26 Sept in New Zealand vacation

House in Auckland, New Zealand

3rd day in New Zealand for vacation. Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand and now staying in a house with all the clothes in the background.

Delicious food and desserts
Cakes and desserts

Nothing felt better than having a good meals in New Zealand. There were quite a lot of selection could be made to fill up our stomach as you can see in those photographs. All we could say is that you will never miss your hometown food while in New Zealand as you could get similar stuff here.

Cakes and desserts that is mouthwatering
Huge Burger for lunch
Burger for lunch
Delicious Steak for lunch
Kiwi in Cans

As you could see from the photographs, we had ourselves a huge meals with burgers and steak that were quite delicious. It was indeed very filling to finish up the food. And you could also see there were lots of Kiwifruit in cans. These are not seen in Singapore though.

Cheap fruits
Display of shelf with stuffs
Best offer of fruits available
Delicious steak meal

Avocados and oranges were on sales and it was indeed very cheap as compare those we can get in Singapore. Since they have plantations in New Zealand, these prices will definitely be cheaper elsewhere as we need to import those fruits.

That will be all for today and will continue to write about New Zealand trip another day and showing you more nice photographs and scenery whenever possible so you can enjoy viewing them just like us being there with you.

New Zealand vacation on 25 Sept 2019

Auckland New Zealand

Arrived in New Zealand, Auckland and just at the right timing when both the orange tree as well as the lemon tree had fruits. The temperature was around 15 degrees and fortunately, it was not that windy otherwise we would be freezing.

Food on board New Zealand airline
Food onboard New Zealand airline
Australia airport

Taken photographs onboard the New Zealand airline. Stopover at the Australia airport to transit to New Zealand.

Australia Airport
Australia Airport
Australia airport
Onboard New Zealand airline
Arrival in New Zealand, Auckland

Well, after more than 10 hours flight from Singapore, we managed to arrive at Auckland, New Zealand. Now we finally settled in the house and happy to see that the garden had both orange & lemon tree bearing fruits. So our trip here would be drinking more fruit juices. 😉

Trip to New Zealand on 24 Sept 2019

After months later of booking this trip, it finally came and we were all ready to set off and visit New Zealand to enjoy fresh air as well as cooling temperature since Singapore started to have some sort of hays as well as pretty hot in temperature.

Morning breakfast

Had our morning breakfast before preparing ourselves for the long journey ahead. It was roughly more than 10 hours to reach New Zealand as we were to transit at Australia.

Proceed to fast check in counter
Early check in luggage area
At Changi Airport
Scene at Changi Airport

Took some photographs at Changi Airport. At that time, it was having some sorts of lighting display. Pretty nice lighting effects.

Lighting at Changi Airport
More shot for lighting at Changi Airport
Different lighting effect at Changi Airport
More photo at Changi Airport
More action shot at Changi Airport
Another different shot at Changi Airport
More photo at Changi Airport
Photo at Changi Airport
Lighting at Changi Airport
Different photo at Changi Airport
Food onboard SIA
Food onboard SIA

After strolling around the airport and taking some photographs with those wonderful lighting effects, it was time to board the airplane. We had our dinner onboard that took us all the way to Australia where we were in transit the next day on 25th September 2019.

We will again publish our trip for 25th September 2019 on another day in this site. Hope you will enjoy viewing photographs of our trips and if you had been to New Zealand, we are sure that you will enjoy those fresh air and cooling temperature that is sort of fantastic. Don’t you agree?

Museums, Harrods, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London

Today’s plan will be visiting some of these places like Museums, Harrods, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Had our breakfast at Sushi from Wasabi. Our route’s plan will be:

  1. Victoria and Albert Museum
  2. Natural History Museum
  3. Science Museum
  4. Harrods, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

From Hotel to Victoria and Albert Museum:

  • Total travel time is about 19 mins.
  • From Hotel  walk about 7 mins, 0.3 miles to Hammersmith Station
  • Take the Piccadilly Cockfosters from Hammersmith to South Kensington Station
    • Total travel time is about 8 mins (4 stops)
  • 1st Stop – Barons Court Station; 2nd Stop – Earl’s Court, 3rd Stop – Gloucester Road, 4th Stop – South Kensington
  • Alight at South Kensington Station
  • From South Kensington Station Walk about 4 min , 0.2 miles to Victoria and Albert Museum.

