Eating healthier food for life

My experience with healthy eating

Today was a really sad day. You want to know why? Because my mummy left my brother and me at home to go out job hunting with my daddy. Now now, it’s not sad because I don’t get to spend time with my parents, it’s sad because I have to COOK LUNCH for myself and maybe even my brother. :(

So for people like me with zero limited cooking experience, I have to resort to cooking things that are relatively easy to handle. So whats the first thing that comes to mind???? The all and wonderful, simple and quick, easy and non time consuming MAGGI MEE!!!

Yet, I’ve heard of all those rumours that maggi mee is generally unhealthy and contains no nutritions. That the reason why it’s all stuck together is because they use wax to bind it together etc etc. BUT THE REAL SCARY PART OF IT ALL???


Of course I don’t even know it’s true but it’s just like hearing that a restaurant was cockroach infested before, or your house was built on a cemetary, they may be rumours, but it certainly stops you you and you from visiting/buying that place doesn’t it? So as I looked at my very nice, very thick, and very non bald hair, I think to myself that Maggi Mee isn’t going to cut it for me.

So presenting the new wonder product that is definitely as good, if not better than MAGGI MEE!!

Mushroom and Herb

Now how cool is that? And it’s really convienient to prepare as well, because even a 16/17 year old like me can prepare it, so boo to you if your below 17 and can’t use a stove! But yay to all the people above 17 and can use a stove!

Ingredients needed:
1 and 1/4 cups of water (you probably need to add more then that)
1/4 cup of Milk
1 teapsoon of butter
and of course…

1 packet of Mushroom and Herbs

The amount of ingredients I listed is exactly so on the packaging but from prior experiences, you probably need to add more water. It gets dry really really fast and you don’t want your macaroni to stick to the pan and eat black macaroni instead.

Before adding the Mushroom and Herbs, bring the rest of the ingredients to boil first. Then throw in the packet of Mushroom and Herbs! It should look something like that…

Mac Cooking

But believe me when I say that it smells nicer then it looks! Or maybe there’s no smell (I can’t tell because I have a seriously stuffed nose). So according to the packaging, it will be done in 8 minutes! But of course all packagings love to make it seem all fast and simple and it really depends on your flame and blah blah blah blah blah. There’s probably a hundred and one conditions you need to fufil so that it actually cooks by 8 minutes!

So my best estimate would be around 10 minutes plus plus. You can see the eh, “look” of the macaroni. If it looks dead and limpy and not dancing and prancing around in circles, you probably shouldn’t eat it. And like any chef, always taste a little bit of your product before serving! :) Anyway, below are the before and after pictures of cooking.

Before fully cooked

After fully cooked

So after it looks like it’s cooked and really really nice and edible enough to eat, you can plate it!

Mac plated

Doesn’t it just looks so much more awesome than MAGGI MEE? To those of you who beg to differ. Let me place a bowl of maggi mee that my brother cooked for his lunch here so you can compare.

Maggi Mee

Compare that to this.

Mac plated

Uh huh! BIG BIG DIFFERENCE PEOPLE! Plus I haven’t heard about the million and one complaints that Macaroni makes your hair fall off so I’m guessing it’s safer and healthier. You know the best part? You get to gloat to your brother that you can cook better!

YEP! You can now compete with your brother/sister on who can cook a better lunch without your parents in! Then whip out this very handy dandy packaging and make your brother/sister cry buckets of tears over why your lunch is SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THEIRS!!

Just to once again emphasise the difference…

Maggi Mee

Mac plated

YES YES YES! Thats how big the difference is!

And you can not only cook the macaroni in ONE FLAVOUR, you can cook it in MANY DIFFERENT FLAVOURS. Here are some of the others…

Different flavours

YAY! And I shall end my entry here! hahahahahaha. Go cook it and win your brother/sister/parents today today today!! YAY YAY YAY!


Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

My experience with Chinese New Year

So today is officially the 14th day of Chinese New Year. Tomorrow would be the 15th and marks the end of the festive season and the ‘real’ coming of the New year. As per our customary traditions, we would go and pray to my grandparents and my great great grandparents at the columbarium. Usually we go on the 15th day but because it lands on a Monday this year so we have to arrange it on a weekend because the adults have to work and the children have to study.

