Pool of London

Breakfast options:

  • Food purchased the night before
  • Macdonalds
  • Sushi from Wasabi
  • Doorstep

From Hotel to Monument Station:

  • Total travel time is about 37 mins.
  • From Hotel walk about 3 mins, 0.2 miles to Hammersmith Broadway
  • Take the District Barking to Monument Station
  • Total travel time is about 30 mins (15 stops)
  • 12th Stop: Blackfriars, 13th Stop: Mansion House, 14th Stop: Cannon Street Underground Station

Alight at Monument Station

We may take RV1 single decker bus for this route.

The best seat for this single decker is on the right-hand side, at the front of the highest level seats.

Pool of London
Circular Walk
Leisure walker: 2 hours
Power walker: 45 minutes

START: Monument Underground: Northern, District and Circle Lines

Monument → London Bridge → Southwark Catherdral → Borough Market → Clink Prison → Golden Hinde → London Bridge Experance → Hay’s Galleria → Britain at War → London Dungeon → H.M.S. Belfast → City Hall → Shad Thames → Design Museum→ Butler Wharf → Tower Bridge → St Katherin’s Dock → Tower of London → Monument (Great Fire of London)

FINISH: Monument Underground: Northern, District and Circle Lines

Stop 1 – Monument, London Bridge, Southwark Catherdral

Our Pool of London STARTS at Monument Underground Station. Exit the station at the Cannon Street EXIT and turn sharp left. Walk down the west (right hand) side of KING WILLIAM STREET EC4 onto LONDON BRIDGE. Continue over the right-hand side of LONDON BRIDGE to Glaziers Hall. Take the narrow flight of steps behind Glaziers Hall down onto MONTAGUE CLOSE SE1 (Thames Path) and turn right at the bottom. Follow Montague Close around to the left, walking behind Southwark Cathedral.

Stop 2 – Borough Market, Clink Prison

  • We may have our lunch at Borough Market and pack extra for when we are in Museum of London.

Turn right onto WINCHESTER WALK SE1 then left through Jubilee Market into Borough Market. After walking around the markets exit left back onto Winchester Walk. At the end turn right into STONEY STREET SE1 then left into CLINK STREET SE1 for the Clink Prison Museum.

Stop 3 – Golden Hinde

Re-trace your steps back along Clink Street into PICKFORD’S WHARF SE1. Passing the 12th century ruins of Winchester Palace walk up to the Golden Hinde.

Stop 4 – London Bridge Experience, Hay’s Galleria, Britain at War, London Dungeon, H.M.S. Belfast, City Hall

Walk around the front of the Golden Hinde onto CATHEDRAL STREET SE1, and then turning sharp left back into MONTAGUE CLOSE SE1. Follow the road under LONDON BRIDGE to the London Bridge Experience.

From the London Bridge Experience continue under LONDON BRIDGE into TOOLEY STREET SE1. Turn left down the narrow passage way just before Saint Clave House, turning right at the end onto the Thames Path (The Queen’s Walk). Walk along the riverside path to Hay’s Galleria.

For the Britain at War and London Dungeon attractions walk through Hay’s Galleria back onto Tooley Street, turn right and cross the road. Walk back through Hay’s Galleria to re-join the walk.

Continue along the riverside path pass Hay’s Galleria to H.M.S. Belfast.

Continue along the riverside path from H.M.S. Belfast to City Hall.

Continue along the riverside path from City Hall to Tower Bridge.

Stop 5 – Shad Thames, Design Museum, Butler Wharf

Walk under Tower Bridge and along the narrow SHAD THAMES SE1 road to the Design Museum.

From the Design Museum walk back to Tower Bridge along the riverside path, in front of Butler’s Wharf restaurants and shops, to the passage way at the end that leads back through to SHAD THAMES SE1. Turn right and continue back to TOWER BRIDGE.

Walk up the west (left hand) flight of steps onto TOWER BRIDGE and walk across to the first flight of steps on the other side. Walk down the steps on to ST KATHERINE’S WAY E1. St Katharine’s Way.

Stop 6 – Tower Bridge, St Katherin’s Dock, Tower of London, Monument (Great Fire of London)

After walking round St Katherine’s dock take the footpath leading to the front of the Tower Thistle Hotel and continue back to TOWER BRIDGE. Walk under Tower Bridge along the cobbled road to the Tower of London and Traitors Gate. Continue along the river front path past, Three Quays, Sugar Quays, Customs House and Old Billingsgate Market to LONDON BRIDGE.

Walk under the first part of LONDON BRIDGE, turn right and take the steps up onto LONDON BRIDGE. Turn right at the top of the steps on to KING WILLIAM STREET EC4. Continue a short distance and turn right into MONUMENT STREET EC4for the Monument column.
To Bank Of England Museum

Take Bus 133 Bishopsgate from Monument (Stop Q)
2 stops
Alight Bank Station Threadneedle St (Stop C)

  • Bank Of England Museum
  • Museum Of London
  • Roman Fort Ruins, just a wall

Museum Of London

Find the entrance
The museum’s entrance is located on a pedestrian high walk which can be reached by stairs, escalators or lifts from Aldersgate Street; London Wall or St Martin’s-le-Grand.
Free WiFi
Connect your mobile or tablet in the museum free of charge

Opening Times:
Museum is open 10:00am to 6:00pm daily (last admission 5:30pm)

After dinner, slowly walk back to hotel to rest and recharge for next day activities.

Museum of London
Address: 150 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5HN
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7001 9844
Website : http://www.museumoflondon.org.uk
Public transport:
Tube: St Pauls / Barbican / Moorgate. Barbican/Moorgate: Follow signs to the Museum along the High Walk.
Barbican (5 minutes walk) St Paul’s (5 minutes walk)
4, 8, 25, 56, 100, 172, 242, 521

The Bank of England Museum [FREE] – This museum details the history of the Bank of England, beginning back in 1694. Some of the oldest bank notes in existence are on display here, as well as forgeries from over the centuries, historical artefacts, and a genuine solid gold bar – which you can even try to pick up yourself!

