Pepper robot in Taipei

We found this robot at the bank in Taipei very interesting and it’s called Pepper. This robot could actually gauge your age by facial recognition. It really amazed us as we took a test with it and it had guessed correctly for our age.

Also, Pepper could dance as well and you could follow its action. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Guess our future might be ruled by robots for doing simple housework as well as in offices.

Posted by Edward Han on Friday, May 8, 2020

That’s all for today! Well, it is quite a interesting adventure as we encountered with Pepper the robot. With the advancement in technology, we do believe that one day we will be able to make robots to do certain tasks to replace human beings. Of course the main task will still be carried out by humans.

Side Note:

Today is the last day for Circuit Breaker in Singapore as tomorrow some sectors of companies will be resuming works. We sincerely hope that people will not be too complacent about the current situation since the control is easing down but COVID-19 is still spreading worldwide. We should maintain vigilant against it so that it will not be continuing to spread. Do the right thing from now onward as we do not want another wave of COVID-19 starts to haunt us again.

What can we do from now?

Simple guidelines still need to follow.

  1. Wearing masks whenever you are in public as a preventive measures.
  2. Washing hands with soap frequently as to eliminate the virus staying on your hands.
  3. Do social distancing from others as it helps to prevent the spread of infection without close contact.
  4. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth before you wash your hands with soap as it will be the source of entry for the virus to get you infected.
  5. If you need to sneeze, please use a tissue or otherwise bend your elbow and sneeze in between there.
  6. Should you have fever, cough and shortness of breathe, please do consult a doctor. Remember to wear mask when doing so.
  7. In order for more effective contact tracing, please do download the TraceTogether app for those who are staying in Singapore. This will actually eliminate those unknown sources as well as allow you to be informed should you be exposed to someone having the infection.

Please do stick to these simple rules as you will help yourself as well as others around you to be safe against this virus. It may sounds simple but yet there will be people who like to go against this advice. Therefore we can only hope and pray that every single human will feel the same way to do what is right as not to harm others with the spreading. Regardless of race or religion, we are just HUMAN and should behave like one. Treat each other with love and keep everyone safe against this virus.

Currently there are still cases of infections being discovered and has not totally eliminated so we sincerely hope that we should be taking this seriously with 100% vigilant on this matter. Try to isolate yourself whenever possible to prevent spreading and if not then when you are in public, please wear masks and do social distancing from others since it can avoid the spread as well as infection if someone had been infected. This is the only cure for the current situation and if everyone do their parts, we do believe the figures of infections will slowly reduce in quantity. Every single bit helps in a long run. Just need to maintain your personal vigilant and never be complacent until the day when vaccine cure is made available. This might be quite a long while in the future and hopefully it will not mutate itself into a new strain of virus.

Cooperation from every person in the world is needed to end this!

It just need to take one person to continue with the new wave of virus when we are not careful about it. Therefore it might be our new norm of lifestyle of having to wear masks and do social distancing from others. For the sake of yourself and others as well as your loved ones, please stick to the safety guideline to prevent further spreading.

Simple and yet effective task but not everyone will stick to it. We understand that there will be people who resist themselves from doing this as they couldn’t be bothered or feel that they can do whatever they want with themselves. This is indeed sad to hear but it is true. We can’t really control what thoughts that come into their minds but only can hope that people will be kind enough to abide the rule of safety. We pray that everyone will see themselves as HUMAN and do it for all human races.

Lastly, please be safe and have a lovely day ahead!