Usually we go and pray on their death anniversaries, 1st and last day of Chinese New Year, Ching Ming, 7th month and I think thats about it. In the past they used to be buried in the cemetery. But Singapore has a rule that you can only be buried for a certain amount of years before you have to exhume them and move them to a columbarium. This is necessary in order to save space and its actually alot more convienient.

I remember in the past we had to hike up and down to search for the tombstone and though it was somehow more ‘fun’ to go there because you get to trim the grass there and clean the tombstone and it just makes it more memorable. But the hiking was definitely no joke. Plus the 47238947923 people that go there is just fantastically amazingly horribly crampy. So yep, it was good in the past but its great now.

Anyway, remember I mentioned yesterday about people crowding around to watch the dragon dance so they can see the numbers made from the orange? Heres a picture of one. This one was taken from the columbarium.


So yea, its up to you to intepret which way to read the numbers and if your lucky you’ll strike!


These are some of the offerings that we buy to present to our ancestors so they can have a nice meal on these special occasions. Because my ancestors are all from Hainan Island, so they really LOVE CHICKEN RICE. Especially Hainanese chicken rice! And I heard from my parents that my grandparents make delicious chicken rice, unfortunately the skill wasn’t passed down because no one was interested. :(


Some of the offerings from other people, favourite food of their ancestors.

So usually we would buy chicken rice, fa gao etc etc to pray.


On such days we also burn ‘money’ to our ancestors so they can buy food and etc. Like in the picture, the original is the long yellow paper thing and you have to fold it into the ingot shape before burning. This is so that it becomes ‘money’ and is not just random pieces of yellow paper. The other type has to be rolled into something like an ingot shape as well. I forgot to take a picture of that one though.


These are the tablets. So usually after placing our offerings, we will pray. We usually place a really huge joss stick and light it. When its approximately halfway burnt, we go down and burn the offerings. After that we sit around and chat so the ancestors can eat. Then the youngest in the family will pua bei. Its this throwing of two red things. If its two up then it means smiling, one up one down means ok, two down means unhappy i think. I don’t really know.

So if its ok, then we can pack up the food and go. For most, they would eat the food there but because its abit troublesome for us so we would just packet the food home. So yea, its like a mini re-union whenever we go and pray. And its actually really nice to go there and pray for what you wish for, spend some time with your relatives etc. So yea.

To end off, I’ll show you a special picture of a very special sharks fin.

sharks fin


WAYYY COOL RIGHT? hahaha. and my mummy said its really delicious as well. With vinegar and pepper, you definitely can’t go wrong with GREENS SHARKS FIN!! ((:

Have a happy Sunday people. (:

Eating Carl Junior Burger

My experience with Carl’s Junior

Decided to take away Carl’s Junior because we were feeling really hungry one day and the size of the burger is really huge compared to the burger from Macdonalds or burger king!

double western
Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger

double western
Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger

According to the website,this is how they described the burger: “Two Charbroiled All-Beef Patties, Two Strips of Bacon, Two Slices of Melted American Cheese, Crispy Onion Rings and Tangy BBQ Sauce on a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun.”

And though the burger we bought was rather cold when we reached home and kind of soggy, I have to admit that the onion rings still maintained its crunchiness!

And this is probably the best burger from their range!

When you bite into the burger, you don’t just taste the beef patties, but also the bacon’s crisp in your mouth. Coupled with the crispy onion rings and the cheese melting in your mouth, I have to say this is the best burger hands down.

You just keep taking one bite after another with this burger!

It has the most ingredients and all of their ingredients combined together really makes for an awesome burger. Eating there would be even more enjoyable with their free flow of drinks. (:

thick burger

thick burger

I really can’t remember the name of this burger! But judging from the looks I’ll say it comes with one beef patty, bacon, onion rings, cheese and sesame seed bun. (:

Comparing just the ingredients of this burger with the double western, the double western wins hands down with two patties.

