Fried noodle with side dish

Fried noodle with prawns and shabu shabu

This was the first time we tried out using this noodle to fry with shabu shabu and prawns. To our surprise, it did turned out to be kind of perfect in taste. Not much work was needed to accomplish this dish though.


This was made for breakfast. It was a real quick pan fried and turned out to be like this. Again, this was an easy task and at least it helped to fill our stomach before lunch. Since COVID-19 is still very much alive, it was better for us to cook at home with self-quarantine. Better safe than sorry, right?

Wantons before cooking
Wanton with noodle after cooking

Well, this was a special dish for us since it was the first time we made this noodle from flour. Yes, it was our first attempt to make this noodle and it wasn’t that bad for the first try. Glad that we had this chance to experiment with new food dishes. If you too have a chance of doing your own cooking or making nice noodles, please share with us your comments as we love to hear from you.

Side note:

Everyone knows about COVID-19 and it can be considered as a very dangerous virus since it can infect human to human via contact. We also understand that Government had put in place some kind of preventive measures as to eliminate any possibility of transmission but then not every contingency plan will work 100% effectiveness. It is sad to hear people blamed for action that does not work well and if works well, you will not hear people praising it. In this world, we believe that there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed for plan to work well but at least we have to give it a try to our best of knowledge that it was the best way. So we sincerely hope people will understand that Government’s decision to carry out certain plans which might work well for some and others may not. It is the same as when we made certain decisions ourselves, some times it didn’t turn out well. Let face it, we are all humans and humans do make mistakes. Main thing is that we must learn from our mistakes and do much better the next time.

For those who like to blame for mistakes, it is time to ask yourself what you would do in the first place? It has to be before the thing happens and what was your idea of handling it? Most people could easily make suggestions after it had happened but not before. So if one is really that good, he/she should had made the suggestion before it happened but not afterwards. From where we see things, it is okay to make mistakes and learn from it to move on. No one is perfect!

As of today 25 June 2020, we read that there are already 9,535,219 cases of infection worldwide and death rates are already 485,187 people. Looking back a few days ago, it doesn’t seem to be stopping at all since not all countries have made the same contingency plan to tackle with COVID-19. Sadly to learn that some simply ignore such warning of its danger and continue as if there is no real issue for the spread. We sincerely do hope everyone be alert and understand that COVID-19 is still very much alive and it is still spreading like wildfire in some countries. Only people can help to reduce or eliminate further threat if they want to like self-isolation, stay at home and when needed to be in public, take precaution of wearing masks and social distancing. Also making sure to wash hands with soap frequently especially before touching eyes, nose and mouth since it is the entry point for the virus. Please do your parts and take care of yourself in order to help others to avoid getting this infection.

100% cooperation from people will see the light of reduction in spreading!

No matter what you may have heard or seen, the most basic safety precaution in this situation requires you to be isolated as far as possible. If not then please wear masks and do social distancing as well as washing hands with soap frequently since this is the current preventive cure against COVID-19. Nothing else will work for us until the vaccine cure is made available. Till then we have to abide with this basic rules of keeping everyone to be safe. Help yourself as you can help others to avoid getting the infection.

Let us put an end to the transmission together!

It is time that the whole world to put our minds as one and cooperate together as one people and doing the simple right thing – isolation. Also wearing masks and social distancing in public. Not forgetting to wash hands with soap frequently especially before touching eyes, nose and mouth. This will be the simplest guideline anyone should be following till vaccine cure is made available.

Be blessed with good health and take care of yourself & loved ones.