My experience with Choutofu

Its either choutofu or lovergal (my mom). So ever wondered what is CHOUTOFU? For people who have eaten it before, you probably know. But, I somehow chanced upon the picture that I took of the smelly tofu (Chou tofu) before. So I’ll just post it here!


There are alot of names for it. I looked on Wiki. People call it stinky tofu, smelly tofu, blah blah blah. Basically, its stinky and smelly! The one that I ate and I like to eat, is the deep fried one.

In Singapore, you can only purchase it from one measly location (correct me if i’m wrong)…

GEYLANG Near city plaza. There isn’t an exact address so the best bet is to follow your nose. HAHA.

Hopefully you wouldn’t smell garbage and think its the tofu.

Because theres only 1 stall in Singapore, I simply can’t compare it to any other tofu stalls but my friend says the one in Singapore is better than the one in China.

I think its mainly because the Singapore one is more catered to our taste compared to the China one. So try it! It really is delicious!! I swear it’ll be the newloveofyourlife. (:

Oh, and a very random photo that I found!


TWIN YOLKS!! I’m serious, my mummy cracked it into a bowl and it was STUCK TOGETHER! one egg, 2 yolks. (if only all eggs came like that) HAHA.

And lastly, introducing what must be THE CUTEST BUNNY ON EARTH!

I’ll start from the more blurr pictures then to the clearer ones so you can SLOWLY FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BUNNY!

rabbit 1

rabbit 2

rabbit 3


rabbit 4


rabbit 5

rabbit 6

After this, I’m sure you will..

rabbit 7


Told you it was the cutest bunny on Earth!

Ok, thats the end of my entry! (:


Buffet under 20 dollars

My experience with buffet

My mom recently went for a thai buffet at Suanthai. Its completely Halal by the way. Here are the details:

There are 2 branches:
101 Killney Road
or Liang Court B1-03.
Lunch (Daily): $16.90++ per person/child $9.00 (4-10 years)
Dinner (Mon-Thurs): $18.90++ per person/child $10.00
Dinner (Fri-Sun), eve of public holiday and public holiday: $19.90++ per person/child $11.00

You can choose to add $1.50 for free flow of pineapple fried rice. Or add $1.99 for free flow of iced lemon tea. There are 28 dishes to choose from, 5 of which can only be ordered once.

My recommendation is to add the $1.99 for free flow of iced lemon tea because you would most obviously get thirsty and since its free flow, might as well just add. The rice is not worth it because its extremely filling, so you might not be able to eat much of other dishes.

Oh and by the way, though the price for dinner is more expensive, you don’t exactly get MORE DISHES. Its the same amount of dishes, just because dinner is more crowded I think. (which doesn’t make sense I know)

Here are some pictures of the place so you can judge the ambience:




I didn’t go for the buffet but from the pictures, I think it looks mostly like a home more than a high class posh restaurant. My mummy said that it felt like they didn’t turn on the air conditioner. It was like hot or maybe slightly below room temperature.

I know that your supposed to like SAVE THE EARTH! SAVE ELECTRICITY! and set the air con to like a certain temperature. But if your environmentally friendly, you shouldn’t even install air cons right? So since you install already, you should at least set it at a comfortable temperature, not where it feels like nothing at all. Might as well don’t turn on. CHEY. hahaha

But I guess the ambience is not bad because not many people go. HAHAHA.

dipping sauce
Thai Dipping Sauce

This isn’t exactly a sauce to go with any particular dish, its just something you can dip in if you feel the food doesn’t have enough flavour I guess. Its a sweet sauce and tastes not bad (according to my mummy) so yea, just dip away? haha

Something that you can dip the sauce with is…

spring roll
Thai Spring Roll

According to my mummy, the spring roll is not bad, its filled with the usual veggies like shredded carrots and who knows what. haha. But this goes extremely well with the thai dipping sauce. The sauce brings out the flavour of the spring roll. So make sure you eat the spring roll with the sauce!

green mango salad
Green mango salad

This is what my mum said, verbatim. “Its ok, got balachan taste.” HAHAHA. So yea, I guess its pretty spicy and guessing from her review it shouldn’t be that fantastic.

If you want to eat salad, my mummy preferred…

pomelo salad
Pomelo Salad

My mummy preferred this one to the green mango salad. It has alot of dried mini prawns (hay bee hiam) and yea hay bee hiam is kind of my mothers favouritest thing and it was also coupled with alot of onions! Which is also my mummy’s favourite. So combined together its not that bad.

However, it was extremely spicy! It wasn’t nice if they didn’t add the chilli. And the pomelo wasn’t sour so yea, I guess its not that bad.