And comparing taste, I would say that the taste is similar but when you hold the double western burger in your hands, you feel like your getting your money’s worth I guess.

So yea, taste may be siimilar but the double western gives you a more your-indulging-in-sinful-food feeling in comparasion.

superstar with cheese
Superstar with Cheese

superstar with cheese
Superstar with Cheese

Described in the website as “Two Charbroiled All-Beef Patties, Two Slices of American Cheese, Lettuce, Two Slices of Tomato, Sliced Onions, Dill Pickles, Special Sauce, and Mayonnaise on a Toasted Sesame Seed Bun.”

Again, it pales in comparasion to the double western!

Because of the lack of onion rings, this burger lacked in the crunchiness. Though there were pickles, but it still couldn’t attain the sort of crunchiness the double western had.

The combination of the ingredients were good but the double western was simply better!


And you should definitely eat the beef burgers from there and not the chicken ones cause the size really pales in comparasion. Trust me!




The frappuccino doesn’t taste like frappuccino but more like ordinary coffee even I could boil for you! And its really not a good representation of starbucks coffee!

For the price you’re paying for this, you might as well save the money and buy yourself a good cup of coffee from starbucks!

At least there you can smell the aroma of the coffee and you feel like you’re really getting good quality coffee.

Not this poopy frappuccino that sucked.


Money is the root to all evil

Can I borrow $25?

This is a story that is pretty common, it’s spread around the internet, I received it in the mail a couple of times myself. But to those who haven’t read this story yet, I believe this story is worth sharing so here goes…

A man came home from work late, tired and irritated, to find his 5-year old son waiting for him at the door.

SON: ‘Daddy, may I ask you a question?’

DAD: ‘Yeah sure, what it is?’ replied the man.

SON: ‘Daddy, how much do you make an hour?’

DAD: ‘That’s none of your business. Why do you ask such a thing?’ the man said angrily.

SON: ‘I just want to know. Please tell me, how much do you make an hour?’

DAD: ‘If you must know, I make $50 an hour.’

SON: ‘Oh,’ the little boy replied, with his head down.

SON: ‘Daddy, may I please borrow $25?’

The father was furious, ‘If the only reason you asked that is so you can borrow some money to buy a silly toy or some other nonsense, then you march yourself straight to your room and go to bed. Think about why you are being so selfish. I don’t work hard everyday for such childish frivolities.’

The little boy quietly went to his room and shut the door.

The man sat down and started to get even angrier about the little boy’s questions. How dare he ask such questions only to get some money?

After about an hour or so, the man had calmed down , and started to think:

Maybe there was something he really needed to buy with that $25.00 and he really didn’t ask for money very often The man went to the door of the little boy’s room and opened the door.

‘Are you asleep, son?’ He asked.

‘No daddy, I’m awake,’ replied the boy.

‘I’ve been thinking, maybe I was too hard on you earlier’ said the man. ‘It’s been a long day and I took out my aggravation on you. Here’s the $25 you asked for.’

The little boy sat straight up, smiling. ‘Oh, thank you daddy!’ he yelled. Then, reaching under his pillow he pulled out some crumpled up bills.

The man saw that the boy already had some money and started to get angry again.

The little boy slowly counted out his money, and then looked up at his father.

‘Why do you want more money if you already have some?’ the father grumbled.

‘Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do,’ the little boy replied.

‘Daddy, I have $50 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow. I would like to have dinner with you.’

The father was crushed. He put his arms around his little son, and he begged for his forgiveness.

Its a simple story really, the moral of it is even simpler then the story itself. Alot of times, we work so hard that we forgot what we are working for. Its so easy to immerse yourself in work and tell yourself that you go to work to earn money, as a means of livelihood. But think about the real reason why you work. Very often, you work hard to support your family, your children, your pets and even if you’re single, you work hard to repay your parents for all they have given you.

So your working really hard for them, but is it really worth it to work so hard for them when in the process you forget about them? Materialistic needs are stuff that changes with time, like fashion that changes with each season, such needs are never permanent. I could want an Ipod today and a Playstation tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you fufil all of your children materialistic wants, but it’s very important that you learn how to fufil their needs. They need you to be there for them on their graduation day, on their first day of school, on their parent-teacher rapport station and they need you to be there for dinner every single day to listen to what happened to them in school.