Royal London Tour

Royal London Tour, River Thames Walk
Breakfast options: Food purchased the night beforeMacdonaldsSushi from WasabiDoorstepHome-made sandwiches, muffins, dougnuts  
Note: Starting this tour around 10:00 will result in being near St. James’s Palace during the Changing of the Guard. Start: Green Park Underground Station Finish: Parliament Square for Westminster Underground Station Duration: 2 – 3 hours depending on watching the Ceremony
After breakfast, we shall commence our Royal London Tour. From Hotel to Green Park Underground Station: Total travel time is about 21 mins. From Hotel  walk about 3 mins, 0.2 miles to Hammersmith Broadway Take the  Piccadilly Arnos Grove to Green Park Underground StationTotal travel time is about 14 mins (7 stops) 4th Stop:  South Kensington, 5th Stop:  Knightsbridge, 6th Stop:  Hyde Park Corner Underground Station Take the exit for BUCKINGHAM PALACE.   Walk towards the black marble DIANA FOUNTAIN. This is our Start Point  
We will be making the following places for photo ops:   Plan Route: Stop 1 – Green ParkStop 2 – Buckingham PalaceStop 3 – Clarence HouseStop 4  – St. James’s PalaceStop 5 – Nell Gwynne’s HouseStop 6 – Trafalgar SquareStop 7 – Admiralty ArchStop 8 – St. James’s ParkStop 9 – Horse Guards ParadeStop 10 – 10 Downing StreetStop 11 – Red Phone Boxes and Big BenStop 12 – Westminster Abbey (Paid) – Westminster Abbey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Open Monday -Saturday (Sundays are for worship only) the public is free to wander around at their leisure.  
Stop 1 – Green Park: Take the path that directs us towards BUCKINGHAM PALACE and follow it to the end of the park.
Stop 2 – Buckingham Palace: We now want to walk AWAY from Buckingham Palace. Look at the VICTORIA MEMORIAL and notice that her back is to the Palace and she is facing down a long red road known as THE MALL. Walk down the MALL and stop when we see large black gates on the left side of the road.  
Stop 3 – Clarence House: Continue down the Mall and take the first LEFT onto MARLBOROUGH ROAD. Walk to the end of the road and make a LEFT onto the main road, PALL MALL.
Stop 4 – St. James’s Palace: Now go back on ourself, staying on PALL MALL, cross over MARLBOROUGH ROAD and continue going straight. Stop at 80 PALL MALL.
Stop 5 – Nell Gwynne’s House: Now continue down PALL MALL until we walk to TRAFALGAR SQUARE.
Stop 6 – Trafalgar Square Leave Trafalgar Square by crossing PALL MALL toward The Admiralty pub. Take the small road to the right of The Admiralty, SPRING GARDENS. This road will bring us back to the red road of THE MALL.
Stop 7 – Admiralty Arch: Walk to the first set of traffic lights between us and the Palace. Here, carefully cross the road and, where it is safe to stop in the middle, we can see the entire length of the road toward Buckingham Palace. Cross to the other side of THE MALL. Continue walking straight ahead from the traffic lights down a small path with the concrete bunker (covered in ivy) on our right. At the bottom of this path is HORSE GUARDS PARADE.
Stop 8 – St. James’s Park  
Stop 9 – Horse Guards Parade Now walk toward the huge white building and walk through the CENTRE ARCH. As we go through the courtyard here we may see some of the Household Cavalry who are stationed here. Between 11:00am and 10:00pm there are usually two, mounted on horses, at the front of the courtyard here. Walk straight ahead onto the main road of WHITEHALL. Turn RIGHT and walk down until we get to the large black gates on our right side.
Stop 10 – No. 10 Downing Street Continue down WHITEHALL until we get to the huge traffic junction with BIG BEN on the opposite corner. Turn RIGHT onto PARLIAMENT STREET, where we will see Parliament Square opposite and red phone boxes on our side of the road.  
Stop 11 – Red Phone Boxes and Big Ben Here we also have a brilliant view of Big Ben.The small bells ring what we call ‘The Westminster Chimes’ every 15 minutes, and Ben rings at the top of the hour only Continue down PARLIAMENT STREET with Parliament Square on our left. When we get to the traffic lights, cross over and walk down PARLIAMENT SQUARE – with the square still on our left, and the statues of George Canning and Abraham Lincoln on our right. When we get to the corner, cross AGAIN into the courtyard of Westminster Abbey.
Stop 12 – Westminster Abbey Now cross BACK over the road into PARLIAMENT SQUARE
Stop 13 – Parliament Square  
Stop 14 – The Jewel Tower  
Lunch at: Flat Iron https://flatironsteak.co.uk/ The Laughing Halibut http://thelaughinghalibut.com/contact/
River Thames Walk Boasting some of the most picturesque views in London, this River Thames Walk will take us along the River Thames, taking in historic sights and beautiful skyscapes. This walk can be done both at night and in the day time. Estimated Time to Spend:  3 hours
START: Westminster Underground Station Take the EXIT for the River Thames and Westminster Pier. As soon as we exit the station we will see Statue of Boudica
Plan Route: Stop 1 – Statue of BoudicaStop 2 – London County HallStop 3 – The London EyeStop 4 – Cleopatra’s NeedleStop 5 – Somerset HouseStop 6 – Isembard Kingdom Brunel StatueStop 7 – Temple GardensStop 8 – OXO TowerStop 9 – Millennium BridgeStop 10– Tate Modern MuseumStop 11 – Shakespeare’s Globe TheatreStop 12 – The Clink PrisonStop 13 – Winchester PalaceStop 14 – GOLDEN HINDStop 15 – Southwark CathedralStop 16a – London Bridge Stop 16b – Borough Market  
STOP 1 – Statue of Boudica With the river to your RIGHT, walk away from the statue. Stop opposite the long building with the green tower in the centre.
Stop 2 – London County Hall CONTINUE in the same direction for around a minute before standing directly opposite the LONDON EYE.
Stop 3 – The London Eye Continue in the same direction. Go under the bridge until we reach CLEOPATRA’S NEEDLE on the edge of the river (our RIGHT).
Stop 4 – Cleopatra’s Needle Continue in the same direction, under another bridge. On our LEFT will be SOMERSET HOUSE.
Stop 5 – Somerset House Continue until we reach the traffic lights. The statue on our left is of ISEMBARD KINGDOM BRUNEL.
Stop 6 – Isembard Kingdom Brunel Statue Stay along the river and continue walking until we see MIDDLE TEMPLE LANE on our LEFT.
Stop 7 – Temple Gardens We may wish to explore Temple Gardens. When we are done, return to the river and take note of the tall tower on the opposite side.
Stop 8 – OXO Tower Continue on until we reach Blackfriars Bridge. Continue along the river path UNDERNEATH the bridge. Stay on this path until we hit the MILLENNIUM BRIDGE. Walk across the Bridge, pausing in the middle for some good photo opportunities.
Stop 9 – Millennium Bridge At the Southern side of the Bridge is the TATE MODERN MUSEUM.
Stop 10 – Tate Modern Museum   Open today 10.00am–6.00pm   Get off the Bridge in front of the Tate Modern. As we step off the Bridge onto the Southbank, the Thames will be in FRONT of us and the Tate will be BEHIND us. Head to our RIGHT to visit SHAKESPEARE’S GLOBE THEATRE.
Stop 11 – Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Keep the Thames on our LEFT and continue walking. We will cross under SOUTHWARK BRIDGE. Continue on until we walk past THE ANCHOR pub. The River path will then veer to the RIGHT. Follow it and we will be led underneath another Bridge toward THE CLINK.
Stop 12 – The Clink Prison Keeping the Clink on our RIGHT, continue down the cobbled path-way until we can see the ruins on our RIGHT.
Stop 13 – Winchester Palace Just AHEAD of us is a Ship. Walk to it, our next stop.
Stop 14 – GOLDEN HIND With the Golden Hind on our LEFT, walk down the road and then we will be facing SOUTHWARK CATHEDRAL.
Stop 15 – Southwark Cathedral With the Cathedral IN FRONT of us, go to the LEFT and head down the path. On our LEFT side we will come to a set of stairs. CLIMB THE STAIRS. This puts us on top of LONDON BRIDGE
Stop 16a – London Bridge? The Tube and Rail Station are to our RIGHT and if we walk to the middle of the Bridge we can get stunning views of the City, as well as Tower Bridge.
Stop 16b – Borough Market With the Cathedral IN FRONT of us, go to the RIGHT and head down the street. This will bring us into BOROUGH MARKET. The wholesale market opens every morning from 2 a.m. but the retail market is Wednesday – Saturday 10am to 5pm.
Photographs of sightseeing below:

