taipei

Another of our great adventure while traveling in Taipei for vacation. We always loved to venture to places of interests that may not be viewed as one though. It was unfortunate that we encountered rainfall due to the aftermath of the typhoon occurred a week ago. Anyway, we still could make our way to visit some of these lovely places and enjoyed some nice meals along the way.

That’s all for today as we will be back again another day for more articles and photographs for our travel adventure. If you had been to this place, please kindly do share with us your comments as we love to hear them.

Side Note:

What our founding father Lee Kuan Yew had said these words: “Never be depressed, never be deflated by setbacks.”

With the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, all Singaporeans should face it together as a nation and not to be deflated by setbacks. We know that everyone is doing their best to face this danger together as one people! It needs the cooperation of every single human being if we want to win the war against COVID-19. It takes just one bad apple that will create havoc since the spreading will be from human to human. Only with 100% people with true commitment to fight against this virus together then we shall emerge victory!

Another nice saying by our founding father Lee Kuan Yew was: Singapore’s success to a one of the nation’s greatest strengths – “its willingness to face reality.”

We must each bear in mind of what he had said and learn from it. Though we are facing tough times ahead but with our will as one nation, we will prevail against all odds. We understand the danger of COVID-19 pandemic and it is our duties to participate in cooperation of safety concern between one another with guidelines to abide. We need to do basic tasks like wearing masks and social distancing while in public as well as washing hands with soap frequently before touching your nose, mouth or eyes. It will be your own personal hygiene that will help to avoid getting the infection. We need to do our parts as to avoid the transmission of the virus from human to human.

To fight against this virus is every individual’s job as the onus is not just the Government. Our Government can help to give advice but we are the people who need to carry out the important task of abiding to the rules of engagement that is wearing masks & doing social distancing while in public. Of course during the course of the situation, things might not turn out to be favorable but we must not be quick to point fingers and blame for it. This pandemic is new and sudden, therefore there is no clear solution as how it should be carried out and what will be the best way for good outcome. It is like a sort of trial and error’s situation but with much considerations. From what we see, the current cure for the situation is to maintain with wearing masks and doing social distancing in public. This will help to reduce further spreading of this deadly virus. This advice is needed to be taken seriously as we do not want another wave of attack by COVID-19.

Never be complacent even though the situation has started to ease down. Please continue to be vigilant as the whole world is fighting against this pandemic. It might take a year or longer before things to get better but our efforts can save lives. Just continue doing the right thing as we move ahead in life.

Here are some safety tips we need to continue doing as to keep ourselves to be safe without infecting others.

  1. Stay isolated or quarantine for 1 month at the same time for the whole country.
  2. Washing your hands with soap often as to get rid of any virus on your hands.
  3. Do not use your hands to touch your face like eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed it.
  4. Wear masks when you are in public places and keep social distancing as well.
  5. If you sneeze or cough, use a tissue or elbow to conceal it.
  6. If you are having a fever, cough and difficulty in breathing, please wear mask and consult a doctor immediately.
  7. Download the contact tracing software in Singapore so that it helps to reduce the unknown sources and also keep you inform if you happen to be in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19.
QR Code for downloading contact tracing in Singapore

Visit Fengjia Night Market in Taipei

While vacationing in Taiwan, we decided to drop by Fengjia Night Market and took several photographs at this place. It was quite a nice and delightful adventure while exploring this nice scenery place.

That’s all the nice night adventure we had at the night market. If you had been to Taipei and visiting Fengjia Night Market, please do share your comments with us as we love to hear them.

Beef Set in Taiwan

Dinner at restaurant

Everywhere we traveled to different countries, it was our way of finding some nice and yet delicious meals that could fill our stomach. We kind of love those food where we could find here in Taiwan which are quite similar to what we can have in Singapore with a slight difference in taste. Having vacation for us is the way of de-stress ourselves from the hectic working environment. It is one of our ways of letting steam out in a sense.

Well, that’s all the pictures to be shown for the nice dinner meals we had at this restaurant. If you had been to this place in Taiwan, why not share with us your comments as we love to hear them. It is always our idea of going to different countries in the world and tasting the same type of food from Singapore and comparing it with the countries we had traveled. It is kind of interesting to actually taste some kind of difference even though it maybe the same dishes. Guess it will be dependent on the Chef as well as the ingredients being used. We are kind of food lovers when traveling to different countries.

Till the next article, we hope to share more with you and enjoy your day!