Sometimes its not all about giving, its also a little about taking. You should be a little selfish sometimes, selfish enough to let go of the additional money you might earn for working an extra hour. Use that hour to spend it with your children and it makes a huge difference to them.

Think about it. How much does your hour cost? $50? Think about it again. How much are you missing in your child’s/parent’s/partner’s/pet’s life by coming back an hour late?

$50/$60/$70/$100 in exchange for an hour to let your children know how much you love them by listening to them.

Suddenly, that amount of money doesn’t quite add up to what your missing now does it?

10 Promises we should make

My experience with my dog

There’s been a lack of updates recently so I’ll just post a short post. Recently, I watched 10 promises to my dog . Its a japanese film with chinese subtitles so I read the chinese subtitles while watching. It was really touching, I cried bucketful of tears at the ending of the show. So if you can, you should catch the show because its really a great show! Though a little draggy at parts but at the end of the show, you wouldn’t regret paying money to watch the show because you would have brought something away from it.

These are the 10 promises made between Akari and her dog:
1) Please do listen carefully to everything that I say
2) Rely and trust me, just like how I rely and trust you.
3) Play with me more often
4) Don’t ever forget me
5) Do not quarrel with me, if you do, I must win.
6) If you ever say something to me and I don’t listen to you, there must be a reason.
7) You can go to school and make friends but I only have you.

8 ) Please be my best friend
9) I can only live for about 10 years so every minute you spend with me is very important.
10) Don’t forget the things that I’ve done together with you and when I die, please be by my side.

The ones in bold are actually the promises that I feel more strongly towards even though I think that all 10 promises are ones that everyone should make when they buy a pet. Be it a dog, a cat, a hamster, a rabbit or even a turtle. Because when you purchase them, you’re actually making the silent promise that you will be the one to take care of them.

Its easy for us to forget that the pet by our side won’t live forever and it’s especially easy for us to forget that while we can go out and meet new people and have friends, our pets only have us to rely on at the end of the day. The only form of entertainment that they can find, the only person they can run to when they need something, the only solution to all the problems they have. Alot of people buy pets on a whim, I admit that at times I believe that I did buy my dog because its something all kids want. But before you decide to commit to your pet, you must think of all the pros and cons of having a dog.

People forget that when you have a dog, you can’t just go off to another country for a holiday and leave your dog alone at home. People forget that dogs, like humans, do fall ill and need to visit the doctors sometimes. People forget that dogs have feelings, just like we do, and they can be grouchy, happy, sad and all the emotions we feel. Yet, our pets always carry a smile on their faces and a wagging tail to greet us, even if that isn’t always the way they feel inside.

So spend every moment you can spare with your pet, shower the love that you shower on anyone to your pet. Yea sure, we all get frustrated when our dog barks and howls and poopies everywhere without control. Yea sure, we hate it that our dog smells worse than a skunk after one week and we have to go through the all hated ritual of bathing them. And not forgetting that when your dogs get ticks, you have to go through the long horrible ritual of picking them out one by one (believe me, I know).

But how about the joy that your dog brings to you when they welcome you home each day? How about when they lick all your toes and all your fingers and lick them somemore when they want you to scratch them? Dogs are so easy to satisfy, just a little scratch, just a little treat, just a little of your love and they’ll stay loyal to you forever. So don’t abandon them because they’ll never ever abandon you.

Remember all the things that your pet has done for you and never ever forget your pet. And try your hardest to be there when your dog dies, because all your dog wants at the end of the day, is to see your face one last time before closing its eyes and going to heaven.

Dog Training Programs

Close encounter of Feng Shui presentation

My personal attentance for Feng Shui talk

A few days ago I attended a preview on fengshui and four pillars. It was held in a hotel on the southern part of Singapore. I was so busy with my job search that I got the dates all confused and thought it was supposed to be held a week later instead. I called to check if there were any vacancies left and fortunately there were.

