Instant Noodles Museum in Japan

What a beautiful day to pay a visit to Instant Noodles Museum in Japan. It was not a normal kind of experience you could get from your vacation and indeed we all enjoyed every single moment that was spent during the day. Finally, we got to learn how instant noodles were being manufactured and process with our visit. It was an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Posted by Edward Han on Sunday, March 8, 2020

Posted by Edward Han on Sunday, March 8, 2020

Posted by Edward Han on Sunday, March 8, 2020

That’s the end of our memorable experience in Japan while visiting the Instant Noodles Museum. Hope you have enjoyed viewing these photos and if you too had been to Japan, please kindly share your comments for the experience you had.

Visiting Hot Spring and Inari Shrine in Japan

It was another lovely day where we were visiting the Hot Spring and the Inari Shrine in Japan. We loved to show our experiences while traveling in Japan and hope you will enjoy viewing these photos. It was one of the nicest experience while traveling overseas and learning more about their culture.

As always while we were traveling around the world, we tried to capture the right moments of the pictures so that we could relived what we had been through during that period of time. We want to enjoy those moments as we age in life. Hope that these photos will give you a better insight of what you can see while visiting Japan.

Now it will be the end of today as we will again write and show more photographs next time. A picture speaks a thousand words so even we do not write much but from those photos, you will actually get the rough idea of those places we had been and hope you too will enjoy visiting the place.

Do share your comments if you had been to these places and have a great day ahead.

Visiting Harajuku in Japan

It was a fine day weather where we took a nice stroll while visiting Harajuku in Japan. We would be delighted to show you some of the photos taken during this trip in Japan.

While visiting Harajuku, you could drop over to Meiji Shrine where it was said to dedicate souls of late Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken in the past. You could admired those beautiful and big trees near the shrine. Over here, you could buy yourself an ema which is a tiny wooden plaque where you could write your wishes or prayers.

That’s all we are sharing with you for the photos and if you had been to Harajuku in Japan, please feel free to share your comments.

Food tasting in Japan vacation

Whenever we traveled, it would mostly be sightseeing plus FOOD! Yes, it was our pleasure to go to different countries in the world and have the experience of tasting different culture food. It would definitely be something that cannot be missed out during our travel.

Well, these were some of the food that we had during this vacation in Japan. We hope that you too can have the opportunity of tasting these delicious food while in Japan. Please kindly share your comments with us if you had been to Japan and tasting nice food along the way.

Flowing noodles in Japan holidays

This was something very special when comes to having your meals from a waterfall where your noodles would be flowing down via bamboo channeling down to you. It was a one time kind of experience you would not want to miss if you were to be travelling to Japan for vacation. We would love to show you some of the photographs taken so you could have an idea of what was going on.

Posted by Edward Han on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Posted by Edward Han on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

That’s all for our adventure at the Flowing noodles in Japan. Hope you too have fun watching and if you had been there, please do share your comments with us here.

Visit to the Deer Park in Japan

It was a fine day to visit the Deer Park in Japan. We all did lots of walking today while viewing these deers moving around the area. Kind of nice and enjoyable to be seeing them closeup.

Suddenly, it started to rain and these poor deers had to be out in the open. But it seemed to be comfortable for lying on the soil as we could see.

We all ended up taking shelter in the building ahead. That’s all we captured during the day’s outing at the Deer Park. We hope you too have a chance to visit here while in Japan. It is definitely a nice and beautiful place to visit. Do drop us your comments if you had been there before to share with others. Do have a nice day ahead.

Bamboo Forest in Japan

Had a vacation in Japan and taken some photographs while travelling at the Bamboo Forest. I would love to share these memories of my visit at that particular moments of my life. I sincerely hope you will also enjoy viewing these photographs as my memories started to flow back …

As the saying goes: A picture speaks a thousand words. So I hope to show all these beautiful scenery to allow everyone having a great time if ever been to this place.

As you could view these photos, there was pretty much of hiking during this trip but it was totally enjoyable and exciting to breath fresh air and beautiful scenery as the journey went.

That will be all for today in Bamboo Forest for Japan vacation. Hope you will too be enjoying if you go to Japan. Till the next time, we will update more journey with nice scenery in our travel.

If you had been to Japan, please do share your comments with us so we too can appreciate it. Thank you and do have a great day ahead.