Growing up in life

I am here to share my journey in life as I have gone through different stages from birth to my present. Everyone will encounter a different lifestyle but there will be similarity among us when we journey in life. Some of it might be good while others might be bad. But no matter what individual of us is going through, we should keep a positive outlook.

No matter good or bad, we should keep ourselves happy since we still need to go through life each day so why not be happy instead of sadness. Be alert and prepare yourself as you are growing up and find yourself in many different situations. We all should love one another and spread the love in every corner of this earth. Learn to go GREEN and save the world from climate change and do not destroy this world as we can learn to live in harmony together.

Blessing With Fated Thai Amulet

Thai Buddha Amulets Also known as a good luck charm, the Thai amulets are worn by people around their neck to protect themselves from trouble and diseases. The most popular image on the amulets is that of Buddha, which is worn on a cord of chain around the neck. These amulets are worn to repel bad luck and evil. Buddhist amulets are being worn in Thailand from centuries. Residents here, adorn at least one Buddhist amulet.

Thai people strongly believe in the power of god and people wear these amulets not only to seek happiness, but also to ward off pain and sorrows. Earlier these images were carved over wooden or metal piece. In olden days, Thai amulets were made out of many different ingredients such as Din, Chin, Phong, Herb etc., or any other ingredients. Today colored plastic ones have become quiet popular.

Majority of the inhabitants of Thailand, believe in ghosts and many of them claim to have seen them. In Thailand ghost stories or movies are extremely popular and come in many varieties from the comic to the gruesome. This phenomenon is not just restricted to rural villages but is also relevant among many university students and people from all walks of life. It is particularly strong in Northern Thailand where it is taken very seriously.

Protection For Wearers

In Thailand you will find many people wearing this amulet to protect themselves against evil spirits and around Thai houses you will find Spirit Houses (San Phra Phum). Thai people believe that there are many ghosts that need to be feared and that each of them poses a different threat. This is the one big reason for Thai people resorting to wear such good luck amulets. In addition to protection against ghosts or evil spirits, amulets are also worn for protection from other people. For example, soldiers may use Thai amulets to increase their luck and to protect their lives.

Nowadays you can find these amulets worn by people right cross the globe. They can be easily found in jewelry-artisan fairs, museums, shops and also at homes. These amulets are prayed over by monks for a period of time spanning many days, so that it gains maximum power to fight evil in all its forms.

Thai amulets are not made in factory; they are made by Thai monks who use their experience, ashes of old and sacred handwritten books as part of their magical ingredients to make this good luck charm. A good quality gold leaf amulet can be purchased from respected temples at cost of 10,000 baht or more, (300-325 dollars). Despite rapid modernization, many people are still superstitious. In Bangkok the number is more as when compare to other place. People here spend more than 20 million baht (625,000 to 650,000 dollars) on the Amulets/Good Luck Charms as per newspaper reports.

Thai amulets, instilled with magical qualities that keep away bad spirits, are not only worn around the neck or in ring form but are also seen on dashboards and rear view mirrors of cars. Thai amulets are more famous in Southeast Asia.


I’m the kind of person who would describe myself as a very reclusive person. I can be your friend in school, talk to you on end for hours, but that’s something limited to only school period.

When I’m at home, I guess the best thing to describe me is: Fulfilling social obligations has seldom been high on my agenda.

I’m not the kind of person who will willingly organize outings, not the kind who will constantly contact you. In fact, if my friends didn’t ask me out, I probably would not even go out with them at all.

Yea, you might say, you’ll lose a billion, if not all, of your friends in time to come. Friendship needs to be nurtured, needs to be something you work at. But then seriously, I don’t care two hoots.

It’s not that friendship isn’t important to me. On the contrary, I treat my friends like gold and they treat me like shit.

But I just don’t get the point of constant contact. Like talking on the phone every single day, or making it a requirement to meet every single week.

To me, I meet you once a month, once every two months, and we talk like there’s no tomorrow. That’s the kind of friendship I’m seeking. And unfortunately, I’ve not had many people who understand what kind of a person I am. Hope you will have the pleasure of sharing and reading at this site.



Food lovers

My experience with Food Lovers I finally found out the block which sells that really good Hokkien Mee. It can be found at Blk 925, Yishun Interchange. This is the picture of the Hokkien Meeā€¦ Hokkien Mee It comes highly recommended from me because they use a mixture of thick and thin white transparant noodle …