I had only a vague idea of its locality so I did an online search for the venue. Somehow, the map seems to be outdated causing us to miss the entrance to the carpark. We had to make a big ‘U’ turn to finally get into the carpark… urghhh ….waste our petrol…

I was surprised to find the hotel to be so quite, you could literally hear a pin drop. We had to whisper when we talk for fear of rousing the quiet environment, which seems rather stupid now that I come to think of it. There were just a couple of tourists in the lobby and activity was scant. I think the employees out number the visitors in the lobby. They were just standing around and chit chatting. Ohhh… not a very good sign. Does it mean that business is really so bad or could it be that the hotel is not located in Orchard, thus it’s so dead quite quiet?

Overview of my Feng Shui experience

Anyway, back to my Fengshui talk, we arrived at the reception to register and was told that since we registered in the last minute they did not have time to prepare our charts. Obviously, I was not too happy with that aspect, as I think they use a software to generate these charts, so how difficult could that be to just churn one out for us. In any case, I knew they were giving out the charts but was under the impression that these would be done on the day of the talk. One minus point for him.

The Fengshui Master is a Singaporean, but he didn’t leave a very good impression on me. He seems to be very commercialized and desperate for business. I am sure everyone who attends the talk knows that this is a sort of prelude to attracting business for the him, but he didn’t have to be so extremely aggressive. Everytime someone asks him a question, he will tell them to ‘attend my lesson and I will teach you’. He seems to be very knowledgeable but he didn’t come across as the kind who could be a good teacher. It’s such a shame, cause he must have loads of knowledge, but seems to be very selfish to impart these to the attendees. I feel he should provide sufficient information but not too much cause he needs to earn his keep right. He should try to bait and tempt attendees to sign up for his class by ‘seeming’ to be very generous with his knowledge and not keep harping on the fact that this is just a preview and we need to attend his class to gain more information. Dude, like we don’t know that???!!! Two minus points for him.

One lady asked if he provides private consultation and he replied to the affirmative. Further, he informed us that he charges $200 per session. We were allowed to ask only three questions and he will only provide six answers. When interrogated by various attendees on how long each session lasts, he kept rather mum and was rather evasive about the answer. It was only after much probing that he finally revealed that the duration is about 15 minutes. He added, ‘If I don’t limit the session, one question will lead to the next and we can talk till tomorrow also cannot finish’. I thought that was not very tactful of him. He just goes to reinforce my view that he is too business minded. I mean I don’t really know if fifteen minutes is sufficient to reveal everything about your whole life, but as a lay person it seems too short a time. He should have told us that he has a ‘give and take’ attitude, but will put his foot down when people overstep those limits. Most people will understand that as we all know that there are some people who are just really inconsiderate. Three minus points for him.

There was this particular lady who was a ‘non-believer’ on this subject. Everything that he said was greeted will a vigorous shake of her head. He did mention that he will prove to her how accurate this system is, but sadly, he kind of avoid her after that. I think, if he could convince her on the spot on the benefits of using this system to decipher what’s happening plus going to happen in our lives, he would have hit a home run. Instead, he chose to ignore her and it does make one wonders how accurate these systems are. Four minus points for him.

The Fengshui Master keeps touting about how precise this system is, but regrettably, we did not have our charts, so we were unable to form any kind of opinion on the system. It is virtually useless to attend the talk without your charts since you are unable to see the benefits in the system and how accurate it is when applied to yourself. Five minus points for him.

During the talk, he just rush through the slides and kept saying that we will not understand them, so it’s pointless to elaborate on them and besides it’s just a preview so we shouldn’t expect too much…ohhh…not a very good thing to say in my opinion. Six minus points for him.

Just before the end of the talk, he announced the fees for a two full day course which is $500, inclusive of meals. Then he went and spoil it all but saying, ‘I took twenty years to master this, so it’s quite impossible for you to learn everything in two days’, geeze… he just killed off all chances of having people signing up for his course. He added that all attendees of his course are welcomed to re-attend his course (a sort of refreshers course) as many times as desired, but they need to pay for the meals which is $180. More minus points for him.