Next stop at the Natural History Museum, the things we must do will be going to:

  • “Dippy” a 32 meter long replica of a Diplodocus Carnegii skeleton
  • In the Large Mammals Hall you can see the skeleton and model of a blue whale which is 25 meters long.
  • Another giant is Archie, an 8 meter long giant squid caught off the Falkland Islands in 2004.
  • The Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery is a collection of 22 of the most unusual exhibits in the museum like the fossils of dinosaur teeth; the Emperor Penguin Egg which was brought back from the Antarctic  by  Captain Scott; a first edition of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and the intricately carved 17th century Hans Sloan’s Pautilus Shell.

Of course we must not miss the Earth Galleries: Rocks and minerals.

  • Look out for the genuine pieces of moon rock and fossils – which our ancestors believed to be the weapons of Zeus
  • Models of volcanoes erupting and tectonic simulators let you experience the sensations first-hand, and there’s also a mock-up of a Japanese supermarket during the 1995 Kobe earthquake, so you can feel the ground shivering and shaking as the power is unleashed.

Earth’s Treasury, where you can see real sapphires, diamonds, rocks and minerals… plus some lowly grains of sand.

Our next stop was the Science Museum.

After all that walking, we stop for our lunch and dinner at Hawksmoor Knightsbridge.

2 Courses £25.00, 3 Courses £28.00 (Available for reservations made Monday – Thursday 12-6.30pm and Friday – Saturday 12.00-6.30pm, 10pm – 10.30pm)

We also try – sticky toffee pudding, dessert with chocolate and salted caramel

From Science Museum to Hawksmoor Knightsbridge:

  • Total travel time is about 7 mins.
  • From Science Museum walk about 5 mins, 0.2 miles to Victoria and Albert Museum (Stop M) Bus stop
  • Take the Bus 74 Baker Street to Brompton Square (Stop KW) Bus Stop
    • Total travel time is about 1 min (non stop)

Alight at Brompton Square (Stop KW) Bus Stop and  walk 2 mins, 0.1 miles to Hawksmoor Knightsbridge.  It is on the lane directly opposite the bus stop.

  • walk against the traffic on Brompton Road to the traffic junction.
  • Cross the traffic lights and walk against the traffic on Brompton Road
  • Turn right onto Yeoman’s Row
  • Destination will be on the left
Shopping at Harrods
After dinner we will visit Harrods – the world’s most famous department store for some shopping.  It’s a short walk down the Brompton Road.
Just need to walk 5 mins, 0.2 miles along Brompton Road to Harrods.  Walk against the traffic to reach Harrods.

To Buy from Harrods:

  • Harrods English Butterscotch Biscuits (Cookies) Price: £7.95
  • Harrods Coffee in an Exclusive Tin  Price: £10.95

From Harrods to Hotel:

  • Total travel time is about 22 mins.
  • From Harrods walk about 5 mins, 0.2 miles to Knightsbridge Station

Take the Piccadilly Heathrow Terminal 4  from Knightsbridge Station to Hammersmith Station

  • Total travel time is about 11 mins (5 stops)

From Hammersmith Station -Walk about 6 min , 0.3 miles to Hotel. This ends the day of walking and exploring. Here are some photographs you can enjoy seeing while we were out for the day.

Beach Vacation

Once a while, we need to de-stress ourselves from work therefore planning a beach vacation will be a good idea. But the worst part of planning for beach vacation can be quite a task to decide for the destination to have your holidays. As you may know that there are many locations all over the world you can go like exploring those beaches in Hawaii or just having a relax sport in golf. Well, here will be some of the recommendation that maybe able to help you to decide where you want to have your relaxing holidays.

First choice will be the Hawaii resort where you can make use of your frequent flyer mileage for a good use and be on the island of Hawaii to enjoy the beach vacation. At the resort beach, you will be able to relax or swim in the ocean and have a game of golf and even to indulge yourself in one of those relaxing spa treatments to de-stress from work. You can indeed enjoy one of the best weather in the world in Hawaii thus making this to be one of your best selection to enjoy a relaxing beach holidays.

Or you can opt to go to Georgia beach and have a relaxing golf sport at the same time. It is one of the popular are in the East Coast, Cloister at the Sea Island in Georgia where it does provide you with 54 holes in championship golf with sandy beaches and a variety of stuffs you can be involved with.