Explore Hammersmith Area

Explore Hammersmith Area, Camden Town, Baker Street and Kings Cross Station
Breakfast options:

  • Food purchased the night before
  • Macdonalds
  • Sushi from Wasabi
  • Doorstep

From Hotel to Kings Mall Shopping Center:

  • Total travel time is about 5 mins.
  • From Hotel walk about 5 mins, 0.3 miles to Kings Mall Shopping Center

To walk (5 minutes) – Follow the traffic direction using A315 route until before La Petite Bretagne pancake house to cut through (Lyric Square) to A315 route and follow the traffic direction using A315 until Wasabi Sushi Bento (right hand side will be the shopping mall).
From Hotel to Doorstep, 44 Glenthorne Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 0LS, UK

  • Total travel time is about 3 mins.
  • From Hotel walk about 3 mins, 0.2 miles to Doorstep
  • Follow the direction of the traffic and walk on Glenthorne Rd/A315 towards St Therton Rd.
  • Turn right onto Hammersmith Grove

We will have our breakfast first, before doing some grocery shopping at Sainsbury.
After breakfast and grocery shopping, we proceed to:

  • British Library (1-3 hours)
  • Camden Town (2 hours)
  • Piccadilly Circus (1-2 hours)

After breakfast and grocery shopping, we will proceed to the British Library. There is free Wifi here. Library closes at 5:00PM.

  • Estimated time to spend here is about 1 to 3 hours or more.

From Hotel To British Library:

  • Total travel time is about 35 mins.
  • From Hotel walk to Hammersmith Station or take a bus.
  • 10:58am – Take the Hammersmith & City Barking from Hammersmith Station to Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground Station
  • Total travel time is about 25 mins (13 stops)
  • 11:13am – Take the Circle King’s Cross from Hammersmith Station to Kings Cross St. Pancras Underground Station
  • Total travel time is about 25 mins (13 stops)
  • No 10th stop – Baker Street Station Hyde Park , No 11th stop – Great Portland Street, No 12th stop – Euston Square, No 13th stop King’s Cross St. Pancras Underground Station
  • Walk 7 mins, 0.3 miles to British Library

To See the free exhibition “treasures of the british library” at the British Library:
Treasures of the library includes:

  • Works by other composers, such as Beethoven and Chopin, are also displayed here in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery.
  • Other important handwritten pieces of literature can be seen here as well, like Beowulf, Jane Austen’s Persuasion, selected works by Charles Dickens, and Shakespeare’s First Folio.
  • Sidenote: If you’re looking for the oldest ever known printed book, that would be The Diamond Sutra, a book printed on a scroll in 868 in China, and it’s also on display in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery.

If we are hungry we can drop by MacDonald’s at:

  • 302-304 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross N1 9XD, UK (Open 24hrs)
  • Belgrove House, London NW1 2RY, UK (Open 24Hrs)

From British Library to McDonald’s:

  • Total travel time is about 3 mins.
  • From British Library walk about 1 min, 430ft to British Library (Stop C) Bus Stop same side as the traffic flow to King’s Cross St. Pancras (Stop E) Bus Stop.
  • Take Bus 476 Northumberland Park
  • Total travel time is about 1 min (non-stop)

From King’s Cross St. Pancras (Stop E) Bus Stop Walk about 1 min, 148 ft to McDonald’s.

  • Destination will be on the Left

From McDonald’s to Camden Town Station:

  • Total travel time is about 12 mins.
  • walk about 4 mins, 0.1 miles to King’s Cross St. Pancras Underground Station.
  • Take the Northern Edgware
  • Total travel time is about 4 mins (2 stops)

Note: “Camden Town: From Wednesday 30 May until late July 2018, there will be no down escalator at Camden Town. This is while we refurbish one escalator.” – tfl.gov.uk
Effective from 30/5/18, 3:30 AM to 31/7/18, 1:29 AM

After filling our tummies, we will explore the Camden Town Area for some window shopping/shopping. We will visit the Camden Market (before 6:00PM), H&M, Select Fashion.

  • Start: Camden Town Underground Station
  • Finish: Camden Market Stables
  • Duration: 2 Hours or more

We will visit the following for photo ops:

  • Stop 1 – Electric Ballroom
  • Stop 2 – Inverness Street/Old Market
  • Stop 3 – Arlington House (One Housing Group)
  • Stop 4 – Camden Lock
  • Stop 5 – Regent’s Canal
  • Stop 6 – Canal Street Art
  • Stop 7 – Primrose Hill
  • Stop 8 – Chalk Farm
  • Stop 9 – Roundhouse
  • Stop 10 – Camden Market Stables and Bazaar. Can purchase some food to take away for dinner if it is cheap.
  • Have Dinner at Poppies.
  • Visit Statue of Amy Winehouse near Camden Market.