Right after that, quite a number of people started to make an exit from the room, leaving the Fengshui Master in utter SHOCK. That look on his face was precious; he was just lost as to why people were leaving just like that. I feel so sorry for him.

It was not a total waste of my time as I did learn a teeny weeny bit of information. I was just disappointed that the Fengshui Master was not what I expected him to be. If he had done all the right things, perhaps I would sign up for the course as I was rather keen on learning more on the subject. Ah…well…ces’t la vie… There will be other Masters. Perhaps he is not the right teacher for me.

Learn the simple basic concept of Feng Shui for beginners …

Eating cakes

Cliched as it sounds, to many of you out there, it could be that time of the year again.

It could be a birthday, anniversary, celebration etc etc. And you basically need a cake!

Its easy to buy a cake, but its never easy to buy a good cake. One that makes people go ooohhh and ahhhh, not because it looks great, but because the taste is simply awesome.

My family and I have accumulated our fair share of cake experiences. For what its worth, we have 4 different cakes every year. Unfortunately, the cake selection has dwindled and we find ourselves stuck with those few.

But I’ll just share with you some of the cakes that we’ve eaten throughout the year. Most of them come from the same store.

Cakes from 4 seasons:

strawberry cake
Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry cake
Top view of Strawberry Shortcake

This is a very commonly seen cake from 4 seasons, pretty much everyone buys it for their loved ones because the message of the cake is pretty clear right? I mean heart shaped = love. End of story.

The look of the cake is extremely appealing, blood red, great design. You see it and you love it immediately.

Taste wise though, the cake is simply not as sweet tasting as that of love.

Crudely put, the taste sucks.

I’ve never eaten authentic strawberry shortcake before, but if this is any hint to what the former is then I’d probably avoid eating this for an eternity.

The taste is not even sweet, the cake is very dry. When you bite into it, you can literally feel the roughness of the spongecake. Like, rough spongecake. HAHA.

But I didn’t like it. So don’t buy it if you trust me. (:

chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

chocolate cake
Different version of Chocolate cake

I’m not sure if the cakes are actually the same 2 cakes with different designs. But I can safely say that if its the chocolate cake from 4 seasons, then you are in safe hands.

The cake is really great. It is currently, one of my favourite cakes.

The chocolate can prove to be so thick and rich, that after eating one slice, you might have to pause till the next day to continue eating the others. Its really extremely good.

If your an avid chocolate fan like me, and you love it when you taste really thick chocolate cake in your mouth, then you can definitely afford to indulge in this cake. (:

chocolate cake
Cherry and Rum Chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate:

chocolate cake
Cherry and Rum Chocolate cake

Comparing chocolate cake (4 seasons) to chocolate cake (Awfully Chocolate), I actually preferred the one from 4 seasons. I love thick, rich chocolate that makes your mouth borderline sticky and sort of painful from indulging in too much sin. The one from 4 seasons gives you that. The one from awfully chocolate was not as chocolatey as I expected it to be.

Maybe its because my mummy bought the cherry and rum one and not the chocolate chocolate one. But going by the chocolate sponge and the layer of chocolate on top of the cake, I think this is one for people who prefer a more mild flavour of chocolate and a stronger flavour or rum and cherry.

I’m not a fan of cherries and rum, which is probably why this cake just doesn’t cut it for me. However, the amount of cherries inside were aplenty, and you can literally feel like your biting into half a cherry as you eat the cake. The taste of rum was equally strong. I read various reviews about the cake from Awfully Chocolate and it seems that rum and cherry lovers alike, generally fancied the cake.

So if your a rum and cherry lover and prefer a milder version of chocolate cake, one that allows you to eat at least 2 slices of chocolate cake in 1 serving, then go for the cherry and rum cake from Awfully Chocolate.

Angies The Choice:

durian cake
Durian Cake from Angies The Choice

Their durian cake has always been my daddy’s most favourite cake of his lifetime. Simply because he loves durian and this cake always manages to provide him with his durian fix.

Unfortunately, in the last time that we ate this cake, (I can’t remember how long ago), the cake is no longer as good as it used to be.

