Fate with COVID-19

Are we fated to end our lives with COVID-19? NO! Definitely not! Our fate is not to be ended with COVID-19 and should not be at all.

Imagine the current update of COVID-19 pandemic had risen to 4,933,767 worldwide and will still persist on when people who are not being considerate or ignorant about it without caring about others’ safety. These people are the ones who just do what they like or feel like doing without any concern at all. So that is the main reason as why we have not really seen any reduction of infection spread worldwide. This is a disease that needs people to be serious about and take all necessary precautions with isolation and social distancing which will be current cure until vaccine is made available.

Why is this still spreading like wildfire?

It is indeed very sad to read or hear about death due to COVID-19 pandemic via the Internet. With so much exposure through Internet & news, it is kind of hard to believe that this danger is not being well aware of unless they are tapped into those faked news or unreliable sources. It will be good if you do come across anyone who are not aware or receiving the wrong message be informed of the true news from the reliable sources like Government sites and other reputable websites. Please do help if you come across these people who are not well-informed.

Does it means we can relax ourselves since countries start to ease on restrictions?

As we know that in Singapore, Circuit Breaker will end on 1st June but we ourselves must not be complacent since it is not the end of COVID-19 pandemic since there is no vaccine cure available currently. As far as possible for those who can be working from home should continue as such while others who can’t then should consider taking the appropriate measures like wearing masks and keep social distancing, etc. We should never let our guards down as we might be hit by a second wave of infection without preventive measures. It is vital we remain to be Kiasu and Kiasi for ourselves as well as loved ones to be safe. This disease will not spare anyone who simply comes in contact with it. Best of all, do what you can to avoid being infected by it.

What will be our lives like for having COVID-19 without cure?

Now we simply hope for the solution of getting the vaccine cure as our protection. Sadly that we do read about people are still harping over who is responsible and blaming this & that. Please help the people to get over the current bad situation and find the cure instead of pointing fingers to blame one another. We are all humans regardless of races & religions! Help yourself, others and loved ones to be safe! That is what we should be thinking and doing right now!

Here are some of the ways we need to continue doing until vaccine cure is available to everyone.

Point One: Isolation is the best cure for prevention of spreading as well as avoid being infected.
Point Two: Download the contact tracing app for those currently in Singapore as to find out all the unknown sources that maybe infected with COVID-19.
Point Three: Continue with social distancing and wear masks at the same time while in public.
Point Four: Washing hands with soap often as it helps to get rid of viruses on your hands.
Point Five: Do not use your hands to wipe your eyes, nose and mouth unless you have just washed your hands.
Point Six: If you have fever, cough and difficulty of breathing, please wear your mask and go to consult a doctor.
Point Seven: Read latest news update from Government sites as to avoid fake news which can be harmful and deadly.

QR code for downloading the contact tracing in Singapore