Stop 1 – Electric Ballroom
We will begin our tour just outside Camden Town Underground Station. Upon exit of the station, turn RIGHT down Camden High Street until we see ELECTRIC BALLROOM.

Stop 2 – Inverness Street/Old Market
Continue down Camden High Street until you see the market sign above INVERNESS STREET on your LEFT.

Stop 3 – Arlington House (One Housing Group)
Continue down Inverness Street then turn RIGHT onto ARLINGTON ROAD. Stop outside number 220: ARLINGTON HOUSE.

Stop 4 – Camden Lock
Continue down Arlington Road and cross over Jamestown Road. Walk down the path between the buildings that is CAMDEN WHARF. Stop when we get to CAMDEN LOCK (by the pub: THE ICE HOUSE)

Stop 5 – Regent’s Canal
Now cross the bridge over the water and follow along with the side of the canal. Walk until we begin to walk under a bridge and STOP here.

Stop 6 – Canal Street Art
Continue following the water, we will be on the opposite side of a large building labeled The Pirate Castle. Keep going until weget to another overhead bridge and spot the art on the edge of the canal.

Stop 7 – Primrose Hill
Head up and away from the canal, going up the pathway that leads past Melrose and Morgan. We will then come out onto GLOUCESTER AVENUE (across the street from The Engineer Pub) and STOP.

Stop 8 – Chalk Farm
Cross GLOUCESTER AVENUE and walk down PRINCESS ROAD. Walk until we hit REGENT’S PARK ROAD and turn RIGHT. This will take us to the entrance of a park – PRIMROSE HILL. Here we can enter the park and we will have the option of climbing the tallest hill for a view over London. Or keep on REGENT’S PARK ROAD until we get back to GLOUCESTER AVENUE. Here, take the pedestrian path onto the bridge and cross.

On the other side of the bridge take a RIGHT – we will be back on REGENT’S PARK ROAD. When we get to the junction with CHALK FARM ROAD then STOP.

Stop 9 – Roundhouse
Turn RIGHT onto CHALK FARM ROAD until we get to the large building on our right – THE ROUNDHOUSE.

Stop 10 – Camden Market Stables and Bazaar
Continue down CHALK FARM ROAD. When we get to the second street on our RIGHT (look for the entrance to CAMDEN MARKET) turn RIGHT and enter CAMDEN MARKET.

  • Just don’t forget to visit the Amy Winehouse statue before we leave!

Dinner at Poppies Fish & Chips

Items to order:

  • Cod and Haddock with chips
    Will be charged – 30 cents for each mayo, or tartar sauce you get

After Dinner, we will continue to explore Camden Town or proceed to King’s Cross Station.
After a day at Camden Town, we will return to King’s Cross Station to explore the area and some photo ops.

From Camden Town Station to King’s Cross St. Pancras Underground Station:

  • Total travel time is about 4 mins (2 stops)
  • Take the Northern Morden
  • walk about 4 mins, 0.2 miles to The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾ for some photo ops.

If hungry, we can purchase deli-style roasted-meat sandwiches at the Koisk or eat food bought from Camden Market.
Stroll over to Fortnam and Mason to purchase tea for gifts.

  • Walk about 5 mins, 03 miles from The Harry Potter Shop to Destination.
    Total travel time is about 5 mins.
    Next, we will proceed to Piccadilly Circus to see the famous electric lights on its digital advertisements (the Piccadilly Lights, Soho, London W1D 7ET, UK) which are displayed on its buildings.

From King’s Cross St. Pancras Underground Station to Piccadilly Circus:

  • Total travel time is about 10 mins.
  • Take the Piccadilly Heathrow Terminal 4 to Piccadilly Circus Station
  • Total travel time is about 7 mins (5 stops)

From Piccadilly Circus Station Walk about 1 min, 0.1 miles to Piccadilly Lights.
Piccadilly Circus Highlights:

  • But the ultimate must-do for any first-time visitor to Piccadilly Circus would be to pose for a photo underneath the Piccadilly Lights; (which normally have pictures of hats or balloons so you can place your hand and/or head underneath them accordingly).
  • The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain is located at the center of Piccadilly Circus, and was built in 1893 to commemorate the famous philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury. The statue at the top of the fountain depicts the Angel of Christian Charity, however, it was later renamed Eros (after the Greek god of love and beauty).
  • The London Pavilion is another notable attraction in Piccadilly Circus, (which is located on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue and Coventry Street), as well as the Criterion theatre (to the south) and the world-famous Lilywhites department store (to the south of Ripleys).

From Piccadilly Circus Station, head back to hotel to rest for the day.
From Piccadilly Circus Station to Hotel:

  • Total travel time is about 22 mins.
  • Take the Piccadilly Heathrow Terminal 4 to Hammersmith Station
  • 5th Stop: Gloucester Road, 6th Stop: Earl’s Court, 7th Stop: Barons Court Station
  • Total travel time is about 15 mins (8 stops)

From Hammersmith Station Walk about 5 min, 0.3 miles to Hotel.

British Library
Address: 96 Euston Road, London,NW1 2DB
Opening Times: Mon – Thu 09:30am – 20:00pm; Fri 09:30am – 18:00pm; Sat 09:30am – 17:00pm; and Sun – 11:00am – 17:00pm.
Telephone: +44 (0)1937 546060

Poppies Fish & Chips
Sustainably caught fish and chips in a nostalgic setting with quirky 1940s memorabilia on the walls.
Address: 30 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, London NW1 8NP, UK
Hours: Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 10:00am-12:30pm; Sun, 11:00am 11:00pm)
Phone: +44 20 7267 0440

Select Fashion
Fashion chain retailer offering youthful styles for women, including sportswear and shoes.
Address: 162 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 0NE, UK
Hours: Mon – Sat: 10:00am – 7:00pm, Sun: 11:00am – 5:00pm

Stop 1 – Electric Ballroom

Camden has had a vibrant music scene for decades and nowhere illustrates this better than Electric Ballroom.
Walk down this street and stop somewhere in the middle. Operating here for over 70 years, Electric Ballroom has held performances by top artists like Sid Vicious, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and the Clash.