Having been frozen in the refrigerator for too long, the durian inside the cake forms like little icicles. So when you bite into the cake, you don’t taste the smooth texture of the durian anymore, but you instead taste alot of icicles which means instead of eating durian cake, you sort of eat watered down durian.

The cake simply isn’t what it used to be. And I think you pay quite a hefty sum to get a good durian cake, but you end up being disappointed. So we now are fruitlessly hunting for better durian cakes.

Secret Recipe:

oreo cheese
Oreo Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe


My mummy and daddy bought this for me to motivate me to study harder. HAHA. But thats not the only reason why I love it, its because it TASTES SOOOO GOOD.

They aren’t stingy in the least on the oreo. So when you cut into the cake and look at the seperate slices, you can see those definite pieces of oreo in it. The taste of the crunchy oreo, together with the extremely smooth creamy cheese cake, just makes my mouth water thinking of it!

I love cheese cake and I love oreo. So combining these two wonderful combinations, you can never go wrong!

Plus, the standard of cakes in Secret Recipe is often of a high standard. Hence, you won’t buy this cake one day and it tastes great and buy it another day and it tastes really bad. The cheese cake is extremely wonderful and is definitely a great buy.

Its not like those other cheese cakes, like the ones with the cow on it or others. Cheese cakes are generally spongy as in, when you cut into it you can see these little holey holey stuff that makes it look like a sponge inside a cake! (hence sponge cake!)

For this oreo cheesecake, its more like slicing into a slab of better. Because its all smooth and creamy, its definitely unlike that of any other cheesecake!!

I’m not sure how the other cakes taste from Secret Recipe, but I think its definitely a place where you can be adventurous and try the other cakes! (:

All along, my mummy and I have been extremely tempted to buy the cakes from Ikea!

And we finally got around to buying them!

princess cake
Princess Cake

princess cake
Princess Cake

princess cake
Princess Cake



We had such high hopes for this cake because it looks seriously extremely pretty and nice. And this is like a traditional dessert from Sweden supposedly served at Swedish celebrations. So obviously, we thought we were in for a sweet treat!

Its description was also very attractive. I can’t remember the description but I rememberd tha it was attractive. Plus its topping of lime green marzipan is really attractive!

But the taste is YUCKS!

Absolutely horrible. The marzipan was too sweet for me and the whole cake just didn’t work out for me.

Ewwww, I couldn’t even finish one slice of the cake.

If you really want to eat a cake from ikea, this is worth a try…

tarta mandel
Almond Cake

almond cake

almond cake

almond cake

The almond cake from ikea is pretty nice!

Though the appearance isn’t as attractive as the princess cake, it makes up for it in terms of taste!

It is pretty nutty but there isn’t enough creamy topping for me. The topping is very milky and it just blends very well for the cake.

I loved every bit about it! It was crunchy enough, flavourfu enough and a gabillion times better than the princess cake!!

So if you really must have cake from ikea, try this one out instead!

If you visit Taiwan, you might want to consider picking up this snack:





Its called TAI YANG BING! And the taste is as attractive as the packaging!

When you open the packaging, you can smell the really milky flavour wafting through the air. And taking a bite into it, you can taste the milky flavours and upon tasting the honey filling in the centre, you practically melt!

Thats how delish it is! I really love taiwan snacks cause the packaging is always awesome and the taste is also extremely good!

If you’re looking for a quick lunch fix , I would recommend…

mac and cheese
Kraft Mac and Cheese

This is how is looks like after its done:

mac and cheese

Its very simple to prepare, you just need butter, milk and the macaroni and cheese mix is given in the packaging!

I cooked the macaroni about 10 minutes, though the packaging said 6-8 but it wasn’t soft enough for me. And I just mixed in the ingredients!

The mac and cheese is cheesy enough. Kraft cheese is always extremely nice and you can taste how great their cheese is in this concoction!

Of coure, I would prefer the cheese to be more cheesy, so I’ll be trying their four cheese next time which should be more cheesy!

But its a really great food to cook if you’re in the rush and you love macaroni like me! (: