Longest day of my life

My experience with a long day

Suddenly I have this great great immensely huge FREE TIME which is preeeety amazing considering that my common tests are in a week or so. So instead of slack mode, I should totally be stressed out till my hair falls off. I reallyyyyy want to upload pictures but i’m also reallyyyyyy lazy to go and upload the photos. Which is bad because that means my phone is filled with useless photos that I stare at and wish they can just float onto the screen miraculously.

Anyway, my birthday is in A FEW DAYS Maybe I should write all my wishes here so everyone would catch the hint and buy me what I want!! HAHA. NAH.. then I would get everything I want and I wouldn’t get what I want the most which is A SURPRISE. I know I don’t make sense but I think the sense of anticipation for a gift is sooooo much more exciting then getting what you really want. Unless someone bought you something really shitty, then I would rather they bought me something I want. HAHA. I’m extremelyyyyy contradictory.

Anyway, on Saturday, we had like a mini gathering and we went to eat!! Which is probably every Singaporean’s favourite hobby. I’ll update the photos ASAP! I hope I have the time to update. Anyway, we ate quite alot of dishes but the most memorable is the BLACK PEPPER CRAB!! I LOVE CRAB! (who doesn’t? excluding those who are allergic to crab and are just plain jealous that I CAN EAT CRAB YOU YOU CAN’T!) And finally we got crab. The only sad part is that we got all the MALE CRABS. And for fellow crab egg lovers like me, that’s a BIG BOO BOO!!!


After the meal, we were supposed to head to my auntie’s house to have a nice chat and then head on home but guess what?!?!!

MY DAD’S CAR HAD NO BATTERY!!! As in seriously when you turn the switch, the car goes “rrrrrrr…poot pooooottttt” and dies on you. EXACTLY LIKE THE TEEVEEEEE!! (pardon my “excited-ness”, its the FIRST TIME i’ve encountered a dead battery) So we called those 24 hours service where someone will come and change the battery for us. They assured us the guy would be there within 45 to 50 minutes. So we sat at the carpark and we WAITED.

And we WAITED.

And guess what? WE WAITED SOMEMORE!

Ok, I think you get the point, we practically waited for eternity, ok more like 55 minutes, but still! So my uncle called and said that if he knew it would take so long, he could have driven my daddy to the nearby mart to purchase the battery. So we called the tow service and CANCELLED the order! Cause the guy told us that the service guy just finished servicing another car at woodlands and we were at BUKIT PANJANG! Which is a hugeeeeee distance away (like 21742398572987523 miles)!

Then we called my uncle to fetch my daddy to buy battery. AND GUESS WHAT?


So they went and they came back empty handed.



I think had it been April’s Fool, they would cancel our order and think it’s a prank someone is trying to play on them. We finally got the car fixed at around 10 plus and we went home!!

No more stopping at my aunties house cause it was wayyyy too late to crash the party.

So what have we all learnt from this story? CHECK THAT YOUR CAR HAS ENOUGH BATTERY AND CHANGE WHEN NECESSARY. OH! and ensure you have a SPANNER as well cause my daddy didn’t have and we had to fret about that as well. And make sure your relatives are sure of what they say before you cancel your orders! HAHA

That concludes my LOOOOONG story and my SUPER LOOOOOONG day. I know it’s a boring entry, but it took alot of bored time away and that makes me HAPPY!! so if you managed to read it to the end, your probably as bored as I am! HAHA