Attempts to demolish the Electric Ballroom in order to make space to redevelop Camden Town Underground Station were put forward in 2004 but quickly struck down. Another proposal was made to demolish not just the Electric Ballroom but the original Dr. Martens store and part of Camden Market as well in 2005 – but was struck down by the Prime Minister himself! The venue still stands in defiance of Transport for London, perhaps making it extra beloved by London locals who appreciate it for its’ history.

Stop 2 – Inverness Street/Old Market

Inverness Street Market was previously the fruit and vegetable market for Camden locals – dating back decades. Originally, it carried fresh produce only, in comparison to the rest of the Market which sold goods and antiques. By 2012, however, Camden was home to numerous chain grocery stores, which eventually sounded the death-knell of the fruit and vegetable stalls here. By 2012, only two produce vendors were operating here and by 2013 they were gone completely…replaced by the snacks, souvenirs, baggage, and clothing stalls that still stand today.

Stop 3 – Arlington House (One Housing Group)

Dating back to 1905, Arlington House is a hostel for homeless youth. Today Arlington House is run by One Housing Group who maintain Arlington House as a shelter for the homeless with emphasis on training, rehabilitation and helping integrate their visitors back into modern society. Not a simple shelter these days, Arlington House has sub-market-rent flats as well as training space, hostel accommodation, business units, and artist studios.

In its’ history, Arlington House has been utilised by notable names such as George Orwell – who wrote about his experience in Down and Out in Paris and London, poet Brendan Behan, and is mentioned in the song One Better Day by The Madness – who, too, stayed here before making it big.

Stop 4 – Camden Lock

Now you are standing near Regent’s Canal, facing Camden Lock. These locks have stood here since the early 19th century and are considered ‘listed’ – which means they are of particular historical and architectural significance and cannot be removed. In Victorian times, most goods being shipped into London from around the United Kingdom came to the capital via Regent’s Canal in the stretch that you are now facing. These locks would have been working nearly 24 hours a day to keep all the goods coming to London moving quickly along.
Today, with road, rail, and air the common method of trade and travel, the locks are quiet and are typically only used for Regent’s Canal tours. Guests can take riverboats to travel through London along the water.

Stop 5 – Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal runs around the north of London, connecting Paddington in the west to Limehouse in the east. A total of 13.8km (8.6miles) long, the Canal travels through London Zoo, through Little Venice, past Kings Cross and out into the Thames in the eastern part of town. Once the Canal travels outside of London, it actually connects out through Birmingham into the rest of the United Kingdom. Only one part of a huge network of water canals, this stretch today is used by locals to relax alongside in the summer, stroll through Camden, travel on longboats, or cycling to and from work.

Stop 6 – Canal Street Art

The path along Regent’s Canal is a popular place for street artists to practice their trade. Street Art in London is ephemeral and changes constantly, so always keep an eye out as you travel along the path. The pieces we are highlighting here date from 2014 and are here at the time of writing. By London artist Icarus, the two pieces here depict George Bush and Tony Blair being welcomed into the water by The Devil as well as Camden’s most famous resident, Amy Winehouse, facing St. Peter. Her face is undecided and up to the viewer – is she being carried into Heaven or is she being sent to Hell?

Stop 7 – Primrose Hill

Here, your surroundings have changed dramatically. From the back-roads of Camden, you are now looking onto one of the most luxurious neighbourhoods in London. Locally known as Primrose Hill (after the hill of the same name in nearby Regent’s Park), this locale is home to celebrities like Jude Law, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Cameron Diaz just to name a few. The streets are wide, lined with trees, and the houses – surrounded by gates and monitored by security cameras – are gargantuan by London standards.
This neighbourhood tends to be quiet so enjoy a break from the buzz of nearby Camden, and as you walk along the streets, enjoy the Georgian architecture and the beautiful local pubs, including The Engineer – pictured here. The directions here will lead you along the main streets of this posh neighbourhood. As you stroll, notice that you will not see any chain companies (McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.) as this neighborhood is fiercely loyal to local haunts and rejects the intrusion of popular companies. You will now also have the option of visiting the top of Primrose Hill itself.

Stop 8 – Chalk Farm

You are now back in the hustle and bustle (having literally crossed the tracks) of the Camden neighbourhood. There is no chalk to be found here, despite the name, which derives from a centuries-old village that used to stand here known as Chalcot. Chalk Town used to hold central London’s bus depot and was previously quite a rural location – but today it is just as busy as can be, filled with bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Stop 9 – Roundhouse

Here you have another listed building – Roundhouse. Originally built in 1847 as a railway engine shed and turntable, the Roundhouse is living a second life as a performing arts venue. Like the earlier Electric Ballroom, this building has seen gigs by names recognised the world over: The Doors (their only UK appearance), Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The Ramones…and the list goes on!

Stop 10 – Camden Market Stables and Bazaar.

You’re now entering Camden Market from the north side. This part of the market has been modeled after Moroccan style bazaars and is decorated to reflect this. Here, you will also make your way to the Stables Market. Originally, many of the boats traveling through Camden Lock along the Canal were often pulled along by horses, who walked along the canal, tugging the craft. This was previously the stables where those horses were kept (keep an eye out for the life sized horse statues dotting the Market here), but is now a large, vibrant warren of shops, stalls, crafts, and food. It’s easy to get yourself lost in the Stables at Camden Market, but there are few better places to find yourself!


Independent takeaway kiosk offering deli-style roasted-meat sandwiches, plus iced teas and coffees.
Located in: King’s Cross
Address: King’s Cross, Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4TB, UK
Hours: Mon – Fri: 6:30am – 11:00pm, Sat: 8:00am – 11:00pm, Sun: 10:00am – 7:00pm

The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 ¾
Located in: King’s Cross
Address: Kings Cross Station, Kings Cross, London N1 9AP, UK
Hours: Mon – Sat: 800am – 10:00pm, Sun: 900am – 9:00pm
Phone: +44 20 3196 7375

Fortnam and Mason

Some of the photographs taken in London

Shopping in Taipei

Let’s go to do some window shopping or shopping at the atas area in the morning.

We walk to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi or take MRT.

  • Take MRT from Taipei Main Station to Zhongshan Station.
  • Total travel time is about 2 mins, 1 MRT station away.
  • It is about 600m (8 mins walk) from MRT Taipei Station.

After Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, we can take a walk around the area. If you like pineapple tarts, there is a stall which we always buy from. It is about 500m (7 to 8 mins walk).


Besides 李制餅家, there is a nice local store nearby selling dumplings & other braised products. We tried once and find it not bad. Can give it a try.

From there, we proceed to Taipei 101 or Xinyi Shopping District.

  • Take MRT from Zhongshan Station to Taipei 101 / World Trade Station.
  • Total travel time is about 16 mins.
  • Entrance Fee is NT500 (to decide whether to go in Observatory area).

There is also Shin Kong Mitsukoshi in the Xinyi Shopping District. We take a quick visit or skip them. The Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is this district is much bigger than the one in Zhongshan area. We decide later which to go.

If you enjoy reading, Eslite bookstore is a popular bookstore in Taiwan. It is about 900m (12 mins walk) from Taipei 101.

Thereafter, let’s proceed to Wufenpu for shopping.

  • Take MRT from Taipei City Hall Station to Songshan Station.
  • Total travel time is about 23 mins.

After shopping in Wufenpu, let’s walk down to Raohe Night Market.

  • About 600m (8mins walk).

Depending on the time, we either go back to hotel or go another place for makan / shopping.

  • Take MRT from Songshan Station to Taipei Main Station
  • Total travel time is about 15 mins.

Rest for the day!

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 新光三越

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is Taiwan’s most fashionable and popular departmental store with 22 stores in 7 cities. This is the place to find fashionable brands in boutique goods, cosmetics, accessories, etc. from around the world. The unique pleasures of a visit to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi make it the premier shopping destination, attracting many visitors.


Lee Zhi Bing Jia 李制餅家
Nearest MRT: Zhongshan Station

Besides selling the Taiwan Pineapple Cakes, they also sell other types of traditional Taiwanese pastry. Based on our observations, many Japanese buy from this shop.




Nearest MRT: Zhongshan Station

Taipei 101 台北 101
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 22:00
Website: http://www.taipei-101.com.tw/en/index.aspx
Nearest MRT: Taipei 101 / World Trade Centre Station

Taipei 101 is located at the southern end of the Xinyi Shopping District, the newest area of urban Taipei and home to ATT4fun, the flagship Eslite bookstore, Neo19, etc.
It is the tallest building in the world. Besides the tower, the base of the building houses multi-level shopping mall, food court, etc.

Eslite Bookstore 誠品
Website: http://www.eslitecorp.com/index.aspx?a=tw&l=b
Nearest MRT: Taipei City Hall Station (For Eslite Xinyi Branch)

Wufenpu 五分埔
This is the best place for crazy bargain of apparels, accessory shopping, etc. A maze of lanes and alleys full of racks of clothings, Wufenpu is a gigantic outlet that carries literally everything.

The area is still the largest garment district in Taipei City, now specializing in outlet-style shops. You will be able to get a good price (wholesale price) if you are buying a lot from the same shop. It is like Bangkok’s Chatuchak.

The shops are generally open after noon and till around 10pm or midnight.

Raohe Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市
Nearest MRT: Songshan Station

One of the oldest night markets in Taipei, it is a must visit destination. The epitome of a traditional Taiwanese night market, this 600m path along Raohe Street in Songshan District is packed with fun and interesting night food, snacks, quaint shops and stalls, carnival games, etc.

Taipei Zoo

After breakfast, we head towards the Taipei Zoo.

  • Take MRT from Taipei Main Station to Taipei Zoo Station.
  • Total travel time is about 26 mins.

Purchase the entrance tickets for Taipei Zoo & have fun there!

  • Entrance Fee for Taipei Zoo is NT60.

After visiting the animals, especially the Pandas (Tuan Tuan, Yuan Yuan & Yuan Zai), let’s take the Maokong Gondola to enjoy the scenery and have a cup of tea in Maokong.

Note: Instead taking the Maoking Gondola, if want to visit the Maokong, we can take a bus up.

  • Bus No. BR15 or S10
  • Total travel time is about 30 mins.

After the tea session at Maokong, let’s visit the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

  • Take bus down from Maokong to MRT Taipei Zoo Station.
  • Total travel time is about 45 mins.
  • Take MRT from Taipei Zoo Station to C.K.S Memorial Hall Station
  • Total travel time is about 26 mins.

Before going to C.K.S Memorial Hall or after the visit to C.K.S Memorial Hall, we try some braised food (滷味) at this stall:

  • 老楊滷味
    It is about 6 to 8 mins walk from C.K.S Memorial Hall.
    From C.K.S Memorial Hall, we proceed to Longshan Temple.
  • Take MRT from C.K.S Memorial Hall to Longshan Temple station.
  • Total travel time is about 7 mins.

Let’s go in to Longshan Temple to take a look or pray if you want.
Thereafter, we explore the Mengjia 艋舺 Area before heading to the night markets for makan in the same area:

  • Huaxi Street Night Market – famous for its snake alley
  • 梧州街夜
  • 万华夜市
  • Guangzhou Street Night Market

After filling our stomachs full full, we go down to Ximending area for shopping.

  • Take MRT from Longshan Temple Station to Ximen Station.
  • Total travel time is about 2 mins.

From Ximending, we will proceed back to hotel to rest our tired bodies. Haha!

  • Take MRT from Ximen Station to Taipei Main Station.
  • Total travel time is 3 mins.

Note: Using EASYCard will get NT$20 discount on weekdays for taking the Maokong Gondola. If use EASYCard to enter the Taipei Zoo, will get a NT$20 discount on 1 subsequent trip on Maokong Gondola.

Taipei Zoo 臺北市立動物園
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (No entry after 16:00)
Address: No.30, Section 2, Xinguang Road, Taipei 11656, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Website: http://english.zoo.gov.taipei/
Nearest MRT: Taipei Zoo Station

Maokong Gondola 貓空纜車 / Maokong 貓空
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 21:00 (Tuesdays to Thursdays); 09:00 to 22:00 (Fridays & the day before national holiday); 08:30 to 22:00 (Saturdays & national holidays); 08:30 to 21:00 (Sundays & last day of national holidays); Closed on Mondays.
Website: http://english.gondola.taipei/
Nearest MRT: Taipei Zoo Station
There are 4 stations for the Maokong Gondola, i.e Taipei Zoo Station, Taipei Zoo South Station, Zhinan Temple & MaoKong Station.

Maokong is widely known as the most scenic spot in Taipei to drink quality, locally grown tea. Enjoy the tea & take a relaxing break from the busy city while enjoying the beautiful views of Taipei.

Chiang Kai-skek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 18:00
Website: http://www.cksmh.gov.tw/eng/
Nearest MRT: C.K.S Memorial Hall Station
The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, the C.K.S Memorial Hall was erected in the honour & memory of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the former President of the Republic of China, was opened in 1980 as part of a national park & gathering area. It is located in Zhongzheng District of Taipei.
The monument, surrounded by a park, stands at east end of Memorial Hall Square. The structure is framed on the north and south by the National Theatre and National Concert Hall.
There is the honour guard shift-changing performance every hour from 09:00 to 18:00.

Opening Hours: 14:00 to 00:00
Address: No. 38 Bade Road, Section 2, Lane 174, Zhongshan District, Taipei 104, Taiwan (R.O.C)


Longshan Temple 龍山寺
Opening Hours: 06:00 to 22:00
Address: No. 211 Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District, Taipei 10853, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Website: http://www.lungshan.org.tw/en/index.php
Nearest MRT: Longshan Temple Station
Longshan Temple is located in the district of Manka of Taipei. Founded in 1738 and dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. The temple consists of 3 halls, i.e. Fore Hall, Main Hall & Rear Hall.

It is well-known that the statue of Kuan-in in this temple survived the bombing of the allied aircrafts on 8 June 1945. The whole main hall and part of the right annex were burned during the air raid, but the statue of Kuan-in in the centre of the main hall was left intact. This is the most manifestation of efficacy of the Longshan Temple.

Being a masterpiece of the traditional Chinese architecture and a well-established Buddhist temple in Taipei, the Longshan Temple of Manka has become a centre of people’s religious life and heritage of local culture.

Mengjia / Manka / Monga 艋舺
Nearest MRT: Longshan Temple Station
Menjia is the oldest district in Taipei famous for its mix decaying buildings, venerable temples, and prosperous trade area with trendy shopping centres and funky bookstores. Exploring this area will let us find out more about old Taipei and its trade and commerce and know about the Chinese religions and temples.
1 place to visit is the Bopiliao. It is an old trading area, containing historical buildings showing the local culture of as well as holding cultural events.
There are many traditional shops selling Chinese medicine and other interesting food and souvenirs. It is also a hot spot for shooting films.

Huaxi Street Night Market 華西街觀光夜市
Nearest MRT: Longshan Temple Station
The 1st tourist night market in Taiwan & is 1 of the more traditional markets. It is open all day long, though some shops may be closed in the day or night time. Most shops in the night market are old shops which have been in operation for many years and have attained a position of prominence in Taiwanese culture and society.
The most famous item is the snake soup, a unique treat found only in Huaxi Street Night Market.

Guangzhou Street Night Market 廣州街夜市
Nearest MRT: Longshan Temple Station
Guangzhou Street Night Market has none of the flash that a modern super night markets such as Shilin has, but it kept the authentic, local Taiwanese style that visitors can truly appreciate. It is packed with incredible food and interesting games.

Ximending 西門町
Nearest MRT: Ximen Station
This is the “Harajuku” of Taipei. This pedestrian shopping haven is 1 of the city’s culture centers, hosting a massive variety of fashion clothing shops, restaurants, clubs and bars. Ximending was founded during the Japanese colonization era as a recreation district, and today has grown into a cultural icon with inspiration drawn from its Japanese roots.
1 of the most popular destination for tourists, the Ximending Pedestrian Area is the centre of the district. The area is very popular with tourists and Taipei’s youth and along with shopping and restaurants, also hosts street performances.

Taipei Jiufen

After breakfast, we start heading to Jiufen for sightseeing, eating & shopping.

  • Take MRT from Taipei Main Station to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station. Exit by Exit 1 & walk to the bus stop.
  • Total travel time is about 5mins.
  • Take Bus No. 1062. (Route is Taipei to Jin Gua Shi Town).
  • Total travel time is about 1hour.

Alternative route from Taipei Main Station to Jiufen will be:

  • Take TRA train from TRA Taipei Station to TRA Ruifang Station.
  • Total travel time is about 36 to 54 mins depending on which train we will be taking. Similarly, the cost will differ depending on the train we are taking.
  • From Ruifang Station, take Bus No. 788 (Route is to Jin Gua Shi).
  • Total travel time is about 42 mins.

After Jiufen, we proceed to Jinguashi.

  • Take Bus No. 788 from Jiufen bus stop.
  • Total travel time is about 10 mins.

If we go to the Benshan Fifth Tunnel, entrance fee is NT50.00.

After Jinguashi, we will go to Shifen.

  • Take Bus No. 788 to go to TRA Ruifang Station.
  • Total travel time is about 48 mins. From TRA Ruifang Station, take TRA train to TRA Shifen Station.
    (We consider getting the 1 day pass for the Pingxi rail line if we want to explore the other train stations besides Shifen, eg. Pingxi.)
  • Total travel time is about 24 to 35mins depending on the train we will be taking.
  • Entrance Fee to Shifen Waterfall is NT100.

From Shifen to Pingxi

  • Take TRA train from TRA Shifen Station to TRA Pingxi Station.
  • Total travel time is about 12 mins.

It is late afternooon by the time we finish exploring Shifen or Pingxi, we head to Keelung Night Market.

  • Take TRA train from TRA Pingxi Station to TRA Ruifang Station.
  • Total travel time is about 39 to 52 mins depending on the train we will be taking.
  • From TRA Ruifang Station, take TRA train to TRA Keelung Station to Keelung Night Market.
  • Total travel time is about 29 mins.

From Keelung Night Market, we either head back to hotel if the time is late or explore other night markets in Taipei City.

  • From TRA Keelung Station, take TRA train to Taipei Main Station.
  • Total travel time is about 45 mins.
    Back to hotel to recharge for next day’s activities.

Jiufen 九份
The town of Jiufen was founded during the Japanese Occupation. It wasn’t until gold was discovered in the mountains surrounding the town that Jiufen developed into a busy area. Nowadays, Jiufen is a popular destination where visitors can still see many of the remnants of Japanese Architecture. Due to its location on the side of the mountain, the views of the ocean below are spectacular. Visitors can wander along the tiny alleys full of vendors selling food & craft items.