*Thai style chicken satay

Theres a star star beside the name because this one you can only order once. And as with all clever food schemes, the only reason why you can order this once is because…

IT TASTES NICE! The meat was very tender and tasty as well. Of course the serving doesn’t come with just one satay, my mummy was too busy being a pig to take a picture of it before eating. hahaha. But I guess that goes to show how nice it was right? This one is a MUST ORDER! (though only once)

fish fillet
Steamed fish fillet in soy sauce

The fish as you can see is not exactly a whole fish but shredded. I guess they did this so that it can be boneless and you can happily eat it without fearing that you may choke on the fish bones and die or something. HAHA.

But I guess it wasn’t very skillfully cut, more like they pinched the fish meat up and shredded it that kind. But my mummy said it was not bad. The sauce was very nice (though I wonder how great can soy sauce be). But yea, this dish is worth ordering as well. One of the non spicy dishes.

Stir fried mixed vegetable with oyster sauce

This dish was pretty normal, like something you can whip up at home with any other vegetable. The vegetables included are like green peppers, carrots, onions and tofu.

So it was like you add all these veggies to a pan and throw in some oyster sauce and cook it. Pretty ordinary, nothing exceptionally WOW. Its just so-so.

Thai baby kailan with salted fish

My mom said this one was normal. Yes, just this one word. (I think all my family members hate describing food and their tastes. I must be like the pickiest eater. HAHA) Well, I think vegetable dishes are often extremely ordinary. Because veggies are supposed to be plain and not like overdone and all that.

But you should order veggies because it reduces the sins of eating all those other evil fried stuff.

An example of an evil fried stuff..

Thai Fish Cake

As you can see the fish cake is oily. Haha. I mean it practically glistens in the flash light of my camera. Glistening food means OILY. Haha. entirely sinful.

But then not that sinful because it doesn’t taste sinful at all. Not that great as well. But a good accompaniment to the thai dipping sauce. So yea, a fish cakes a fish cake and a thai fish cake is still a fish cake. HAHA.

fish maw soup
Thai Style Fish Maw Soup with Chicken

My mummy didn’t like it. It tasted like tap water I think, very plain (which you probably can see from the picture right?). I mean some clear soups may look plain but is extremely tasty. This is not one of them. HAHA.

Another soup that is better worth trying is..

tom yum soup
Tom yum soup with chicken

I know this looks exactly like the soup above right? HAHA. BUT.. the taste is completely different ok!

Normally you imagine tom yum soup to be like reddish and really hot and spicy right? Apparantly, its a wrong misconception! Because tom yum also looks like this clear soup kind of soup! haha.

One of the correct assumptions though, is that the soup is spicy! Extremely spicy and tasty as well.

This soup comes in a different version as well. Instead of chicken, it comes with mixed seafood. So you can try the seafood one, I think it should be tasty because its one of those dishes that you can only order once. (:

Green curry with beef

Looks spicy? NOTTTTTT!! as in its NOT spicy, not that it doesn’t look spicy. Haha.

It looks pretty terrifyingly spicy but its actually extremely sweet and like diluted, like they didn’t put alot of coconut milk and they didn’t like boil the bones etc with the curry. So yea, it tastes like watered down curry. noooo good…

Beef with basil leaves

You can choose chicken, beef or beancurd with basil leaves. Obviously in terms of value for money, beef would be the best. Chicken is soso. Beancurd is totally for vegetarians. HAHA.

Anyway, this dish was very SALTY!! So yea, besides salt my mummy couldn’t taste anything else. Salty salty salty. Not worth eating and getting high blood pressure for nothing I guess.

Deep fried beancurd with Thai Sauce

This one was very sweet and though the skin of the beancurd looks extremely crispy, it wasn’t. Maybe because of the sauce poured over it. But then again, those done with skill would be extremely crispy even after dousing it with sauce.

So this wasn’t an extremely fantastic dish but if you like tofu you can order.

And now is my mom’s favourite dish…

*Chicken wrapped in pandan leaf

This was the best dish by a mile because it wasn’t too spicy, too sweet, too sour, too salty, too whatever. Basically, it wasn’t overwhelming in the taste as compared to the other dishes.

Thai dishes usually focus alot of flavours, so its usually either extremely spicy or has alot of spices flavour. This one was just nice. The pandan leaves were cooked for so long that when you tried to take it apart, it crumbles in your hand.

So the pandan leave taste manages to get into the chicken. The chicken was very tasty and nice and with a mild pandan flavour.

And yes, you can only eat this ONCE. BOO HOO HOO!! But its a must order because it tastes really nice.

The next few pictures are that of the dessert and fruit buffet. Its the only section of the buffet that you take yourself, the other dishes you have to order from the waiter.




Red Ruby

Tapioca with coconut milk

Ok, the word that concludes this whole section is HORRIBLE.

The jellies were too sweet, the red ruby was too watered down, the tapioca was too hard, the coconut milk was too salty, the fruits were not sweet but sour. (probably not very ripe) What can I say? Substandard desserts. Horrible!

Ok, some of the other dishes that is not shown here are:
-Clear noodle salad
-Thai papaya salad
-*Tom yum soup with mixed seafood
-Chicken/beef/beancurd with cashew nut
-Panang curry with slice fish filet
-Lala (shellfish) with thai chilli paste
-*Boneless stuffed chicken wing
-Stir fried fish with chinese celery
-Deep fried fish filet with lemon grass and chilli
-Deep fried squid with butter sauce.

So still got quite alot of dishes that weren’t tried but I wouldn’t hold my hopes up for most of them except the boneless chicken wing, lala with chilli paste (only because I like lala) and the tom yum soup. The rest seems abit dubious to me. Haha.


The buffet is more suitable for students or people looking for a buffet under $20. Its a good place for students to celebrate their friends birthday or some special occasion because the food isn’t exactly spectacular.

So when you celebrate with your friends then the food taste wouldn’t be that important. Cause your too busy chit chatting. Haha.

The food is ok for $20, in terms of variety. But in terms of taste its pretty lacking. For a buffet under $20 I would say 6/10?

Only because there are very few buffets under 20 in singapore and for the variety and I’m crediting the score heavily because of the pandan leaf chicken wing and the tom yum soup.

Definitely not a place for a date for adults la. So kiam siap (cheapskate). HAHA.


A kind of bah experience

My experience is bah


I’m effing angry.

We had to change the layout of the website cause the stupid irritating idiotic not very good background made my layout all messed up. So we were kind of forced to change the layout.

But the font size of this seems to have freaking shrunk and I feel like I’m reading rice grains. Its like 1.31AM now and i just completed my 6500 word report and I ate a bunch of angry bomb pills.

Somehow I just feel REALLY effing frustrated with my group members. So much so that I literally lay on the desk and pretended to sleep so they MIGHT do something.

Only they ended up web-camming and playing other games and only did ‘work’ when i ‘woke’ up. GOSH.

The usual excuses makes my blood boil.

I copied what you wrote on the book into Microsoft Word already, thats alot! You do the rest.
Right, I couldn’t have typed in what I wrote. Because surely I wouldn’t be able to understand what I wrote. Because surely I’m so freaking incapacitated that I can’t type what I wrote into Microsoft Word. Like HELLO. How about I copy what I wrote into Microsoft Word and you do the rest?

I don’t really understand this part, I think you do it.
OH BUT OF COURSE. Though we attend the same lessons, pay the same school fees, listen to the same lectures, I would understand how to do it. WAKE UP FOOL, whatever you don’t know, I DON’T KNOW TOO. OHHHH, did your pea sized brain just manage to absorb that? Have you heard of the word RESEARCH? But of course you haven’t.

You tell me what to type and I’ll type.
If i have to waste my freaking saliva telling you what to type, might I not type it all by myself? Its not like you type 279035495794573 words per minute! AND YOU TYPE SLOWER. BAHHHH. Wheres the logic in me telling a person who types slower than me what to type? I SHOULD BE THE ONE TYPING. but of course, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO TYPE RIGHT? (and somehow you typing oh-so-slowly is such a GRAND contribution)

Your going to edit the report anyway, might as well you do everything
WHAT THE EFFING FISH CAKE BURGER BUN? Like my editing doesn’t somehow help you in YOUR grades? Oh but no, when I edit, all the marks go to me. Oh right, should I just write my name on the report since I did everything anyway? HOW ABOUT YOU EDIT? And I give you nonsense, half of which has to be deleted cause it doesn’t make sense? Like my editing doesn’t benefit you huh?

Oh, did I tell you that I saved the BEST FOR THE LAST?

If you don’t help us to do, it will only harm yourself and you won’t be able to get good grades
HELLO CHICKEN MCNUGGET, ROTTEN EGG, -INSERTSTRONGSTRONGVULGARITIESHERE-. MY GOOD GRADES DEPEND ON ME DOING THE WHOLE PROJECT BY MYSELF? Well hello?????? If I’m going to do it all by myself, I’m still going to get effing good grades (pardon the arrogance). Ever heard of NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD? Why should you get all the effing credit when I do all the effing hard work?