Another recommendation will be the Oahu beach holidays resort for relaxing. You can book the hotel at Kahala Mandarin Oriental and you will be surprised with the kind of treatment you will be pampered like you never experience before. Over there, you can enjoy yourself with a good spa, learn how to scuba dive in class lessons or even go for a great swim with some dolphins. The location of this resort is conveniently within 15 minutes distance from Honolulu and Waikiki beach and you will definitely enjoy your moment.

A nice holidays vacation can also be going to the Virgin Islands. This is also one of the tourist’s spot in vacation destination as you simply can help yourself to enjoy those blue waters and sandy beaches. You can stay at either the Ritz Carlton or St. Thomas resorts which will give you the best offer as luxury hotels during your stay in Virgin Islands for a much more relaxing beach vacation.

Have you heard of the Half Moon Bay in California? It is just located in a distance of 30 minutes drive from San Francisco and at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay will be one of the best place you can have a quick beach holidays away from those hectic normal busy work life in the city. Yet you can have a choice to go to the luxury Beach Resort in Bermuda which will be only 2 hours away from the New York City. At Bermuda, this will be a great place to have a quisk and yet ideal holidays away from the East Coast area. At Ariel Sands resort, it offers you with 47 guest rooms that serves gourmet food while you enjoy those breathtaking views in the hotel.

You might want to enjoy some form of romantic vacation, then the choice of seclusion in Jasmica will just fit in your idea. At this place, it has unique rooms with a great splendid views of the Caribbean which includes gourmet cuisine with amazing beaches you can enjoy. At the Caves resort in Jamaica will simply provide you with the type of beach holidays mood that you have never experience before in your life. Some other people might prefer the Lakeside Resort in Georgia that will be close to Altanta Georgia as the Lake Lanier Islands provides a splendid golf course for all those golf lovers as well as a waterpark that comes with several water rides, slides and alot of the water attractions to allow everyone to enjoy their moments of vacation.

Lastly will be having your family vacation in Hawaii at the Kona Village Resort where it offers you will a numerous vacation options of activities which include snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, volleyball game, tennis, fishing, scuba diving, glass bottom boat tours as well as many other entertainment and food that covers your holidays vacation needs.

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Sailing In A Yacht

If you love the sea then you might want to consider to charter an adventure in sailing for vacation that can bring you to any places in the world you dearly desire as the destination. But the bottom line will be that you will have to fork out a great deal of money to pay for the crews plus meals and fuel to sail in the sea. Nevertheless, you can start saving up money to have the holidays in sailing or you can buy a yacht instead. Then the only thing you need to know will be how to navigate and control the yacht while sailing in the seven sea.

The best option to have your own yacht will be that you can be ready for any trip that you wish to have a sailing holidays at anytime you desire to do so. This means that you do not need to contact a travel agency for making the reservation offline or online as you have your own yacht waiting at the dock just for you to come aboard. For every trip you wish to travel, you will just require to buy food and fuel that can bring you for a round trip back to your port of original.

Having your own yacht has its own financial benefits since when you are not in use of it, you have the option to rent it to anyone who wants to have their sailing holidays at the price you want. This will be your additional revenue for owning the yacht provided you maintain it in a good condition.

If you are conducting a business on board the yacht, it will be ideal case for registering it as a place for business since you will have it as tax deductible. In order to understand further with regards of the matter of tax deduction, you need to get in touch with your tax advisor about it. We do know that it can be a financial benefit to own your personal yacht since you can also make it to be your second home to stay. The condition will be that you have your own berth to alongside with a permanent gallery with toilet under the requirement set by the IRS.

Should you be unable to purchase your own personal yacht, you do have an option to be fractional boat ownership that simply means you can do whatever you want with the yacht at certain period of the year. So, with this type of ownership, it allows you to plan your vacation with your family whenever you want during that period of the year.

Having this type of ownership will be great since it will be owned by a group of people to share the cost of owning the yacht that included its maintenance, insurance coverage, moorage, fuel, repair costs and equipment onboard.

In order to be able to sail your own yacht, you will need to complete a boating safety course including the safety orientation conducted by the organisation. Unless you have already acquired the certification to sail a yacht and have all the necessary knowledge of how to use the equipment that includes charting, compass and GPS that comes in with the yacht. If not, you can actually join in the boat club which means you do not own any boat. The advantage of being a member of the club, you will be entitled to have up to 4 advanced reservations in any of the given time to have access to powerboats or sailboats that can be up to 30 feet in length to be used by you. This means that the club will bear all the cost of expenses like maintenance, storage, cleaning and insurance coverage.

All over the world, there will be many of such clubs and you can easily choose any of them to join. Some of these clubs do offer boating classes who want to learn for fun or as a sport. Of course we do understand that having a sailing holidays will be truly better with you owning a yacht since the only task will be just steering it over the dock and having the necessary gears onboard and eventually sailing away towards the sunset for a nice fun vacation.



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Thailand holiday vacation

Arrived in Bangkok and managed to drag our luggage all the way to our hotel that we booked numerous times in our vacation over those years. It seemed to be one of our best choice in selection for our vacation as we loved the environment and convenient location as well as the good services they provided during our stay.

View in hotel room
Fridge available
Terminal 21

After we checked in our hotel, we went to Terminal 21 to have our meals. It was very convenient to walk to Terminal 21 from the hotel as it was just around 5 minutes stroll.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

We ordered two different version of Pad Thai to try and turned out to be very tasty and nice. For all our trips in Thailand, we would ordered this particular dish as it was much tastier than those places we can get in Singapore. Somehow the taste is much better when you are getting it from Thailand itself. Maybe the seasoning they used for Thai people is different from those we get in Singapore.

Christmas Tree

We were there in late November 2019 and we could see that the streets were already filled with Christmas decoration.

Street view
Mango sticky rice

Another dessert that we would never miss will be the Mango Sticky Rice. It is always the delight to taste the freshly cut mango with the sticky rice. Though we tried making our own mango sticky rice here in Singapore, we still loved to get our mouth filled with it when we are in Thailand. It is something that we will never miss to try during all our visits in Bangkok.

Latte coffee
Eggs with bread
Eggs bacon and bread
Rice bacon and egg

It was time for our breakfast and we ordered a few items just to get ourselves ready to shop for the rest of our day today. Overall our breakfast was pretty nice.

Erawan Shrine

Our first visit to start off our day was the Erawan Shrine.

Layout of the area

A quick look at the layout of the area we would be exploring after our visit to Erawan Shrine.

Amarin Hotel

Here we passed by Amarin before reaching Erawan Shrine.

Photo shoot

A quick stop for photo shoot.

Erawan Shrine

We finally reached Erawan Shrine and everyone was making their prayers.

Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine
Erawan Shrine

After finishing our prayers at Erawan Shrine, we proceeded to go for our lunch at the MK restaurant.

MK restaurant
MK restaurant
MK restaurant
MK restaurant

This time at the MK Restaurant, the food overall was just okay unlike the last time we were here. Somehow the food wasn’t as nice as we had previously experience. Wondering why…

We continued shopping at Terminal 21.

Terminal 21
Terminal 21
Terminal 21
Terminal 21
Terminal 21
Wat Mangkon

We took the MRT to Wat Mangkon.

Wat Mangkon
Wat Mangkon
Wat Mangkon
Wat Mangkon

Took a break and had ice-cream.

Eating ice-cream
Chatuchak Park

Our next stop was to Chatuchak Park.

Entry wristband
Children’s Discovery Museum

We dropped by the Children’s Discovery Museum to visit.

Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
Children’s Discovery Museum
MixT Chatuchak Food Court

We went to MixT Chatuchak Food Court to have our meals.

MixT Chatuchak Food Court
MixT Chatuchak Food Court
MixT Chatuchak Food Court
MixT Chatuchak Food Court
MixT Chatuchak Food Court
MixT Chatuchak Food Court

Our trip lasted for 7 days as there were lots of shopping to buy stuffs as well as tasting different types of Thai food. There were lots of photo taking and we believe that you too will be able to enjoy yourself when you visit Thailand. We had lots of fun while having our vacation and also kind of relaxing as we were not in tight schedule since we were doing our own free and easy travel vacation unlike tour packages.

Of course if you book tour packages, you can covered more attraction sites but it would rather be kind of tight schedule. We loved to be travelling free and easy as we could control our timing as where we wish to visit without the stress.

Here are some more photographs before we end our trip in Bangkok. Unfortunately we cannot upload all since we took more than hundreds of photos during this trip.

MixT Chatuchak
Icon Siam
Icon Siam
Icon Siam

Hope you will also enjoy your trip to Thailand as we did.