Jinguashi 金瓜石

Jinguashi is a town in Ruifang District, notable for its historic gold & copper mines. Situated between mountains & the coastline, Jinguashi boasts exceptionally beautiful scenery as well as abundance of historical relics from the erstwhile mining days.
Shifen Old Street / Waterfall 十分老街/十分大瀑布

Shifen Old Street is a bustling hub for those eager to get a glimpse of an old railroad town which still retains the charm of yesteryear. Originally built to transport coal, the Shifen Old Street has now become 1 of the most popular spot on the Ping-Xi rail line. Local food, souvenir, shops & puffing trains add charm to this little gem. This is also one area which people will release the sky lanterns.
Shifen Waterfall is a 20meter tall waterfall that creates a rainbow as it splashes into the lake, widely regarded as the most scenic in Taiwan. The voluminous waterfall pours down with a mighty force, forming what looks like an overflowing white silk curtain. It is about 30 minutes’ walk from Shifen Old Street.

Pingxi 平溪
Pingxi is a town rich in culture & history, just like Shifen, & provide a nice glimpse of Taiwan’s beautiful natural scenery. This is another place whereby you can release Sky Lanterns.

Keelung 基隆 / Miaokou Night Market 廟口夜市
City of Keelung is originally founded by the Taiwanese Aboriginals, and with the arrival of the Spanish in the early 17th century, the city developed into a center of military & commercial trade throughout the Spanish, Dutch, and Qing dynasty periods of rule in Taiwan. Given its proximity to the port, Keelung is the center of Norther Taiwan’s fishing industry hosting hundreds of fishing ships catching all kinds of fresh seafood from the sea.

Visit the Miaokou Night Market to see one of Taiwan’s more traditional food-focused night markets & for some cheap & delicious seafood.

Some photographs taken in Taipei for sightseeing travel.

Taipei – Tamsui

After breakfast, we start heading to Tamsui to visit the Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf & Tamsui Old Street.

  • Take MRT from Taipei Main Station to Tamsui Station.
  • Total travel time is about 37mins.

Once we reach Tamsui, let’s go and eat 阿给 at one of the famous stall ( 淡水老牌阿給 ).

  • About 1.1km (15mins walk) from Tamsui MRT Station.
  • Take bus no. Red 26 & alight at 重建街口 ,3 stops away & walk about 210m (4mins ).
    淡水老牌阿給 opens daily from 05:00 to 15:00.

After eating 阿给 , we walk to Aletheia University 真理大學 to take a look.

  • About 350 m (4 mins walk) from 淡水老牌阿給 .

From Aletheia University, we walk to Fort San Domingo 紅毛城 .

  • About 300m (4mins walk) from Aletheia University.

Next, we sproceed to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf for sightseeing, etc.

  • Take bus no. Red 26 from 紅毛城(真理大學) to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Total travel time is about 36 mins.

From Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf, we take a ferry back to Tamsui.

  • Via Ferry
  • Total travel time is about 15 to 15mins.
  • Via bus No. Red 26
  • Total travel time is about 43mins.

Next, we go to Tamsui Old Street for eating.
From Tamsui Old Street, we go around the Beitou Hot Springs area for a walk. There is a historic museum, library, Hot Spring Park, Thermal Valley etc. in the area.

  • Take MRT from Tamsui MRT Station to Xinbeitou MRT Station.
  • Total travel time is about 21mins.

From Xinbeitou, we go to the famous Shilin Night Market for shopping & eating.

  • Take MRT from Xinbeitou Station to Jiantan Station.
  • Total travel time is about 18mins.

We go back to our hotel after Shilin Night Market.

  • Take MRT from Jiantan Station to Taipei Main Station.
  • Total travel time is about 9mins.

*Fare is based on using the EASYCard/iPass. Purchase the EASY Card before taking the Taipei Metro. One-day Pass, etc are available for sale as well. For more information, please visit

Aletheia University 真理大學
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 16:00 (Weekdays)
Address: No. 32, Zhenli Street, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Tamsui Station

Originally founded as Oxford College in 1882, Aletheia University is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Taiwan. The Oxford College is renowned for its unusual mixing of Eastern & Western elements. One such example is the pinnacle of the chapel in a Chinese style four-section compound. This building is open to visitors on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00.

Fort San Domingo 紅毛城
Opening Hours: 09:30 to 17:00 (Mondays to Fridays); 09:30 to 18:00 (Saturdays to Sundays)
Closed on 1st Monday of the month (of the following day if Monday is a public holiday), Chinese New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year’s Day (as well as other particular days announced separately)
Address: No. 1, Lane 28, Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Tamsui Station
Located at the hilltop that affords a picturesque view of where Tamsui River meets the Pacific Ocean, the present site of Fort San Domingo is named after the first fort built by the Spanish in 1628. It was torn down by the Spanish before the Dutch expelled them from Tamsui in 1642. It was later refurbished by the British as a consulate office after 1863.
Next to the fort stands another feature of the site, the former British Consular Residence. Built in the late 19th century, this elegant Victorian house incorporates some Chinese elements and now serves as a museum to showcase what the life of a consul might have been like. Besides these 2 buildings, there is also a lookout to view the beautiful Guanyin Mountain ( 觀音山 )bordered by the Tamsui River.

Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf 淡水漁人碼頭
Opening Hours: All day
Address: 1F, No. 199, Guanhai Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Tamsui Station
One of the most famous locations in Taiwan, the Tamsui’s Fisherman’s Wharf is well known for its beautiful sunsets, seafood. At night the Lover Bridge of Tamsui illuminates a wide variety of colours.

Tamsui Old Street 淡水老街
Opening Hours: All day
Address: Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City 251, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Tamsui Station
Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk, area full of shops, carnival games, restaurants, cafes and street food. Famous for the tiny Ïron Eggs 阿婆铁蛋 , and also for its fried toufu filled with glass noodles ( 阿给 ). Most shops are open between 11:00 to 19:00.

Thermal Valley 地熱谷
Opening Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (Tuesdays to Sundays)
Address: Zhongshan Road, Near the entrance of Wenquan Road, Beitou District, New Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Xinbeitou Station
Located beside the Beitou Hot Spring Park, Thermal Valley is one of the sources supplying the area’s hot springs. The sulfuric steam that blankets the valley year-round gives the valley a frightening quality, giving rise to nicknames like “Ghost Lake”. With its surreal sulfuric atmosphere, it was considered one of the 12 great sights of Taiwan during the Japanese Occupation.

Shilin Night Market 士林夜市
Opening Hours: 17:00 to 02:00
Address: No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, New Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Nearest MRT: Jiantan Station
Shilin Night Market is one of the largest, most popular night markets in Taiwan with regards to food and also one of the most popular points of Taipei’s night life among visitors. The maze of alleyways is filled with a variety of local, traditional and international merchandise that attract both locals and tourists.

Here are some photographs taken while we are in Taipei.