How about this? You try going to a farm plantation and taking ALL THE FRUITS there and when the farmer stops you, tell him this: “IF YOU DON’T LET ME TAKE YOUR FRUITS, YOU WILL HAVE BAD HARVEST AND BAD RESULTS IN WHATEVER YOU DO.”

Ya, SURELY the farmer will let you take all the fruits right?

Cause he’s so effing afraid of bad results and bad harvests.

Like we haven’t all been through that bad phase.

I accept your work, good or bad and I make it better for you.

I edit your work so that it can benefit you.

If your grades are good, so are mine.

If your grades are bad, so are mine.

So is it that hard to freaking do a SINGLE thing in the wholeeeeee project?

BUT OF COURSE NOT. Cause I know everything right? Cause everything is ALL ME. Wow.

and you know something? They asked told demanded ORDERED me to do the powerpoint slides and they said they would do the whole report.


And the words that they did include in the report? They were from the effing speeches I wrote for them.




Boring at lunch break

My experience with boredom

WARNING! This post contains mostly photos of my friend and I! So it could be quite boring for some people! HAHA.



I swear the time passed like flying saucers speeding through the air when you take photos!! So anyway, here to share the photos my friend and I took!

Just in case you forgot who I work for…



I worked for EBISBOSHI SHOTENGEI! At Iluma Shopping Centre Level 4. Where they serve authentic Japanese food! There are like I think more then 4 different Japanese stores in that one place! So very very cool, and you all can go check it out!

I personally have never eaten there but two of the attractions of the place is:

1) You can be served by French maids! (Who are not from France obviously…this man once asked me if they came from France…)

2) The menus there are electronic! Meaning you tap on it and your order is taken! It shows you how high technology things can get!

So yea, we were first tasked to give out the remaining flyers!


Then when the flyers ran out, we had to walk around the mall and in the vicinity of the mall with these rather huge and eye catching posters!



Me and my friend with the posters! And yea well, we sure were eye catching! People did begin to notice the place and ask for directions on how to get there. So we did our job well!

At the end of the day, my friend and I would take photos in the toilet!



Then during our long long long 2 hour break, we found a place to sit and take photos! I’ll let all our retarded photos do the talking. Kind of lazy to think of captions.





Oh no!! My friend is kiapping my head! HAHAHA.











Haha. sorry for being so eh… I don’t really know the word for it! Anyway, thats the end of our photo taking frenzy!

Unfortunately, we’re no longer working there for now!! Because they are doing up new posters so they don’t need us for now.

Maybe they’ll call us to go back and work soon! Because it was EXTREMELY fun to work there! Sort of! Haha. Everyday was a new adventure I guess.

But I think the people there may appear aloof and cold at first but they care for their workers and they seem to provide quality service! Hopefully my friend and I will get the chance to work there again!!

Feisty princess charmaine

My experience about Feisty princess charmaine


It’s not hard to find a worthy cause which you support from the bottom of your heart, save the earth, save the dolphins, save the animals. All causes are worth supporting and because of this, i implore you to take a little time and support feisty princess charmaine.

I’ve never heard of her today, never knew what kids who had cancer have to suffer through, never knew the emotional battle that the parents had to go through.

But I also never knew a child at such a young age could be that strong, be that optimistic and be that brave to fight the challenges that lay ahead.

It kind of makes me ashamed when I complain about life. Because who am I to throw away a beautiful life given to me when people, kids, are battling cancer, battling the fate that they have.

I’m in no position to comment on how painful it must be for her mummy to go through everything, neither can I say how much pain the little girl might be in right now.

But what I can do, is to ask people to support their blog.

Even if you don’t make a donation, click on their nuffnang ads. Even if you feel like you are helpless to her situation, include her in your daily prayers. Send a little prayer up to heaven for her. And I believe she will pull through by pure faith.

People might often say there are a billion people out there you need to support, why this girl, why her?

Simply because,

There may be a billion peope out there but we don’t have the means to support them. And we should support those whom we have the means to support. And Charmaine, is someone anyone can support. Through prayer, through clicking of the advertisements.

And remember that,

To everyone in the world, Charmaine might be one person, but to the people who care about her, she means the world to them.

And because of that, simply because of that, we should help them keep their world from breaking.

Baked beans joke

My experience with beans

COMMON TESTS are like here… which means I’m like super duper whooper busy. So even if I do update, it’ll probably be jokes or something I read in the mail. So anyway, I received this mail quite long ago. But the joke is simply hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when I finished reading it! So read it all the way through, no cheating!

One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.

Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in the countryside I called my husband and told him that I would be late because I had to walk home. On my way, I passed by a small diner and the odor of baked beans was more than I could stand. With miles to walk, I figured that I would walk off any ill effects by the time I reached home, so I stopped at the diner and before I knew it, I had consumed three large orders of baked beans. All the way home, I made sure that I released all the gas.

Upon my arrival, my husband seemed excited to see! me and exclaimed delightedly: ‘Darling I have a surprise for dinner tonight.’

He then blindfolded me and led me to my chair at the dinner table. I took a seat and just as he was about to remove my blindfold, the telephone rang. He made me promise not to touch the blindfold until he returned and went
to answer the call.

The baked beans I had consumed were still affecting me and the pressure was becoming most unbearable, so while my husband was out of the room I seized the opportunity, shifted my weight to one leg and let one go. It was not only loud, but it smelled like a fertilizer truck running over a skunk in front of a pulpwood mill. I took my napkin from my lap and fanned the air around me vigorously.

Then, shifting to the other cheek, I ripped off three more. The stink was worse than cooked cabbage.

Keeping my ears carefully tuned to the conversation in the other room, I went on like this for another few minutes.
The pleasure was indescribable. When eventually the telephone farewells signaled the end of my freedom, I quickly fanned the air a few more times with my napkin, placed it on my lap and folded my hands back on it feeling very relieved and pleased with myself.

My face must have been the picture of innocence when my husband returned, apologizing for taking so long. He asked me if I had peeked through the blindfold, and I assured him I had not.

At this point, he removed the blindfold, and twelve dinner guests seated around the table chorused: ‘Happy Birthday!’

I fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hougang and Joo Chiat

My experience at Hougang & Joo Chiat

Visited two hawker centres today! Hougang hawker centre and Joo Chiat!

First stop was Hougang Hawker Centre!

We had the following three dishes from the same store. Its the store close to a dessert store, its not the front row of shops, but the ones behind.

Yes, I know I sound really confusing but I don’t know how else to describe the stall! haha.

I swear I have to start taking photos of the shopfront!

Carrot cake

Carrot Cake

The carrot cake was according to my mummy really nice! To me it tasted ok, pretty average. The chilli wasn’t nice enough.

But the carrot cake was fried pretty well! Worth a try if you don’t really know what you want to eat.

oyster omelette
Oyster omelette

The oyster omelette was nice! Nicer then the amk hawker centre one.

They gave more oyster here, bigger, fresher. And the chilli wasn’t as limey so it was nicer to eat. It was fried pretty well and tasted nice!

I swear we’re oyster omelette freaks!

hokkien mee
Hokkien Mee

The hokkien mee wasn’t to my mummy’s liking but I actually liked it. It was soupy enough, such that it wasn’t so dry or starchy that I would choke on it.

Similarly, the chilli was passe and not really nice.

Had desserts after this! I really don’t know how to describe the location of the stall but few stores down is the carrot cake store and this dessert store is the cornermost shop!

tao suan
Tao suan

Tao suan was pretty nice. Because its been cooking since the morning, the beans were nice and soft but still maintained its crunchiness.

Not overtly sweet and the taste was great.

Ah Bo Leng

Ah bo leng! We had the mix one, meaning 2 peanut filling and 2 sesame filling balls! Both of them were really nice. The filling was great. You bite into it and the filling just oozes out.

The peanut soup that goes with it also tasted wonderful.

Wouldn’t advise you to eat it if you have a sorethroat because it would definitely make it worse!


I would rather you go to the nearby hawker centre to eat the famous beef noodle! Cause the food is nice! Or try out the famous duck kway chap from this very hawker store! (:

Now we headed off to Joo Chiat only to realise there wasn’t much to eat!



So we decided to be lame and ate briyani from 2 different stores! It was really cheap!

SG$3.50 per plate! Which is really cheap for briyani and I guess the serving is just nice for one.

I would say the second store we ate at was better. When you climb up the stairs to the hawker centre, you see a very long queue for the briyani, this is not the one that I feel is better.

Head to the back where there is another briyani store with a slightly shorter queue! This one is better!

Though the one with the longer queue has a much fragrant smelling rice but the curry pales in comparasion to the 2nd store!

All in all though, both stores briyani wasn’t that great!

If you are there, however, near the store at the back, there is a store selling alot of kuehs! And the kuehs there are not bad. So its worth a try and you find more of the uncommon kuehs there as well because its a malay village!

So check out the kueh stores if you are in the area k! (: